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OFW Loan Online in the Philippines: Requirements, Terms and Conditions

Last updated: April 11, 2024
Written by: Digido Financial Writers Team | Reviewed by: Alyssa Divina

Key takeaways:

  • OFW loans are for Filipinos who work abroad.
  • OFWs can get a loan from a bank, loan company or OWWA fund.
  • OFW family members can borrow from Digido to overcome financial problems.
How much money do you need?
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*Interest payments are approximate. The final loan amount and interest rate must be confirmed in your loan agreement after loan approval
Who can get a Digido loan?
You are 21-70 years old
You are a Filipino citizen
You have a valid government ID

OFW loan in philippines

Combination of factors such as economic opportunities, historical ties, and the pursuit of better lives abroad, Filipinos have become one of the most prominent migrant communities across the world. With surveys showing that two out of 10 Filipinos are hoping to live abroad. The OFWs, Overseas Filipino Workers of 2.4 Million include people of different capacities from housemaids to high profile professionals (1). Their inward remittance of $ 34 Billion, nearly 11% of GDP, makes the Philippines one of the top countries that benefit from the remittance (2). 

A migrant Filipino treads a tightrope walk to ensure a smooth balance of his or her expenses and the ability to support the family in the homeland. Any unplanned financial requirements such as emergency medical expenses, tuition fees, or an unavoidable repair of your house can upset your economic equilibrium. 

The conventional loan conditions target local populations, making loan availability quite hard for an overseas employee. It forces an OFW to end up with loan sharks to tide over any financial emergencies.

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What are loans for OFW?

OFW loans in the Philippines are tailor-made financial solutions for the Filipinos who work in a foreign country. They help the vast number of overseas Filipinos avoid loan sharks and achieve their financial goals through affordable loans with minimal documentation. 

The scope of the Overseas Filipino Workers loan (OFW loan) is quite extensive. You can have a personal loan to clear your credit card bills or can have a loan to purchase a house or get a loan to find capital for the business you plan to start after the return. The OFW loan in the Philippines is open both for active and about to join employees of a foreign country. It helps a foreign employment aspirant clear his or her recruiter fees, initial expenses, and flight tickets using OFW loans, much before the person starts earning. 

ofw loan

Benefits of OFW Loans

  1. Easy online Application: An OFW can make an online loan application while they are outside the country. Only a few loans demand the borrower’s physical verification. It eliminates the need for frequent travel and allows the applicant to enjoy his or her vacation by spending quality time with the loved ones.
  2. High loan amounts: OFW loans may offer higher loan amounts compared to standard loans, considering the potential borrowing capacity of OFWs and their income levels. The loan amounts available to OFWs can vary widely, but they generally range from around PHP 100,000 to several million pesos
  3. Flexible Loan Conditions and Repayment Terms: The loan conditions, interest rate, and loan amount depend heavily on the borrower’s income and spending habits. It allows one with a low salary to get the right loan as long as he or she follows an excellent financial discipline. These loans often offer flexible repayment terms, allowing OFWs to make payments based on their income schedule or remittance cycle.
  4. Competitive interest rates: Interest rates on OFW loans can range from around 6% to 12%, depending on factors such as the loan amount, repayment period, and the borrower’s creditworthiness.
  5. Faster Loan Approval and Disbursal: The majority of the OFW loans are no co-maker, no collateral, or no credit check loans. It reduces processing time and makes the loan disbursal much faster. An authorized representative of the borrower can collect the loan amount with minimal formality, making OFW loan 1 day processing with no hassle a reality. 
  6. Dedicated customer support: Financial institutions offering OFW loans often have dedicated customer support services to assist OFWs in navigating the loan application process and addressing any concerns they may have.
  7. Remittance-based processing: Some lenders may offer streamlined loan processing based on remittance flows, allowing OFWs to utilize their remittance history as proof of income and creditworthiness.

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 an OFW ID online: OWWA E-CARD Registration

best loan app philippinesv

Can I take an OFW Loan Online at Digido?

We are happy to inform that Digido helps the OFW community by offering flexible, short-term loans that can be availed by their relatives to overcome financial hiccups. If you or your family in the Philippines need OFW loan online  – in an emergency, you can also ask Digido for money.

A family member of an OFW with a stable income can take a personal loan up to PHP 25,000 with minimal requirements. Any Filipino citizen within the age group of 21-70 years of age with a working mobile connection and a valid government ID can apply for the loan. Along with fully automated lending platforms, it enables anyone to apply for a loan from anywhere at any time with minimal formalities.

