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Digido is a legit and state-licensed online lender with a large branch network in the Philippines. We provide a fully automated online portal as well as highly innovative, customer-friendly financial solutions. With its automated loan lending system, it makes separate and individual decisions on each application and transfers funds in a matter of hours or minutes. This is a loan app with low interest and provides promotional loans to non-collateral loans of up to Php 25,000.
100 000+
Loans monthly
Approved applications
Interest rate for 7 days on the first loan
Approval rate on the second loan

Meet our team

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Alyssa Divina
Alyssa Divina
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony
Finance and Accounting Manager
Joshua Morales
Joshua Morales
Head of Customer Care and Online Sales Dept.

What is Digido?

Digido is the first and only fully automated on-line service. Grant the loans at any time of the day. The human factor is completely excluded, so you can be sure of the objectivity of the decision made. The values are transferred instantly.

Digido, being a legitimate lender, strictly follows all lending rules and regulations. We don’t not raise interest rates to recoup whatever risks it suffers from borrowers with poor credit histories. Similarly, we don’t engage in unethical practices such as charging hidden fees or demanding upfront commissions to take advantage of the applicant’s vulnerable position. Since Digido is fully aware that not every Filipino can apply for loans through online platforms or mobile applications, we provide available assistance for anyone who wants to secure the right loans without any confusion or inconvenience.

Minimal documentation, high loan approval rate, and immediate fund availability, even for people with lousy credit history, make online loans the most popular type of loans for the Filipinos.


  • Marie
    It's my first time. It took just about 5 minutes and I was approved in an instant. Very helpful.
  • Erik
    Digido is very efficient. The approval is quick as long as you accomplish the requirement. I am totally satisfied, thank you Digido for the prompt assistance.
  • Arnold
    It was a very good transaction, fast disbursement and no interest for first time loan. Thank you Digido!
  • Noel
    Fast approval and cash disbursement. They have considerations. They are very professional and without any harrassment in reminding payment unlike other loaning app. Recommendable site!👍
  • Janrose
    Very considerate, they will give you enough time to settle or renew your loan with minimum interest.
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Online lending companies that operate legally have to register their existence under SEC. Digido is a fully legal company, it has SEC Registration No.: 202003056, and Certificate of Authority No. 1272. You can check this information on the state website in the list of financial companies.
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SEC Registration No. 202003056. Certificate of Authority No. 1272
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