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  1. You hereby warrant that the consent of the individual's whose name's you declared as character references in your loan application with Digido Finance Corp. (Digido) have been acquired.
  2. Digido will be contacting these character references for identity verification and background check and for collection purposes in the event that you cannot be contacted after two (2) unsuccessful attempts.If you click or check DISAGREE to the Privacy Statement below, we will be unable to proceed with the processing of your application.
  3. In compliance with the requirements of The Data Privacy Act of 2012 RA 10173 (“DPA”), I hereby authorize the processing such as verification, validation, collection of payment, evaluation and sharing of information to third party partners obtained from me in the course of my application with Digido Finance Corp. (Digido). The data which include my personal information or sensitive personal information and such information which Digido may have directly or indirectly gathered and may hereafter gather through its own verification and validation, in public domains, and/or through other legally permissible methods and means as defined under DPA and its implementing rules and regulations and any of its amendments, as well as other laws relevant to the confidentiality, data privacy and protection whether manually or in electronic or digital form may be collected, stored, processed and/or shared for five (5) years from the transaction. You may access and check our Privacy Policy at

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I hereby certify that all information and documents given in this application are true and correct. I understand that non-disclosure and/or falsification of information and documents herein required shall be grounds for the disapproval of my application and/or legal action against me.