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  • Marie
    It's my first time. It took just about 5 minutes and I was approved in an instant. Very helpful.
  • Erik
    Digido is very efficient. The approval is quick as long as you accomplish the requirement. I am totally satisfied, thank you Digido for the prompt assistance.
  • Arnold
    It was a very good transaction, fast disbursement and no interest for first time loan. Thank you Digido!
  • Noel
    Fast approval and cash disbursement. They have considerations. They are very professional and without any harrassment in reminding payment unlike other loaning app. Recommendable site!👍
  • Janrose
    Very considerate, they will give you enough time to settle or renew your loan with minimum interest.
  • Katrina
    I liked digido more than other online loans because it's easier and the interest is also small and if you want to pay before your due date, you will pay less compared to other online loans, even if you pay early, you will still pay in full.
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