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Thinking of giving your home a facelift? Explore the cost of house renovation in the Philippines

Last updated: March 12, 2024

Key takeaways:

  • Consult with several contractors before making a decision
  • Have at least a simple hand-drawn plan and present it to the contractor
  • Do not settle for the lowest bid; go for quality

House renovation cost Philippines

Renovating a home in the Philippines is not just about giving it a fresh look; it’s also a financial commitment that requires careful planning. While the excitement of a revamped space is undeniable, the costs can be daunting.

Did you know that a minor fix could start from PHP 8,000, while a major overhaul might set you back by millions? Sometimes, the cost of remodeling is higher than the cost of the house itself. Dive into this article to get an information on the cost of repairs in the Philippines, as well as tips on how to reduce the cost.

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House Renovation Cost in the Philippines: Typical Costs

What is the cost of house renovation? At the very least, you should prepare somewhere around PHP 8,000 to PHP 30,000 —this price, however, only applies to minor renovations and for small areas.

The cost of renovation really depends on what you want to do. For example, if you want to surround your rooftop with a railing, the metal itself will cost you more than ₱50,000. This price does not even include labor costs.

Estimated Cost of Different types of Repairs

  • Partial Renovation or Minor Fixes: PHP 8,000 to PHP 15,000.
  • Repair of the roof: from PHP 50,000
  • Renovation of One Room: PHP 80,000 to PHP 350,000.
  • Adding a New Floor: from PHP 800,000
  • Major Renovation: Starting from PHP 3 million, with a 100-square meter property possibly costing up to PHP 5 million.

Let us say that you want to redesign or renovate your living room flooring. In our example, your floor is 30 square meters—6 meters across and 5 meters wide. The first thing you must consider is the size of the tile. The usual tile size standard is 40 x 40 centimeters or 60 x 60 centimeters. Let us say that you want 60 x 60, and each one costs ₱250.

Overall, you need 50 tiles. At PHP250 per tile, you will shell out PHP12,500. As you can see, you need this amount of money for the raw materials. This price does not yet include the labor cost and the cement. For a conservative assumption, we can say that the labor cost is PHP800 per day. Multiply that by five days, and you will pay PHP4,000 for one person. Usually, there are two people who will work on it, so you will pay PHP8,000.

Tiles PHP 12,500
Labor PHP 8,000
Miscellaneous PHP 5,000
TOTAL PHP 25,500

As you can see, you will prepare around PHP25,000 for your floor renovation. Unfortunately, we cannot do this for other types of construction, such as the renovation of your bathroom, as it is more complicated. Expert contractors, on the other hand, can shed light to that.

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What is the Renovation Cost Per Square Meter in the Philippines in 2024

To determine the cost of a home renovation in the Philippines, one commonly uses the area-based approach. This method entails multiplying the size of the space (measured in square meters) set for renovation by the standard cost per square meter.

For 2024, the usual cost for home renovations in the Philippines ranges from PHP800 to PHP10,000 for each square meter. While this is the general rate, it’s worth noting that the final amount can fluctuate based on different influencing factors.

renovation cost philippines

How to Save on House Renovation Costs in the Philippines

Now, how can you save money on home renovations and budget effectively? It is one of the most important questions to answer now than later.

Create Priorities and Stick with Them

Decide what renovation you want. If it is the floor, stick to the floor only. In any case, you need to take a long and hard look at your house and decide what your priority is.

You must also create a budget and stick to it. You can only do this if you start shopping around before you even contact a contractor.

Make the Plan and Get Bids

Begin with a clear budget that encompasses all renovation costs, including labor, materials, tools, permits, and cleanup. It’s advisable to allocate an additional 10% to 20% of the total budget for unforeseen expenses.

Start Planning Early. To avoid overspending, compare prices of appliances and fixtures at various home improvement centers and online stores. For affordable home decors, consider tiangges, surplus shops, or the online shop of Dapitan Arcade.

Create a Plan for the Renovation and then ask the Contractor for a Price.  This plan does not mean you need architectural work. Simple drawings of what you want should suffice. You can also show photos from the internet to give the contractor an idea of how much the project will cost. Open communication with your contractor about budget constraints can lead to cost-saving ideas.

Get at least three quotes from different contractors and compare their track records, experience, and cost estimates. When doing this, make sure that you ask the contractor what he would do for the price he mentioned. The last thing you want is to have a misunderstanding. Some contractors may misunderstand what you want and give a higher price.

renovation cost

Find sources of Financing for Home Renovation

If savings are insufficient for the renovation, consider taking a home renovation loan. When it comes to financing house renovations in the Philippines, Digido offers a seamless and efficient solution. Whether you’re looking for a small amount to spruce up a room or a more substantial sum for a complete home makeover, Digido offers loans ranging from 0% interest promotional loans to non-collateral loans of up to PHP 25,000.