  • You can get a loan from the comfort of your home in just 30 minutes
  • Digido possesses one of the largest and broadest networks of branches across the Philippines
  • Digido unsecured loans with 95% loan approval rate do not require any collateral or excellent credit history
  • Our daily interest rate is 1.5% only. 
  • New clients can now get their first loan at 0%. That’s why Digido loans is one of the most preferred lending for OFW

All you need to get a fast loan is one government-issued ID and a working cellphone. Click on the “Apply Now” link and get the money in 30 minutes.

You need money in a hurry, but you can’t save the right amount of money and create an emergency fund? Digido will come to your rescue! That’s when an online loan for OFW abroad will come in handy:

Why do you need a fast Digido loan?

Types of OFW Loans in the Philippines

Not all financial institutions offer OFW loan fast release with no hassle or OFW online loan in Philippines, limiting an OFW’s ability to secure loans from anywhere. But the loans are loaded with features so that an OFW can keep them in perfect alignment with his or her financial goals at different stages of the emigrant life. While most online OFW loans don’t require a co-borrower or collateral security, the loan amount, interest rates, loan conditions, and loan duration vary with each lender. Some of the primary categories of OFW loans 1 day processing are:

👉 OFW Personal Loan

You can get a OFW cash loan Philippines to manage your immediate financial requirements. These loans don’t require any collateral or good credit score. Your income and expenses play a crucial role in setting the limit for the loan amount.  You can use the loan for any financial requirements such as small scale home renovation, fund a vacation or purchasing a new home appliance, etc.

👉 OFW Auto Loans

Owning a car is in the bucket list of most Filipinos, and car loans help them achieve it. The loan is secured and uses the car as collateral. The borrower has to repay the loan as EMIs. If the borrower defaults the payments, the lender can repossess the vehicle.

ofw personal loan

👉 OFW Home Loans

For most Filipinos, the primary purpose of their expatriate life is to own a house. Even if they draw a handsome salary, accumulating the lump sum payment for house purchase is not easy. Home loans provide the necessary financial OFW loan assistance in the Philippines by considering the property as collateral. You will get the ownership of the house only after the complete repayment of the loan as EMIs. 

👉 OFW Business Loans

No one intends to stay in a foreign country forever. But the financial obligations and a lack of proper revenue sources hold them back from returning to their homeland. OFW business loans allow any Filipino to get additional working capital to become an entrepreneur. Even while continuing to be an expatriate, one can secure OFW business loans to set up a business for his or her family members and start earning a second income. The scope of OFW business loans is quite extensive. Some lenders offer low interest OFW loans up to PHP 5 Million for an annual interest rate of 7.5% with a repayment window of up to 7 years. 

👉 OFW Seaman Loans

Seafaring is one of the prominent livelihoods of the Filipino population. They work as captains, cooks, cleaners, or engineers on international ships for cargo, oil, and cruise ships. Seaman OFW loans help seafarers tide over their financial difficulties, especially when to board the ship by allowing them to apply for OFW loan one day process from anywhere in the Philippines. 

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Where to Get an OFW Personal Loan

Banks, OFW lending company in the Philippines, and agencies for the welfare of non-resident Filipinos, such as the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), offer OFW loans to the migrants. (3)

ofw loan in philippines

Pag-IBIG and SSS Loans for OFW

Pag-IBIG and SSS are two government agencies in the Philippines that offer housing loans specifically designed for  Filipino Workers.

Pag-IBIG provides the “affordable housing” program, offers a mortgage program specifically designed for Filipino workers who have worked overseas for at least 2 years. This opportunity is available for individuals aged 21 to 65 years. This loan program allows eligible OFWs to finance the acquisition, construction, or improvement of residential properties in the Philippines. The repayment terms are typically extended up to 30 years, making it more affordable for OFWs to own a home. One mandatory requirement for borrowers is that they should not have any existing credit obligations, unpaid loans, or outstanding debts.

On the other hand, ndividuals who have worked abroad for over a year have the option to directly apply for home loans through the SSS under more favorable conditions. This program allows applicants to qualify for a loan even if one of the partners in a marriage has previously utilized a housing loan, as long as there are no instances of delayed payments .

Both Pag-IBIG and SSS loans for OFWs offer competitive interest rates, affordable monthly amortizations, and flexible repayment options.

Bank loans in the Philippines for OFW

Banks offer OFW lending with better loan conditions such as low-interest rates, high loan amounts, and extended repayment window. For example it is BDO OFW loan. Unfortunately, the distribution of banks is quite uneven throughout the Philippines. OFW bank loan requirements in the Philippines are difficult for many applicants. One may get an easy OFW  loan from a co maker in Manila through banks, but not in other areas. The stringent eligibility criteria, lengthy processing time, and low approval rates can sometimes lead to frustration among OFWs when seeking immediate financial assistance from banks.

