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Key takeaways:

  • The pandemic, with its high infectivity rate, forced businesses to adopt working from home as the new normal of employment.
  • Both the employee and the employer are confident that remote working is a working solution and is here to stay.
  • Now we have over a year’s experience in remote work. The outcome proves that it is a cost-efficient and employee-friendly working model.
  • But if money is still tight, get a quick loan from Digido.

The Best Online Jobs at Home in Philippines

Haven’t you felt like quitting the job when the schedule stops you from attending your child’s school soccer match or a vacation with your childhood buddies? Haven’t you wished for a job that gives you flexibility, even at a low salary? Indeed, some companies offered flexible working in the pre-COVID era as well but only for the top-level management positions. The employers used different excuses from productivity to management issues to deny remote working for their employees.

But the ruthless pandemic, with its high infectivity rate, forced businesses to adopt working from home as the new normal of employment. Both the employee and the employer are confident that remote working is a working solution and is here to stay.

Popularity of Work from Home in 2021

Now we have over a year’s experience in remote work. The outcome proves that it is a cost-efficient and employee-friendly working model that does not anyhow harm the productivity matrices.

According to Global Workspace Analytics, 37% of remote working employees are ready to take a pay cut of 10% to continue working from home. Employees found that working from home has significantly improved their work-life balance. It also benefits them by eliminating commutation worries, travel fatigue, office attire expenses, and much more. They expect that the reopening of schools will reduce distraction from children and make them more productive. The employer no longer needs to spend a massive amount on office infrastructure, employee benefits, and recruitment fees. It gives him or her access to a large pool of international talent and thereby saves headhunter fees. The availability of tools to manage multiple teams improves profitability.

The Gartner CFO studies reveal that companies prefer to shift over two-thirds (74%) of their employees to remote work even after the end of the COVID-19 crisis. The big tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, or Square have announced their willingness to permit their employees to work from home jobs in the Philippines indefinitely, even after reopening the offices. The mushrooming of co-working spaces and the exponential growth in high-speed internet connectivity subscriptions underlines the apparent tilt towards work from home on a global scale.

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The Pros and Cons of a home based online jobs

The primary benefit of online work at home for the employee is flexibility. Elimination of office politics, noisy neighbors, or poor work-life balance enhances their productivity significantly. The freedom to work without compromising your lifestyle is an excellent motivation for people to continue with the organization. They can efficiently use their time to improve their employability by acquiring new skills.

On the flip side, many found it challenging to disconnect from the job even after work hours, making their private lives miserable. Casual interaction with colleagues and active participation in brainstorming sessions plays a crucial role in developing one’s professional life. When people work as islands, these interactions become less frequent, and knowledge exchange is minimal. It reduces one’s ability to be competent in emerging technologies and job opportunities.

Similarly, remote working takes a toll on their social life as well. In a typical office environment, the management has first-hand access to an employee’s performance. But in remote working mode, the communication primarily happens through email. It creates an unfair environment for people with poor communication skills for their career growth. Setting up a home office requires upfront investment in equipment, high-speed internet connection, power backup, office furniture, and much more. Besides, there are recurring costs of internet charges and co-working space rent. Unfortunately, most of the companies that are into remote working cultures are yet to provide allowances for such expenses.

20 Best Online Jobs in the Philippines

Home based online jobs are an umbrella term used for various jobs performed remotely using the internet. The primary categories of easy online jobs at home based on their employment pattern are the following:

  • Remote Employee
    Here the company permits an employee to work from anywhere outside the office premises. You get all the benefits of regular employment, such as salary, perks, and appraisals.
  • Freelancer
    Freelancers sell their skills to those who are in need on a project basis. The freelancer enjoys absolute freedom about his or her work time and rates. But the income can be irregular or inconsistent.
  • Part-time Employee / Freelancer
    Part-time employment is a mix of remote employment and freelancing. You work for specific hours for a company or project for a fixed rate.

The advantage is that you get a regular income source while enjoying a certain level of flexibility with your employment. As a country with a massive presence of netizens with exceptional skills, the Philippines is the fifth-largest supplier of online labor. There are many home-based online jobs in the Philippines with varying scopes. For instance, online typing or home based online writing jobs in the Philippines don’t require advanced skills. Anyone with a minimum skillset or even students can take up such home-based works as online part time jobs in the Philippines.

Some jobs such as online accounting jobs work from home in the Philippines, project management, or software development require significant technical skills. The work-from-home nature of online jobs makes them quite popular among professionals across the Philippines. Below are some of the popular online jobs a Filipino can do from his home.

1. Online Teacher/ESL Tutor
The closure of schools and the emergence of online classes reshaped the concepts of education. Offering online courses, online tutoring, or working as an ESL tutor are popular online jobs among the younger generation of Filipinos.

2. Telemarketer
The primary job of a telemarketer is to sell the products or generate leads by making cold calls. It requires only minimal investments, and one can earn a handsome amount by efficient utilization of his or her marketing skills.

3. Transcriptionist
Here you listen to the voice records and convert them into the prescribed text format. Medical transcription is one of the most popular jobs in this category.

