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We will tell you about the best courier services in the Philippines. If you need courier services for both personal and business purposes or even for a delivery business like water, but you don’t have enough money to pay for it, Digido can help you. It offers short-term online loans with great ease, and there is no need to leave home to get a loan, as all transactions are fully automated.

Key takeaways:

  • Courier services have become very much in demand in 2021.
  • We will tell you about the most popular delivery services in the Philippines.
  • If you need to pay for shipping urgently but don’t have enough money to pay for it, Digido can help you.
  • You can get an emergency loan of up to 25,000 pesos in 5 minutes.

Best Courier and Delivery Services in the Philippines

Courier services are more important than ever in this age of seeking refuge in your home. Food delivery services of takeaways, personal effects, and other basic necessities have become a part of people’s lives. The number of people shopping online is increasing dramatically, creating a high demand for companies that offer door-to-door delivery. These courier services also provide automated booking systems, warehousing, and cash-on-delivery.

What is Courier Service?

It is a type of company that enables its customers to send a package from one location to another. It is a unique service that gives delivery speed, tracking, security, and the ability to be booked and paid online. Courier and Delivery Services in the Philippines are also available from local deliveries and small parcels to national and international services.

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Who Can Use the Courier and Delivery Services in the Philippines?

These services are especially useful these days for people and businesses involved in online selling, which necessitates shipping solutions for numerous packages.
Larger e-commerce companies usually have agreements with a courier service that allow them to get bulk discounts. These services are also used by regular people who need items transported from one location to another.

How Should I Choose a Good Courier in the Philippines?

Many couriers have been competing for the attention and trust of customers since the inception of online selling. The finest couriers can provide you with the most satisfying customer service possible and address all of your issues and concerns as soon as possible. An outstanding courier is dependable with a trustworthy company and staff so your items or goods are secure and in good hands. If you are a seller, your courier partner is an extension of your company. Customers will remember if your chosen courier provides excellent service ensuring continuing patronage.

The Best Courier and Delivery Services in the Philippines

Here are some of the most dependable courier services in the Philippines that can also be classified as “cheapest courier service Philippines”, “cheap courier service”, “cheap courier service Philippines”, “cheapest delivery service”, “delivery service Manila”, or “delivery service Philippines”.

SM Delivery Service

This delivery service provides door-to-door delivery service, pick-up delivery service, and grocery delivery service to be able to provide products from its various stores such as the SM Supermarket, SM Store, and Ace Hardware.

Republic Courier Service, Inc.

Republic Courier Service, Inc., also known as “OCS Manila”, is one of the earliest courier companies in the rapidly expanding Asian market. They have expanded to 20 domestic branches and obtained transportation fleets in order to enhance and to provide various logistics solutions to All Nippon Airways’ global networks as an express air cargo handler. Their services include international express delivery, domestic delivery services or door-to-door delivery, Japanese newspaper and magazine distribution, and general importer and customs brokerage.


LBC is one of the Best Courier and Delivery Services in the Philippines with over 1,000 branches nationwide. Payment rates are PHP 80 to PHP 345 where it can be paid by cash on branch pick-ups, cash on delivery, or cash upon pick-up. You can get your items in 1 to 5 working days. LBC also offers remittance service, international shipping, and air cargo.

Abest Express

This is a courier company that was established in 1990 with over 100 branches nationwide and growing. No more hassle in carrying your heavy package to the nearest courier because they offer free pick-up at your house. The areas covered are nationwide, delivery rates at PHP 50 to PHP 190, delivery time is 2 to 5 days, and payment method is cash upon pick-up.

AP Cargo

AP Cargo has many branches where you can pick up or drop off your parcels or have your items delivered door-to-door. Their delivery rates depend on the weight of the package, delivery time is from 1 to 15 working days and payment method is cash upon pick-up.

Delivery Parcel Express

Delivery Parcel Express (DPX) coverage is Metro Manila and selected provincial areas. It offers delivery rates from PHP 40 to PHP 240, its delivery time is from 1 to 5 working days, and cash upon pick-up. It also offers corporate parcel management and provides air express delivery service for dangerous goods such as chemical products.