Which Banks offer Loans to Filipino Workers?

1. BDO Kabayan Personal OFW loan

BDO Unibank offers a range of loans specifically designed for OFWs. Whether you need a consumer loan, an auto loan, or a mortgage, BDO provides options for Filipino citizens who have been working abroad for at least two years. For home loans, the minimum monthly salary requirement is PHP 50,000, while for consumer loans, it is PHP 10,000. The program is open to citizens starting from 25 years of age, and the maximum age at the time of loan repayment should not exceed 65 years. Benefits of BDO Personal Loan:

  • Loan amounts range from P10,000 to P1,000,000.
  • Fixed monthly payments with flexible repayment terms of up to 36 months.
  • Loan proceeds are credited directly to your BDO account.
  • There is a Top Up Loan feature available, allowing you to apply for a higher loan amount, subject to submission of additional income documents.
  • Convenient application and submission of requirements can be done at a BDO branch near you.

ofw loan online application

2. China Bank Overseas Kababayan Services

China Bank Overseas Kababayan Services understands the challenges of being away from your family, but they are here to assist Kababayans working abroad or those about to become OFWs. They offer a comprehensive range of reliable, secure, and competitive products and services to meet your remittance, savings, investment, and consumer loan needs. Benefits of Chinabank Easi-Funds Personal Loan:

  • Quick disbursal of funds
  • Loan applications are processed within five working days
  • Loan amounts range from P20,000 to P1,000,000.
  • Fixed-term repayment options of 12, 18, 24, 36, or 48 months.
  • Repayment can be made through post-dated checks.
  • Submit OFW loan application online or at any China Bank branch nationwide.

loan for ofw abroad

4. BPI Land-based OFW Personal Loan

BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) offers a specialized loan program called the BPI Land-based OFW Personal Loan, specifically tailored to meet the financial needs of land-based OFWs. With a minimum monthly income of 30,000 Pesos, BPI offers consumer loans, as well as mortgage loans for car purchases.

For OFWs with at least two years of work experience and a monthly income of at least 40,000 Pesos, BPI provides mortgage loans. The borrower must be at least 21 years old, with a maximum age of 60 at the time of debt repayment. Benefits of BPI Personal Loan:

  • Loan amounts range from P20,000 to P1,000,000
  • Flexible loan terms of 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 months, allowing you to choose the duration that suits you best
  • Convenient payment method through automatic debit from your BPI account
  • Access to loan monitoring through BPI Express Online or BPI Express Phone
  • Enjoy significant discounts on products and services when you opt for cash payment

ofw loan philippines

Note: The information presented in this article is subject to change and borrowers are advised to contact their chosen bank directly for the updated information

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Lending Companies for OFW Loan in the Philippines

The private lenders with their flexible loan criteria, minimal documentation requirements, short processing time, and high loan approval rates, make an irresistible option for an OFW for their financial needs. The majority of the lending companies for legit OFW loans without co-borrower operate through online mode. They rarely use credit history to gauge the credit worthiness of a borrower. 

Similarly, their definitions of jobs are much broader than banks. If you have a regular income, the lenders will give you OFW quick cash loan online. Your additional income outside your employment, such as the sari-sari shop or rent, will also be considered while deciding the loan amount. You can easily choose the best loan app for OFW Philippines

Digido App

Discover the Digido Lending Company for OFW in Philippines

All operations are performed online - you don't have to leave your house
In only 4 minutes you can receive up to 10,000 pesos in your bank account, and up to 25,000 pesos for repeat borrowers.
We don't require guarantors representation, documentation, or guarantee deposits.
We only require 1 government valid ID

I want to borrow ₱ 10000
Min: ₱ 1000
Max: ₱ 20000
Payment Terms 10 days
7 days
21 days
My Monthly Gross Income ₱ 20000
You return*: 10 000
All your data is under secure protection!
We recommend taking a loan!

* Interest payments are approximate. The final loan amount and interest rate must be confirmed in your loan agreement after loan approval.

OFW loan in OWWA

OWWA loans, or loans offered by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (3), are specifically designed to assist Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in starting or expanding their businesses. These loans provide financial support to OFWs who aspire to become entrepreneurs.

OWWA, in collaboration with various banks, offers affordable, feature-rich, and easily accessible loans for OFW abroad with minimal procedures.The OWWA loan for OFW 2024 is offered to current OWWA members who are also certified as OFW. They must first obtain this certificate as they will submit it to the bank as part of the requirements.

ofw loan no co maker

Different Providers Offers OFW Loans in the Philippines

In this table we have gathered different providers of loans for OFW from different categories, so that you can compare the terms and conditions of loans.

