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In this article you will learn all about BPI credit cards, their pros, cons and peculiarities of use. However, the bank has high requirements and not all people can get a BPI credit card.
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How to Apply for BPI Credit Card

Last updated: July 2, 2024

Written by: Digido Financial Writers Team | Reviewed by: Anna Kireeva

Key takeaways:

  • BPI Credit Cards constitute one of the most convenient financial services in the Philippines.
  • With credit cards, it’s much easier to plan your purchases, travel, and pay bills.
  • However, not all people can score a BPI classic credit card. There are restrictions on age, income, and other reasons for refusal.
  • If you’re unable to source a credit card, a Digido loan will help you. You can receive funds in your bank account and make purchases online without leaving your home

A credit card is a popular financial tool that enables cashless payments for any goods and services both online and offline in virtually any sales outlet. Not only it opens you access to expensive purchases without spending all your savings right away, but it also helps you save an extra peso or two thanks to perks and promotions offered by the bank’s partners in retail and service business. In addition to the financial benefits, it confers a pleasant sense of security and confidence: no matter what happens, you can rely on your rainy day fund in the form of this stylish plastic card.

Read this article about BPI cards to learn about what you should do to get it, what the requirements are, and if there are any better alternatives.

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Eligibility Criteria for a BPI Credit Card

The basic eligibility means your age, citizenship, employment, and income:

  • The youngest age to apply for a BPI credit card is 21.
  • You must have a job or own a business, with the income starting from PHP 15,000 a month.
  • By the time you apply for a BPI card, you must have an employment track record of at least two years. An exception can be made for employees of one of the top 1000 companies with monthly income of more than PHP 20,000.

Corporations may also apply for BPI Corporate Cards, which they provide to authorized representatives. If you are an authorized representative, you must be able to present a document from your employer as proof.

bpi credit card for beginners

BPI Credit Card Requirements

To apply for a BPI credit card as a beginner, you must provide:

  • An application form completed with your personal details. You can download it from BPI website.
  • A copy of your valid ID with a photo. It could be your passport, driver’s license or one of the documents in the list provided in the credit card application form.
  • Proof of income. It includes ITRs, payslips for 2 months and certificates of employment. Refer to the full list of documents in the application form and choose those corresponding to your employment status.

Submit your application form and paperwork online. To track its status, you can either call (+632) 889-10000 at BPI 24-hour hotline or log in Online Banking. While using the app, go to Other Services > Application Status Inquiry > Credit Card to see how it’s going.
If you already have a card with another bank for a year or longer, you can simply specify the bank name and card number to BPI.

Take note that depending on the card you are applying for, BPI requires a different monthly salary. For example, if you want to apply for a Gold Mastercard, you must be able to prove that you are earning at least PHP 40,000 per month. If you want to know how to borrow in BPI, go to the official website of the bank.

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Types of BPI Credit Cards

There are many different types of BPI credit cards. Most credit cards provided by BPI feature such benefits as a foreign exchange rate starting from 1.85%, withdrawal of credit limit of up to 30%, rewards points that you can exchange into traveling miles, shopping credits, and gift certificates from partner stores. Virtually all BPI cardholders gain access to exclusive offers from bank partners, with an option to extend the repayment period up to 36 months.

Let’s take a look at the current BPI credit card list.

  • BPI VISA Signature offers up to 50% discounts on trips, HoReCa and sport services. Other BPI credit card benefits include access to comfortable waiting rooms at airports and diverse privileges for cardholders who travel internationally.
  • BPI Platinum Rewards Card goes with insurance that protects your purchases from theft and accidental damage for six months.
  • This BPI MasterCard credit card is also designed with travelers in mind: it offers exclusive access to 1,300 airport lounges all over the world, travel insurance with up to PHP 10 mln. coverage, and interest-free installments on air tickets for half a year. Holders of this card also enjoy premium service level in BPI.
  • BPI Amore Platinum Cashback Card is a godsend for avid shoppers. It provides 4% cashback for food delivery and restaurants, 1% cashback in chosen stores, and 0.3% for all other items. Unique offers of Ayala Malls, as well as different installment plans, including Buy Now Pay Later program, will be available to you.
  • BPI Gold Rewards Card offers up to PHP 10 mln. coverage of travel insurance and an opportunity to withdraw up to 70 % of your credit limit.
  • BPI Amore Cashback is a Visa card that allows receiving cashback from everyday shopping. With this card, you’ll get 4% cashback when buying at supermarkets, 1% cashback in drug stores, and 0.3% cashback from any other local shopping.
  • BPI Rewards Card is an omni-purpose Mastercard credit card. Shoppers will appreciate exclusive offers from retailers and restaurants, while travelers will benefit from free insurance with up to PHP 2 mln. coverage.
  • Petron BPI Card is a BPI Mastercard card made specifically for car drivers. This card offers 3% rebate on fuel with the annual limit of PHP 15,000 and a PHP 200 fuel voucher as a gift for new cardholders.
  • BPI Edge Card is a universal BPI credit card for beginners by Mastercard that makes everyday life easier in different ways. The specific feature of this card is that its fee is charged on a monthly, and not yearly basis.
  • BPI eCredit Card is an additional credit card designed for online shopping. It supplements your principal credit card, has lower spending sub limits you can adjust, and doesn’t have annual fees.
  • BPI Corporate Card is a payment solution for companies. With this card, organizations can gain 360∘ control over their expenses, generate cost reports to distribute their expenses over time with zero- or low-interest installments, and increase repayment periods for up to 50 days. Another bonus is exemption from a withholding tax.

