Receive a loan in the bank account

  • Enter the amount you need and register on the website

    Select the loan amount and your term in the Digido calculator. To the right of the calculator enter the data in the empty fields and click on "Get money".

  • Confirm the phone number and enter the password you entered previously.

    Enter the confirmation code that you will receive in a text message on your phone. To enter your private space, enter the password that you will use in the future.

  • After completing the form, indicate how you will receive the loan

    After completing the form in the private space, indicate the desired form of receipt of the money - bank account.

  • Enter the details of your account

    Enter your bank details. How to know them?

    1. Ask them at the bank branch (ask an operator to indicate the details of your account to make the fund transfer).
    2. Through the online banking service.
    3. Call the phone number specified on the back of the card (ask an operator to tell you the details of your account to make the bank transfer).
  • Overcome identification

    You can overcome the identification process

  • Receive the loan immediately after signing the contract

    Receive loan immediately after signature of treaty.

The "Digido", immediately after the approval of your application will transfer the loan in the way that is most comfortable.