All operations are performed online, meaning you don’t have to leave your house to apply for a loan. This is especially beneficial for those who are busy with renovation planning and execution. Here are some additional benefits Digido loans for home renovation:

  • Automated online portal ensures that loan decisions are made instantly. You can get your loan approved and transferred to your account within just a few minutes.
  • As a state-licensed online lender, Digido adheres strictly to lending rules and regulations. They do not inflate interest rates or have hidden charges.
  • Minimal Documentation – unlike traditional banks that often demand a plethora of documents, Digido simplifies the process significantly. For your loan application, all you need is a single valid ID card.

Ready to kickstart your home renovation project? Apply for a Digido loan with just one ID right now and transform your living space without any financial hiccups!

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Cheap House Renovation in the Philippines: Take the DIY Route

The other thing you can do to save on cost is to DIY the renovation. Learning how to do woodworking is beneficial, and it can become both a hobby and an exercise. However, it is also dangerous.

On the other hand, woodworking is not the only thing you can DIY. You can learn how to mix cement, mix plaster, and many other things.  Save money by undertaking simple tasks like painting or building a headboard yourself. Use platforms like YouTube for guidance. Surely, it takes time to learn these skills. However, you must think of this as an investment.

cheap house renovation philippines

5 Budget-Friendly Renovation Ideas to Revamp Your Space

  1. Repaint: A fresh coat of paint can transform the ambiance of a space. Consider repainting doors, window casings, or cabinets for a budget-friendly makeover.
  2. Natural Light: Introduce light pipes to brighten spaces, which are cheaper than installing new windows. Light pipes are an innovative and cost-effective way to channel natural sunlight into dim areas, giving your home a brighter and more welcoming feel.
  3. Alternative Furniture: Who said quality furniture has to be expensive? Opt for high-quality furniture made of alternative materials or consider second-hand furniture for a vintage vibe.
  4. Maximize Space: Declutter, add storage solutions, and use mirrors to create an illusion of a larger space – strategically placed mirrors can magically make any room appear more spacious!
  5. Recycle and Repurpose: Embrace sustainability by giving old items a new purpose. Repurposing and recycling not only reduce waste but also lead to one-of-a-kind decor pieces that tell a story. Plus, it’s a win-win for both the environment and your wallet!

Renovation Cost Philippines: How to Find a Contractor

We all have heard scary stories about people who got scammed by unscrupulous contractors. In this section, we will provide you with some tips on how to find contractors you can trust.

Get Recommendations

Surely, you know some people who have gone through home renovations or people who built their homes. It is wise to ask them, so you know how their contractors are in professional terms.

Start asking around with your friends and family. In addition to asking around, make sure that you visit the house and see what it looks like. If you like what you see, you can ask who the contractor is and start asking for a price.

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Meet the Contractor Face-to-Face

In other countries, it is typical for consumers to expect that a contractor has an office. In the Philippines, it is not always this way. There are many contractors here who do freelance work, so they do not have an office. Because of this, you should be fine with meeting a person, or a contractor, with no office.

It is important to meet the contractor so you can ask questions and assess the person’s character, expertise, and demeanor. You will also get to know the actual renovation house cost.

Listen to what your gut says. You will work with this contractor. If you do not feel comfortable talking to the contractor, you might as well look for another one.


  • Do I need a permit to renovate my house?
    Generally, no. Since the house is already built, you no longer need to apply for a permit. There are some exceptions, though, such as when you are adding a floor.
  • Is it advisable to renovate an old house?
    Yes, it is advisable to renovate an old house as the structure is already weak. However, expect that it is also expensive and more tedious.
  • How much will it cost to renovate a house in the Philippines in 2024?
    Costs range from PHP 8,000 for minor fixes to PHP 5 million for major renovations of a 100-square meter property
  • In what order should you renovate a house?
    We suggest that you start with the bathrooms and kitchen. These areas need to be cleaned all the time. They can also be the most expensive, as there is plumbing in these rooms.
  • Room renovation cost in the Philippines: what is the cost range?
    A budget of PHP 80,000 to PHP 300,000 should suffice, depending on the room's size.
  • What does a major renovation involve and its cost?
    Major renovations change the entire structure, requiring at least PHP 3 million, with potential costs up to PHP 5 million for a 100-square meter property.
  • What should I inspect before buying an old house for renovation?
    Check the foundations, assess the plumbing, and ensure your design vision aligns with the property's conditions. Weak foundations might necessitate demolishing the house for newer, stronger ones.
  • Is renovating cheaper than buying a new house in the Philippines?
    While new homes might be cheaper, their locations might be inconvenient. Renovating an old house in key cities can be more practical, albeit potentially costlier

Final Thoughts

Home renovation is a big undertaking, and it will cost you money. There is no single answer or standard cost to it because the price you have to pay depends on what you want to do. When renovating a house, it is best to consult with friends and family members and ask for recommendations. And don’t forget, if you need quick financial assistance for urgent repair ideas – you can always take out a no-interest loan at Digido.

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