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In this article, you will learn what a government housing loan Pag-IBIG is and how to get one and who is eligible for it. You will also find the Pag-IBIG Contribution Table here. Pag-IBIG is the most affordable housing loan option for Filipinos. But if you need a small loan up to 25,000 pesos, come to Digido for it.

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Pag-IBIG Contribution Table

Last updated: January 11, 2024

Written by: Digido Financial Writers Team | Reviewed by: Anna Kireeva

Key takeaways:

  • Pag-IBIG Fund is a government agency that will be helpful in gaining financial assets either in the form of loans or savings.
  • You will be required to sign up as a member before you can access the full benefits.
  • If this is not your case, then we recommend using Digido.
  • This is a much more efficient method that can provide you with the same amount of benefits, probably even more, without that much requirements.

Pag-IBIG Fund, for years, has provided more ways and benefits for Filipino workers in growing their hard-earned money. Sure, banks exist for the same purpose, but the organization at hand is equipped with more opportunities.
Having a Pag-IBIG Fund is easy if you’re employed because the company that you’re working for will automatically take care of it. This is why today we are going to focus on helping aspiring self-employed and OFW members. To be more specific, our topic will revolve around how the system works, the benefits, the Pag-IBIG monthly contribution table, and other necessary information that may be asked.

How the Pag-IBIG Fund Works

One of the most important things that you need to know about Pag-IBIG Fund is that it works almost like a bank. The program offers savings accounts, loans, drawings, and likes.

What makes this different is that instead of the usual “deposit anytime you like”, you will be required to follow a specific set of monthly contributions. This will depend on your current status. For example, if you are employed, the contribution will automatically be deducted from your salary. In terms of the Pag-IBIG contribution table for voluntary members, on the other hand, which may include self-employed and OFW workers, it will differ depending on other sub-factors. The said contributions will serve as your savings.
As for drawings, you only have one option, and that is to fully withdraw your accumulated savings at the time, and optionally start a new one. You can’t get small amounts at different times. This makes it ideal for financial management.

Lastly, different types of loans can also be availed. These involve housing loans, multi-purpose loans, calamity loans, salary loans, and basically any other type, with a maximum of PHP 6,000,000. This may still vary, though, if the needs of the applicant are taken more in-depth into account.

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* Interest payments are approximate. The final loan amount and interest rate must be confirmed in your loan agreement after loan approval.

The Benefits for Pag-IBIG Members

There are a lot of benefits that will be provided to you as soon as you officially become a Pag-IBIG member. Below is a list that you can use for reference:
· Savings Program
· MP2 Savings
· Housing Loans
· Mortgage Redemption Insurance
· Calamity Loan
· Salary Loan
· Pag-IBIG Provident
· Death Benefits

Note that each benefit is subject to their own requirements and application process, and thus, you still have to process it more so.

Pag-IBIG Contribution Table for 2024

If you are planning to be a member in 2024, then basing on the Pag-IBIG contribution table 2021 or Pag-IBIG contribution table 2022 can only bring more confusion. To help you land on more accurate contributions, we have provided the latest contribution table below.
Note that by default, the one that will be provided is for the rates of employed workers, meaning those whose contributions are automatically deducted from their salaries:


Monthly Salary Employee’s Share Employer’s Share Total Contributions
1,000 to 1,500 1% 2% 3%
1,500 to 4,999 2% 2% 4%
5,000 and above 3% 3% 6%

Pag-IBIG Contribution Table for Self-Employed MembersYou may feel like this is unnecessary to even know because like what is previously stated, these will be automatically deducted and billed, however, this is crucial for rechecking and re-evaluating your savings. This will also help you prevent underlying issues that may be present in the company.

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Now, you don’t need to turn your back on being a Pag-IBIG Fund member if you are self-employed because a specific table is provided for you. See below:


Monthly Salary Total Contribution Rate
1,000 to 1,500 1%
1,500 to 4,999 2%
5,000 and above 3%

OFW members are also a part of voluntary registrations. They are also regular workers, but they are still not automatically eligible for employer deductions because unlike local employees, the country that they are working for has different standards and policies. This being stated, here is the Pag-IBIG Contribution Table for OFWs in the said case:Pag-IBIG Contributions Payment for OFW MembersThe difference between the Pag-Ibig Contribution Table: self-employed, which was provided above, and the contribution rates of regular workers, is the absence of the employer’s share. This is not necessarily a bad thing because basically, you are your own employer in this case. You can always increase your contribution later on if that is what you prefer.

