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In this article you will learn all about BDO loans – types of loans, conditions, requirements for the borrower. Unfortunately, BDO has high requirements for customers and often refuses. For this reason, we recommend Digido loan which is available to every Filipino. You can get up to 25,000 pesos in just 15 minutes without collateral or income certificates!

All About BDO Personal Loan

Last updated: October 25, 2022

Written by: Sean Martin D. Plantado | Reviewed by: Rafael Hular

Key takeaways:

  • BDO is one of the biggest banking institutions in the Philippines. It is a great credit line.
  • It has millions of clients, but it also has strict policies about loans.
  • If you applied for a loan in BDO, and did not get approved, one alternative that you have to consider seriously is Digido.
  • It is 100% online. It is fast and convenient, and it is easy to get approved provided that you have met the requirements.

At times, our monthly income alone won’t be sufficient to cover additional expenses such as medical emergencies, purchase of furniture, or to fund special events such as birthdays. Personal loans are the primary choice for many to tide over such financial urgencies all over the world.

Typically, personal loans are non-collateral, which means there is no need for any guarantee, like in car loans or home mortgages. They are multi-purpose loans enabling you to spend the money for any purpose, from home renovation to vacation. Since personal loan providers use credit score as the primary criterion for deciding an applicant’s creditworthiness, a good credit score is essential for loan approval. Personal loans are much cheaper than credit card loans. So using personal loans for debt consolidation of expensive loans is an efficient finance management practice. In short, personal loans are not just for emergency management alone. They can be your long-term financial strategy to improve your credit score and maintain the possibilities of a better loan in the future.

Not all who need a loan may have an impressive credit score. Due to the fear of rejection, people may apply to different agencies. The danger of such an approach is that each credit score check from a lender will negatively impact your credit score, leading to loan refusal. It means one must do proper research about the lender and feasible options before applying for a personal loan to avoid long-term damage to their financial health.

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How Can I Get a Personal Loan from BDO?

Banco de Oro Bank (BDO Unibank) is the leading financial solutions provider in the Philippines in terms of consolidated assets, customer base, business volume, and products. With a network of more than 1,400 branches and 4,400 ATMs, BDO Unibank is the most easily accessible bank for a Filipino.
The personal loans offered by BDO are the following:

BDO Personal Loan

The loan allows a Filipino to get a personal loan from PHP 10,000 to PHP 1,000,000 with a loan tenure of up to 36 months.
The significant advantage of the loan is the extended repayment window. It reduces the borrower’s monthly financial obligations and enables him to plan his finances efficiently.

BDO Kabayan Personal Loan

This credit is known as BDO Personal Loan for OFW. A significant portion of the Filipino citizens work in foreign countries. It is not practical for these Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs to be physically present every time their family needs financial support.
BDO Kabayan Personal Loans are the specific BDO personal loans for OFWs to secure loans in the most hassle-free way.

  • Unsecured

It offers a loan up to PHP 500,000 for an OFW based on his earnings. An OFW with more than three years of employment can get double his monthly income as a loan under this category.
As this is an unsecured loan, the interest rate is higher.

  •  Secured

Here, an OFW can secure a loan by pledging his individual or joint bank account deposits with BDO.
If you have a Peso account, you can get a loan up to 90% of the deposit account balance. For those holding a Dollar account, the maximum loan available will be 80% of the deposit account balance.  Even though this is a less expensive loan than its sibling, a minimum deposit of PHP 15,000 or its dollar equivalent is essential for availing this loan. BDO offers many loan repayment options and top-up loan possibilities, based on the borrower’s payment history. Also, the online interface is a great tool for an OFW to track the progress of his loan repayments.

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What are the Requirements for BDO Personal Loan?

The common BDO personal loan requirements are the following:

  1. The age of the applicant should be at least 21 years at the time of application and should not be more than 70 years upon the loan maturity.
  2. The applicant must be either a Filipino citizen or a foreigner residing in the Philippines for more than two years
  3. The Minimum Gross Fixed Annual Income requirement for the applicant is:
    – PHP 180,000 – For salaried employees
    – PHP 400,000 – For self-employed Professionals
  4. The applicant should be in employment or business at least for two years.
  5. One landline number either in residence or workplace or a mobile number is required.
  6. Your residence or office address should be within the limits of the BDO serviceable area.
  7. For BDO Kabayan Personal Loan, there are additional eligibility requirements as well. A mandatory requirement of a landline connection at the residence or workplace is one such condition.

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The required documents for applying for the BDO personal loan are: 

A. Proof of Income:

  1. For Salaried Employees:
    – Copy of the latest Income Tax Return or BIR form 2316 signed by the employer’s authorized representative;
    – Certificate of employment, latest full months payslip with compensation breakdown.
  2. For Self-Employed/Professionals:
    – Photocopy of ITR duly stamped by BIR;
    – Copy of Audited Financial statement for the last two years;
    – Documents of Registration of Business Name;
    – Bank statement for the last three months.

B. Proof of Identity

Photocopy of at least two valid, Government issued photo identity cards such as Passport, Driver’s License, UMID, OFW ID, etc.
If the applicant is a resident foreigner, a copy of the employment contract or certificate of employment is mandatory.
A letter from the embassy and supportive documents such as Valid Visa, Work Permit or ACR certificate, etc. are essential for the loan application process.

C. For BDO Kabayan Program
A signed automatic debit agreement form, OFW issued authorization letter for the beneficiary, and beneficiary information form is required.

I want to borrow ₱ 10000
Min: ₱ 1000
Max: ₱ 20000
Payment Terms 10 days
7 days
21 days
My Monthly Gross Income ₱ 20000
You return*: 10 000
All your data is under secure protection!
We recommend taking a loan!