DHL Express

DHL is a company that covers more than 220 countries and territories and provides service for about 2,000,000 clients. The price for shipping is based on the volumetric weight of the package and payment can be made in cash, bank transfer, or credit card. The delivery time takes from 2 to 20 working days. The company also offers export and import services and on-demand delivery.

Zoom Courier

Zoom Courier is a door-to-door delivery that also offers an automated booking system that schedules a parcel when someone orders from your online shop. Its coverage is nationwide with delivery rates at PHP 40 to PHP 240 and 3 to 7 working days for delivery time. Deliveries can be paid cash upon pick-up or cash on delivery. Other features include automated booking for e-commerce.

Grab Express

Grab Express is a delivery service from Grab Philippines. The areas of coverage include Metro Manila and Cebu City where your goods are delivered on the same day. The delivery rates depend on pick-up and drop-off locations. Payment can be made through Grabpay, cash on delivery, cash upon pick-up, or credit/debit card.


Lalamove is an on-demand, same-day delivery courier operating in select areas in the Philippines. One of the company’s best features is its same-day delivery at your own preferred time and date, with delivery rates depending on pick-up and drop-off locations and item size and weight. Payments can be made by cash on delivery, Lalamove wallet, cash on pick-up, or credit or debit card. It also offers Lalamove Pabili Service.


  • Which is better JRS or LBC?
    If you want to save money, then go for JRS express. But if you rely on service quality, then LBC is the best option for you. Both the services go hand in hand. If you want your order to reach your place in safe hands, you should trust in LBC express.
  • How fast is a courier?
    Check the delivery terms with the firm you plan to go to.
  • Which is faster mail or courier?
    Courier services provide fast and reliable delivery - for a fee. Although postal services are cheaper, they have longer delivery times.

JRS Express

JRS Express offers door-to-door delivery of documents, parcels, forgotten items, food, and other goods. Services are done on same-day delivery. Delivery rates depend on the volume and actual weight of the package with a delivery time of one to fifteen working days. The payment is done in cash upon branch drop-off. The company also offers Lipat Bahay, freight forwarding, and JRS Pera services.

J&T Express

J&T has over 400 branches nationwide. The rate for this courier service depends on your pick-up and delivery locations with the delivery time from 1 to 5 working days. Payment can be in cash on delivery or cash upon pick-up. J&T Express is one of the courier services for Shopee and Lazada.

Ninja Van

Ninja Van provides door-to-door shipping in the Philippines with a lead time of 1 to 7 working days. Its best features include nationwide coverage, affordable delivery rates that depend on delivery location and package weight, and can be paid cash on delivery or cash upon pick-up.

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Online Loan for Shopping with Delivery in Metro Manila

Customers usually consider a dependable courier service with reasonable rates and a reasonable delivery time. This can help increase online store sales and provide a pleasant shopping experience. If you have watched Kiki Delivery Service by downloading it using the KiKi’s Delivery Service Torrent and got inspired by the movie, a delivery service business might be a business you want to set up.

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In case you need courier and delivery services in the Philippines for both personal and business purposes or even for a delivery service business such as a water delivery service but do not have enough money to pay for it, Digido can be able to help you. It offers short-term online loans with great ease and there is no need to leave home to get a loan as all transactions are fully automated. You can have the money in your bank account in just 4 minutes and no guarantors, representation, documentation, or guarantee deposits are required by Digido. Applicants must be Filipino citizens between the ages of 21 and 70, who are employed or identified professionals.

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One of the primary advantages of applying for a loan in Digido is that it is a reliable and legitimate organization. Furthermore, as all transactions are done online, you can register from the comfort of your own home. It allows for quick and easy loan applications. Loan application forms can be finished at your leisure time, whether during the day or night, on weekends or holidays. You’re good to go as long as you have a computer or mobile device and an Internet connection. However, always keep in mind that you borrow for emergency use only and that a loan must be paid on time.

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