Provider Loan Name Requirements Loan Terms
Cashmart Cashmart OFW Loan Citizenship, age 21 and above, legal contract with the employer, proof of income, proof of relationship for family purchases 7 to 30 days
Rang-ay Bank Rang-ay Bank OFW Loan Maximum loan of 30 million pesos, passport, OFW certificate, foreign residence permit 1 month to 5+ years
GDFI (Global Dominion) Global Dominion OFW Loan Minimum income of 20 000 pesos, co-borrower, legal agreement with the employer, travel tickets and a visa copy, proof of residence, bank statement Not specified
BalikBayad Balikbayad OFW Personal Loan Passport, work visa, employer contract in English, OEC certificate, tickets, proof of residence in the Philippines (last 3 months) 6 to 18 months
South AsiaLink Finance Corp. AsiaLink OFW Loan Minimum income of 20 000 pesos, visa, employer contract, passport, tickets, employment certificate 180 to 365 days, 0.05 interest rate per day
Landbank Landbank OFW Reintegration Program OWWA membership, OWWA certificate, loan amount ranging from 300 thousand pesos to 2 million Loan terms vary, maximum of 7 years including a 2-year grace period

Note: The information presented in this table is subject to change and borrowers are advised to contact their chosen bank/ financial entity directly for the updated information

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Who can to Apply for OFW Loan in Philippines?

The loan eligibility varies with each company. But the essential eligibility criteria are the following: 

  1. The applicant should be a Filipino citizen;
  2. The minimum age for the borrower is 21 years;
  3. The age shouldn’t exceed 65 years upon loan maturity;
  4. The applicant should be working abroad with an active employment agreement;
  5. First time OFWs with no initial capital or funds can apply for the loan too;
  6. The applicant should have an immediate family member, spouse, parents, siblings, or children as co-borrower;
  7. The loan amount depends on your salary and expenses.


Some of the loans require a co-borrower, and the eligibility criteria for the co-borrower are given below: 

  • The co-borrower should be a Filipino citizen within the age group of 21-59 years old;
  • The co-borrower should be an immediate relative of the OFW;
  • The co-borrower should have a regular source of income.
  • OFW Loan Requirements 

ofw loan requirements

What are OFW Loan Requirements?

The essential documents one has to submit for an OFW loan are the following:

  1. Proof of identity, employment, and compensation;
  2. At least, two valid IDs – OWWA ID, Seaman’s book;
  3. Consularized employment;
  4. Copy of visa;
  5. POEA Overseas Employment Certificate;
  6. Plane ticket;
  7. Proof of residency under the name of the borrower;
  8. Proof of remittance;
  9. For seafarers – the latest crew contract;
  10. Proof of billing.


The co-borrower eligibility requirement are the following: 

  • Payslip for the last three months;
  • Certificate of employment;
  • If not employed – the copy of business permit like DTI (4);
  • Two valid IDs and photos;
  • Proof of billing and relationship with the borrower.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Digido Loans

If you want to get a loan online quickly, without paperwork and a lot of requirements, Digido loans are the perfect financial solution. To get a loan, you need to fill out the application form at the button link, use the slider to select the required amount and provide one government-issued document with you. You don’t have to look for OFW lending company “near me” – the whole process is carried out online  You can receive the loan in as little as 30 minutes.

How to Get Loan

  • Applicants must be of legal age, usually 21 years old or older
  • Digido Loans are available to citizens or residents of the country
  • Applicants are required to provide one identification documents


First loan with 0% interest rate for 7 days!

How Can a Filipino Employee Get a Loan Abroad?

The OFW online loan application and approval process are quite simple and straightforward. The majority of the banks or lenders accept applications through an online site and offer OFW loan one day release. The first step is the submission of the application. One can use the online or offline mode of application as per the availability.

Once a duly filled application with the supportive documents is submitted, the lender will scrutinize it and decide within a few hours or days. Some categories of loans for OFW in the Philippines such as seafarer loans require your physical verification. In that case, you may need to present yourself before the lending agency. After the loan approval, the fund will reach you within a few hours. 

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  • Where can I get a loan for OFW?
    Look at the offer of major banks, such as BDO, PsBank. Also look at government loan programs.
  • Can OFW apply for SSS loan?
    Yes, if the borrower meets several requirements, which are detailed on the SSS website.
  • How can I get Pag Ibig loan for OFW?
    Visit your nearest Pag - IBIG office for a loan consultation. Fill out the necessary loan application forms. Submit your requirements and wait for a response.
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