What is BPI Credit Card Interest Rate

According to Circular No. 1165 issued by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the maximum interest rate regulated banks may charge on the credit card debt comes up to 3% per month or 36% per year (1). BPI’s nominal monthly interest rate is 3%, and the effective one is 2.73%.

Keep in mind that BPI charges other credit card fees, such as:

  • Cash advance fee of PHP 200 per transaction
  • Account maintenance fee that varies from PHP 50 up to 200 per month
  • Card replacement fee of PHP 400

BPI credit card fees are a complicated matter. To be on the safe side, please invest your time in examining all nuances of interest rates and fees before you apply for a credit card.

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How much is the BPI credit card annual fee?

The amount that the bank charges you for a year of its operational services depends on the kind of BPI credit card you own. To make the cards’ key features appear more clearly, we’ve summarized the insurance benefits, rewards points and annual fees of the BPI credit cards in the one table.

Credit card Annual fee, PHP  BPI rewards points Issuer Insurance benefits Min. monthly income, PHP Purpose
BPI VISA Signature Card 5,500 2 points / PHP 20 VISA Yes 100,000 omni-purpose
BPI Amore Platinum Cashback Card 5,000 N/a VISA N/a  80,000 shopping 
BPI Platinum Rewards Card 4,000 2 points / PHP 30 spent locally and PHP 20 abroad and online Mastercard Yes 80,000 traveling 
BPI Gold Rewards Card 2,250 1 point / PHP 35 Mastercard Yes 40,000 omni-purpose
BPI Amore Cashback Card 2,050 N/a Visa N/a 15,000 shopping
BPI Rewards Card 1,550 1 point / PHP 35 Mastercard  Yes 15,000 omni-purpose
Petron BPI Card 1,550 Mastercard  N/a 15,000 fuel expenses
BPI Edge Card 110/


1 point / PHP 50 Mastercard N/a 15,000 omni-purpose for beginners
BPI eCredit Card Free N/a Visa N/a N/a online shopping
BPI Corporate Card 1,700 N/a Mastercard N/a N/a corporate expenses 

BPI credit card comparison table

Please note that BPI Blue and Gold Mastercard credit cards, as well as BPI express credit cards are no longer available on the website. The BPI credit cards ― Gold Vs Blue ― are now called BPI Rewards Gold and BPI Rewards

How to Pay BPI Credit Card

Paying your installments on schedule is a must, otherwise you will be charged a late fee of at least PHP 850. You may opt for any convenient channel to pay for your BPI credit card:

  • Visit a BPI branch to make payments in cash or by drawing checks payable to BPI along with your customer number.
  • If you have a BPI deposit account, you can pay through ATMs, mobile banking, or set up an auto-debit arrangement.
  • Cash payments are also accepted at Bayad Center Stores, ECPay Merchant Partners and SM Bills Payment Counters nationwide. Don’t forget to indicate your customer or card number while making a transfer.

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BPI Credit Card Contact Number

There are two main methods to contact the BPI in regards to your credit card. The domestic toll-free BPI number is 1-800-188-89-100. You can call free of charge, only if you have a landline from PLDT. If you are calling either from a mobile device or from abroad, the number to call is (+632) 889-10000.
If you want to find out the status of your BPI credit card application or have a quick question about credit terms, there is also a contact form and an online chat on the bank’s webpage.

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Who Can’t Get a BPI Credit Card?

Now, even if BPI is a big banking institution, it still has to mitigate risks. What this means is that not everyone who applies for a credit card will get one.

Here are some reasons why a person cannot get a BPI credit card online or even in personal applications:

  1. You live more than 30 km away from the BPI branch. BPI covers only people that they can find; you have to live close to them because they cover certain jurisdictions.
  2. You can’t come to the office and sign documents. Even if you send your application via mail or email, you have to go to the office and sign the documents. They will need your photos, and these photos must match your face. This is a standard to prevent identity theft.
  3. Your annual income is less than 180,000 pesos. You must also meet an annual gross salary to ensure that you have the capacity to pay.
  4. You cannot provide documents to confirm employment. Since you are applying for a credit card, you need to prove you have a stable source of income from which you will derive your payment source.

BPI Credit Card Alternatives

As you can see, it can be a little tough to get approved for a credit card.
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Unlike banks, you do not have to appear in person. All you need to do to request a loan from Digido is to submit an online application and scanned copies of your documents. We only require 1 government valid ID. The approval process takes around 10 minutes.

What are the advantages of Digido online loans?

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To Sum Up

A BPI credit card is a great financial resource that comes in handy when you need extra funds for whatever purpose, while allowing you to enjoy additional perks such as cashback, gift certificates and BPI partners’ exclusive offers depending on the card type. Before selecting your credit card, read BPI credit card terms and conditions carefully, especially if this is your first card. If you do not match the credit card emittance requirements, remember that there is an alternative of sourcing an online loan from Digido.


  • How can I check my BPI credit card balance?
    You can do it via BPI Online and Mobile, ATMs and Cash Accept Machines (CAMs).
  • Which is the best BPI credit card?
    For first-time card users, credit cards with low interest rates and annual fees are best.
  • How much is the annual fee for BPI credit card?
    The first year the service is free, starting from the second year it costs Php 1,350.
  • What is the best BPI credit card for beginners?
    You can start with a card that you can source with a minimum confirmed income of PHP 15,000 per month. As of December 2023, these are BPI Amore Cashback Card, BPI Rewards Card, Petron BPI Card and BPI Edge Card.
  • How to use BPI credit cards?
    As you can see, using BPI credit cards goes beyond merely borrowing a sum of money from the bank. With BPI credit card perks and bonuses you can use depending on your lifestyle and preferences, these different BPI credit cards turn into a state-of-the-art tool that makes your life full of privileges of your choice.

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