* Interest payments are approximate. The final loan amount and interest rate must be confirmed in your loan agreement after loan approval.

Frequently Asked Questions about BDO

Here we present some questions about BDO loans, which are of interest to Filipinos. We hope the answers will help you make the right choice.

  1. How to apply for a personal loan in BDO?You can either submit the duly filled loan application with the supportive documents to any of the BDO branches or use the online BDO Personal Loan application form.
  2. Should I fill in all fields of the online form when applying for a BDO loan? Items marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be completed. The rest of the points are optional and you can fill them out as you wish.
  3. How long is the processing of a BDO personal loan? The BDO personal loan processing time is 7 to 10 business days.
  4. I forgot my username and password for my BDO online bank account. What should I do? The BDO Online Banking has a process to recover your user ID and password. Follow the simple steps and you will be logged in to your personal account. If you are still unable to log in, please contact the BDO Customer Service Center. To do this, click “Contact Us” on the main page of the BDO website.
  5. How to increase credit limit in BDO? If you feel that your current BDO credit limit is not sufficient, you can contact Customer Support at (02) 8631-8000 to apply for a higher BDO credit limit.


  • How can I increase my credit limit in BDO?
    If you feel that your current BDO credit limit is not sufficient, you can contact Customer Support at (02) 8631-8000 to apply for a higher BDO credit limit.
  • How much can you loan in BDO?
    You can get from Php 10,000.00 to Php 1,000,000.00.
  • How long is the processing of BDO personal loan?
    The loan approval process takes around 7 working days.

BDO Personal Loan Interest Rate

Below is the comparison of interest rate of each product under BDO Personal Loan schemes:

 BDO Personal Loan

Loan Term (In Months) 6 12 18 24 36
Effective Interest Rate / Per Annum 26.27% 26.63% 26.76% 26.58% 25.98%

 BDO Kabayan Program – Secured

Loan Term (In Months) 6 12 18 24 36
Effective Interest Rate / Per Annum 17.08% 17.07% 17.06% 17.06% 17.06%

  BDO Kabayan Program – Unsecured

Loan Term (In Months) 3 6 12 18 24 36
Effective Interest Rate / Per Annum 35.66% 40.5% 41.71% 41.51% 40.59% 39.43%

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BDO Personal Loan Reviews

BDO is one of the forerunners of technology adaptations, and its products are feature-rich. But one of the perennial problems with BDO is the quality of customer service. Many customers vent out their frustrations about the long queues and service delays on online platforms. The technical glitches of the mobile app was a great let down for numerous clients.
It creates a complicated scenario for the customers, especially for the OFWs. They are unable to make payments on time and have to pay the late fees, for no fault of theirs. Beyond monetary loss, it gives negative signals to their credit score and creates ramifying effects on their future financial health.

Why Was I not Approved of the BDO Loan?

No doubt, BDO offers some of the most attractive personal loans with impressive features.
But their loan eligibility conditions, such as income statements for salaried employees or cash flow statements for self-employed, are the major roadblocks for many applicants.

1. BDO stipulates a minimum loan amount of PHP 10,000 and loan duration for three months. If the applicant is looking for a small loan until his next paycheck, the chances of getting a loan are very low.

2. The bank requires a ton of documents to prove your creditworthiness. Any discrepancy in the papers can turn to be a valid reason for loan rejection. For any loan approval, BDO evaluates your comprehensive financial status, not just a credit score check. So if you apply for a loan with an unrealistic monthly repayment against your income, the bank may not be happy to give you a loan.

3. The Bank requires a certain level of income from borrowers. If your annual income is less than PHP 120,000 for hired workers and less than PHP 400,000 for self-employed people, you are likely to get a waiver here.

4. BDO requirements to the borrower include the availability of a landline phone. Mobile number is not enough to approve the loan. A fixed landline connection is not feasible for all, especially for the OFWs, who strive hard to save each penny. If you fail to meet this requirement, you will be denied a loan.

5. An applicant has to wait up to 10 days to get a decision about his BDO personal loan application status. This uncertainty and urgency of the issue may prompt him to seek loans with other lenders, triggering the vicious cycle of hard checks, dip in credit score, and ultimately loan denial.

Always use the BDO personal loan calculator to identify the right combination of loan amount and duration so that the repayment won’t upset your financial stability and loan approval chances.

All operations are performed online - you don't have to leave your house
In only 4 minutes you can receive up to 5000 pesos in your bank account
We don't require guarantors representation, documentation, or guarantee deposits.
The service is fully automated

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Alternatives for BDO Personal Loan

Loans such as BDO work only for those with the luxury of time and sufficient income to meet the eligibility criteria.
The majority of the personal loan requirements, such as a wedding gift or joining an online course, seldom require a future but need immediate availability. In such cases, getting through all the hectic processes simply because of better loan features will not be viable.
It makes online lenders with minimal formalities such as Digido a reliable alternative for millions of Filipinos for their urgent personal loan requirements. A Filipino within the age group of 21-70 years old with valid ID proof and working mobile connection can secure a personal loan up to PHP 25,000 from Digido. As a state-licensed and legit lender, Digido values your credit history or credit score. But they often overlook some minor issues with your credit score. You can submit your loan application either through the web interface or through the mobile app. The decision hardly takes more than 20 minutes, and the money will reach your account within a couple of hours.
As a completely automated online system, Digido is open 24/7, and their loan approval rate is 95%. It means Digido assures you the right amount of money whenever you are in need with minimal formalities.

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Written by: Sean Martin D. Plantado

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Reviewed by: Rafael Hular

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