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Philstar Global
May 17, 2023

Opportunities Remain for Fintech to turbocharge MSME Growth

Mere disruptors no more, financial technologies have offered considerable evidence that affirm them as significant contributors to economies and its digital ecosystems. Southeast Asia’s micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), universally seen as critical to countries’ growth, are recovering or have recovered from the height of the pandemic due to fintech’s intrinsic advantages in providing needed relief.

Global Financial Market Review
Mar 21, 2023

GFM Review Announces Winners of its Prestigious Industry Awards for March-End 2023

Global Financial Market Review (GFM) is a dedicated online news aggregation portal that focuses on industries and news that are involved in the financial markets. As part of its coverage of this huge and multi-disciplined industry GFM has developed a series of Awards. The Awards have been developed to recognise companies and institutions who have achieved notable success in their respective fields. The Awards have become a standard for reliability, performance and security within the financial community.

Philstar Global
Jan 17, 2023

Sustaining the Philippines’ Fintech Revolution

2022, arguably, was another banner year for the Philippine fintech industry. Led by progressive and engaged regulators and organizations, the maturing sector responded to a growing demand for digital financial services through a variety of new products and partnerships for their banking, credit and other financial needs. As we welcome the new year, it is necessary to reflect on existing barriers for fintech and understand how to respond to ensure its growth continues upward.

Philippine Daily Inquirer
Dec 16, 2022

Speeding up the Philippines’ ‘Cash-Lite’ Vision

The Philippines’ determination to shift to a “cash-lite” economy—with at least 50 percent of transactions done digitally by 2023—remains evident through an ongoing stream of initiatives to promote the adoption of digital payment systems and financial technologies among consumers and businesses.

Philippine Daily Inquirer
Oct 25, 2022

The Universalization of E-Wallets: More than 100 million Filipino users

The powerful mental shift in favor of digital solutions driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, along with a clear course taken by the government and the fintech sector toward a cash-lite economy, have ensured that the Philippines’ digital transformation path is moving in a positive direction.

Out of Town Blog
Oct 23, 2021

Benefits Of Having An Excellent Credit Score

Maintaining a good credit history can provide you with a lifetime of banking convenience and benefits. Banks and other financial institutions regard a good credit score as a sign of trustworthiness. This can translate to an abundance of money-saving opportunities. It can also lead to banking privileges and substantial savings.

ITech Post
Sept 23, 2021

A Guide to Growing Your Emergency Fund

An emergency fund, which you can access in the event of large or unexpected costs, is considered a cash reserve fund. Establishing an emergency fund can help protect yourself and your family without falling into debt in times of need.

Jan 31, 2022

7 Personal Loan Tips to Raise Your Chance of Getting Approved

Before the pandemic, many of us relied on personal loans to take care of our financial problems. The pandemic only made matters worse after a lockdown was introduced to stop the spread of the virus. This led to many companies and establishments closing up, thereby increasing the rate of unemployment.

EuroWeekly News
Sept 27, 2021

5 Practical Ways to Borrow Emergency Cash

According to the latest financial inclusion study conducted by the Bangko Sentral, 41 percent of adults have outstanding or past loans. There are many workable ways of borrowing that include emergency and personal loans in the Philippines.

India Blooms
Sept 10, 2021

All about Cebuana Lhuillier in the Philippines

According to the Guinness World Records, the Cebuana Lhuillier is awarded as the largest chain of pawnshops in the world. Their official brand endorser is Sarah Geronimo. Sean Martin D. Plantado, head of Digido.ph Customer Care notes that Digido has worked with Cebuana Luillier for many years and recommends them as a reliable partner.

Eastern Eye
Oct 13, 2021

Personal loan or credit card: what to choose?

You can find a lot of personal loans or credit cards that are available on the market now. They are outstanding and impressive financial products that can bring opportunities for you. Both of them can help you during any emergency situation.

Daily News Hungary
Sept 14, 2021

Easy guide to credit scoring in the Philippines

A credit score is an important number that will measure an individual’s creditworthiness. This credit scoring will be important for both financial institutions and borrowers to determine if someone is worthy of lending money to. This credit scoring may be used in any credit card or loan application.

Fintech Philippines
Nov 19, 2021

Online Lender or Bank Loan for a Filipino Businessman?

One of the breaking points of every business is when finances are negative, and you need to make a quick decision as a business owner to steer the business away from its present station. Without a doubt, you will need a business loan to get out of this unpleasant corner.

Jan 25, 2022

Personal Loans and Credit Cards: What’s the Difference?

Financial products such as personal loans and credit cards can provide you with many opportunities for your financial growth. To know which one to choose and the ways in which you can increase your chance of getting approved for these financial products, you must understand the difference between them.

Nov 28, 2021

Ways of building your emergency fund

A trusty emergency fund, as opposed to a savings account with a specific purpose such as a vacation trip, mortgage payoff, or business capital, keeps you afloat in the event of an unexpected financial setback.

Will Explore Philippines
Dec 22, 2021

What happens if I Don’t Repay the Loan

Even the wisest man can find it difficult getting back into balance during emergencies. Emergencies like job loss, illness, death of loved one. These can make it so extremely hard, even for the most responsible debtor.

Colors NewYork
Oct 10, 2021

Ways of Managing Finances at Your 40’s

Most of the guides on financial management are usually directed to young people who are just starting their careers or those who are retired or about to retire. Those in the middle, especially people in their 40’s are not given much attention. Consequently, here are some guidelines on how to manage your finances when you hit the forties.

Real Wealth Business
Jan 25, 2022

What If You are Blacklisted by Banks?

It is hard to find someone who has not experienced financial hardship at one point in time. This has resulted in people turning to different financial institutions in search of loans. While some were able to return their loans within the timeframe given for repayment, others have defaulted and have their name blacklisted.