4. Data Entry Specialist
It is the oldest job of BPO and is still flourishing. The position demands one to enter the gathered data into the customer’s system as per their requirement. Since this online typing job at home doesn’t require advanced skills, it is the most popular home-based online job in the Philippines.

5. Translator
The translator is in high demand for various industries such as entertainment or education to make international content accessible to the local population and vice versa.

6. Animator
TV shows and movies are the major clients of animation professionals. Still, the emergence of online education and the popularity of 2D and 3D video games give animators an excellent opportunity to flourish.

7. Customer Relationship Manager
People switch companies mainly due to poor customer support. By employing online support professionals, the company can optimize its resources. It gives an excellent opportunity for the Filipinos to earn a living with minimal spending.

8. Data Researcher
Data is the new oil, and data collection through various online platforms is a thriving market. Anyone with good searching skills can take up online survey jobs and earn money in the Philippines.

9. Project Manager
Project Managers are responsible for the timely execution of software projects from conception to fully fledged products. Online project management is a high-paying job for the Filipino professionals with industry experience.

10. Digital Marketer
A digital marketer with proficiency in web analytics, content creation, and SEO can create wonders for the brand’s online visibility and popularity.

11. Web Content Manager
They develop a proper content strategy and perform its timely execution to achieve the organization’s online presence’s long-term and short-term goals.

12. Video Editor
A video editor can sell his or her skills for various projects, from personal projects to massive corporate productions, and is a highly lucrative profession.

13. Content Writer
In the era of the digital market, content is the king. And it gives an immense opportunity for those with the right skills for expression through words.

14. SEO Specialist
Analyzing the website’s performance and ensuring its strong presence in the search results through intelligent strategies is the role of SEO and is a popular online vocation for many.

15. Accountant/Bookkeeper
Proper maintenance of transactions and ensuring their accuracy are significant concerns for many establishments. An accountant can use various online accounting tools to streamline the entire process and ensure legal compatibility, like tax filing, from home.

16. Virtual Assistants
It is one of the most popular work-from-home jobs in the Philippines. A Virtual Assistant provides all services to the customers or companies from social media, web design, email, setting appointments, and much more.

17. Web Designer & Developer
User experience defines the popularity of any website and the brand. A creative web designer and a skilled web developer can create exceptional web products that cement customer loyalty.

18. Remote Technical Support
Technical support through the help desk and resolution of issues through remote access, like remote server administration, is a growing high-paying online job.

19. App and Software Developer
They make software products with a clear understanding of customers’ and the market requirements with exceptional technical knowledge.

20. Business Analyst
They analyze various data of the business and develop solutions to improve the workflow through timely strategic interventions.


  • How can I start work from home in Philippines?
    Determine your core skills, sign up for online job marketplaces, build a solid profile and portfolio, start looking for work that suits you, craft and send strong cover letters and proposals, do an outstanding job once you get the project.
  • Does online jobs really pay?
    Of course. There are thousands of real online jobs available to make a quick buck.
  • What job can I do from home?
    There are many options, which we have listed in this article.

Best Online Jobs Sites in the Philippines

How to get clients? It is the most daunting confusion for anyone who steps into the online job market. Several online job sites act as a meeting point between the seller and buyer. They facilitate the entire process by charging a fee.

Some of the most popular online job sites in the Philippines are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer PH
  • OnlineJobsPH
  • JobStreet
  • Monster PH
  • Virtual Staff Finder
  • Virtual CoWorker
  • Stack Exchange
  • People Per Hour
  • Fiverr
  • 199 Jobs
  • Raket PH
  • Essays PH

You can create a profile on them and start working. Describe your skills, post a detailed CV and examples of work, if your profession requires it. And expect clients.

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Tips for Newcomers to Working Remotely

A high-speed internet connection and an uninterrupted power supply are the essential elements for any online job. An office chair, extra monitor, or a private cubicle are preferable elements to improve your productivity.

Ensure that your profile is complete and contains the necessary industry-specific keywords for easy identification. You can get a fair idea of profile tweaking by visiting the profile of successful freelancers in your segment on the platform. Make sure that your bank account can accept international remittances. Also, an account in popular payment gateways such as PayPal is a must. You should ensure that your online work is legit and doesn’t conflict with the Philippines’ existing laws. Choose only legit work from home jobs in the Philippines.

Communicate with the client in a timely and concise manner. Always respect the deadlines and try to get repeat business for better visibility.

Can I Get a Loan if I Work from Home?

Suppose you are an employee working from home; in that case, your employment status is unchanged. So you will get quick loans and bank loans without any issues. If you are working as a freelancer, there is some uncertainty with your income and employment status. In most cases, banks or financial institutions may refuse loans, even for those with good credit scores.

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As a legit and state-licensed financial institution, we strictly adhere to the regulatory instructions and are transparent in all our activities. Digido offers loans up to PHP 25,000 with a low per-day interest. Digido ensures that money doesn’t stand between Filipinos and their effort to explore an online job’s enormous potential.

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