Monthly Salary Total Contribution Rate
Over 1,500 2%

On the other hand, there are cases wherein Pag-IBIG contributions are mandatory even in international workplaces. In this scenario, here is the table that you should refer to:

Monthly Salary OFW’s Share Foreign Employer’s Share Total Contributions
1,500 and below 1% 2% 3%
1,500 to 4,999 2% 2% 4%
5,000 and above 3% 3% 6%


  • How much is the monthly contribution in Pag-ibig?
    The initial monthly contribution is PHP 200.
  • How can I check my contribution in Pag-ibig?
    You can call Pag-IBIG's 24/7 hotline at 724-4244 or email the agency at
  • How to Check Pag-Ibig Contribution Online?
    Log in to the Pag ibig Website, log in, go to the "Regular Savings" page and enter the year you want to view your contribution.

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How to Calculate Your HDMF Contribution

As you can see, it is very much similar to the rates of a regular worker except that this involves foreign employers rather than Philippine-based ones.

Home and Development Mutual Fund (or HDMF) is just another term for Pag-IBIG Fund so you don’t need to be confused by this. Now that we have already walked you through on the required contribution rates once you become a member, let us now talk about how you can calculate your HDMF Contribution Table 2020 to further help you manage your finances. See below:

1. First, you need to know how much your monthly salary is worth. There are only two groups that you need to base it with: PHP 1,500 and below, and over PHP 1,500.

2. Once you have come up with the said data, determine the rate that it corresponds with.
For example, if you earn a flat PHP 1,500 monthly, then you are subject to a 1% contribution rate no matter what working status you are in. If you are a regular employee or an OFW, then an additional 2% from your employer will be added. If you are self-employed, then stick to the 1%.
On the other hand, suppose that you earn PHP 2,000 per month. This will correspond to a 2% rate. Again, if mandatory deductions are present, add another 2% to make it a total of 4%. If not, then stick to 2%.

3. To know the value of your total monthly contributions, get the percentage value from your salary. For instance, if your salary is PHP 1,500, and you are a regular employee, then get the 3% of PHP 1,500. This will equate to PHP 45. This is your monthly contribution.
This goes the same for any other instance.
This will be helpful in keeping track of your current accumulated savings and coming up with the right amount when you want to retire or withdraw your contributions. In addition, this can also serve as a guide on how to check Pag-IBIG contributions online, not OFW. Take note, however, that there is a maximum of PHP 100 in contributions so even if your computations exceed it, only PHP 100 will be billed.

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Can I Increase My Pag-IBIG Contributions?

Pag-IBIG offers countless opportunities on how members can increase their contributions. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to apply for the MP2 Savings Program on the same account. This is one of the benefits of being a Pag-IBIG member.
Through the said program, you will be able to earn tax-free dividends of up to 7%, which will be compounded annually. Annual payouts will also be provided alongside this. Note that you will only be eligible for this if you have a regular savings account. This also requires a minimum of PHP 500 to be deposited in the savings account. This is similar to making investments.

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What Is “Affidavit of No Deduction” for Pag-IBIG?

The Affidavit of No Deduction Pag-IBIG or Affidavit of Non-Deduction is asked when necessary contributions are not remitted for a consecutive period. This is usually written and done by employers to attest that they have not deducted any contributions from their employer’s salary. In some cases, appeal to penalties can also be stated in the affidavit.

Again, the Affidavit of No Deduction Pag-IBIG will only be required in cases of missed payments. Deduction and penalty rates will be discussed through personal communication with the establishment so you won’t find any Pag-IBIG deduction table online, except in terms of monthly contributions.

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Emergency Loan to Cover Expenses

Based on the information provided in the previous sections, as well as the Pag-IBIG 1 contribution table, there is no doubt about it being an efficient path towards a stable future. The issue, however, is that this isn’t something that you can turn to for immediate loans because you need to have an existing membership and a definite contribution period before availing of their benefits.

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