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How much is Cremation in the Philippines

Last updated: April 12, 2024
Written by: Alyssa Divina | Reviewed by: Anna Kireeva

Key takeaways:

  • The price range for cremation costs varies to the kind
    of services rendered and the location of the crematorium services
  • Cremation is considered to be a good way of honoring a loved one
  • The most crucial step is to discuss it with family members, the next
    of kin will have to sign the permission for the process to take place
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Death is just as important as birth. If you have been given a life, it will eventually be taken from you. Death will always come when the time comes. Dying can be expensive and usually, the financial burden lies with the family of the deceased. Nowadays, avoiding the preparation for death is not practical and responsible. That is why it is important to come to terms with death by preparing for your own death in advance. This will result in relieving the decision-making burden of your loved ones and create opportunities for an end of a life filled with peace.

Like any other culture, Filipinos give importance to honoring their dead through prayers and burial rituals. It is common for the family of the deceased to have their relatives, friends and community to come and participate, giving comfort at their time of bereavement. Although the in-ground and above ground are the most popular forms of burial practices, many Filipinos are slowly accepting the cremation of their dead.

The use of incineration as a way of disposing of a dead body has been in practice way back in ancient times. It is not a new concept. Nowadays, with the help of science, people are aware of its advantages. As shown during the pandemic, the imposition of cremation is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease and to adhere to the nationwide community lockdowns. Not to forget the other equally important aspect of incinerating the dead body, people are becoming responsive for the conservation of the environment. These include proper utilization of natural resources and avoidance of pollutants such as chemicals used in the embalming process.

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Traditional Burial vs. Cremation

Traditional burials are always slower than cremations. If you state your desire for disposition of your dead body through incineration before your death, you may save time, effort, and money. There is no need for embalming and a coffin.

How much is Cremation in the PhilippinesYou will also be conserving resources such as metal, wood, and stone, utilizing less power, and cutting costs by not using a casket. And land space is expensive nowadays as there is already a shortage of burial grounds in some parts of the country.
The price range for cremation cost in the Philippines varies mostly due to the kind of services rendered and location of the crematorium services. Some funeral homes include complete service with an urn and a few days of viewing while others include all expenses such as storage, chapel rental, cemetery plot rental, transportation, and actual burial services. Also, the price of coffins depends on the materials used and there are funeral parlors that offer the cheapest wood coffins with little or no design at all.

The price range of the incineration process in the Philippines is around Php 40,000 to Php 100,000 with an average cost of Php 60,000 while the average cost of a simple burial is around Php 150,000. Coffins range in price from P20,000 to P110,000 and metal caskets are around P37,000 to P105,000. The rising trend in cremation has dismissed the long-held belief that the cost of cremation is high compared to traditional burial. Here, the cost of cremation is lower and more affordable.

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How much is Cremation in the Philippines

The cremation price in the Philippines varies depending on the crematorium and location.To get the best offer, shop around and make comparisons among the numerous funeral parlors in your area. The following are sample expenses for how much cremate packages are in the La Loma Memorial Cremation and Funeral Services.

Full Body  Php 16,000  Free 1 urn and 1 powdered bone pouch
Senior Citizen  Php 12,800  Discounted price for senior citizens, free 1 urn and 1 powdered bone pouch
Fetus (1 year old and below) Php 10,500  Discounted price with free urn
Purchase of Additional Bone Box Php 1,500 No features
Remains Pick Up
Within Caloocan
Outside Caloocan 

Php 8,000
Php 10,000 -12,000 
No features
Within Caloocan
Outside Caloocan

Php 2,500
Php 4,000 
No features
Wake Chapel
Per day 
Php 800
– Php 4,000 
No features
Full Body Crypt Interment
On weekends
On weekdays and holidays 

Php 13,000
Php 16,000 
No features
Promo for senior citizen
Interment of full body on weekends
On weekdays and holidays 

Php 10,400 

Php 12,800 
No features


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What Documents are Needed for Cremation

The cost to be cremated also includes other important expenses. There are documents required to be accomplished before and after the cremation process. It is advisable for the applicants to ask the help of funeral directors for practicality. The cost of obtaining these documents may or may not be included in the total cremation cost in the Philippines.

A single copy of a PSA death certificate costs Php365.00, which includes courier and service fees.

The cremation permit costs Php 100. (Php 50 is for the Registration Fee while Php 50 is for the Cremation Permit Fee).

Permit to transport human remains by domestic shipment costs Php 200.00 while foreign shipment where human remains are shipped out of the country is Php 500.00. It is an offense by law to exhume any human remains or cremated remains without first obtaining the necessary permission. A license must be obtained from the Ministry of Justice. However, It doesn’t say how much the license fee is.

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The most Famous Crematoriums in the Philippines and their prices

Here is a list of some of the most popular and often utilized crematoriums in the country including their cremation price in the Philippines.

Crematorium COST
St Peter’s Php 30,000 to Php180,000
Golden Haven Memorial Park, Las Pinas City, Metro Manila Php 65,000
Heritage Park Fort Bonifacio Php 157,000 to Php 240,000
Loyola Memorial Park’s Php 46,000

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Cremation Planning Tips

Once you have decided to opt for cremation, the most important step is to discuss it with family members, the next of kin will have to sign the permission for the process to take place. Tell your family what you like to do and make a written record of your wishes.

Then speak with and ask for professional help, they will be able to guide and give important answers to your questions and concerns.

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The average cost of a cremation with all services in the Philippines is about PHP60,000 and the average cost of the simplest funeral is about PHP150,000. This is why cremation is so common here.

It is important to include affordability as an important factor in all your decisions. Cremation proved to be the best option for various reasons and is considered to be a good way of honoring a loved one. Remember, the bereaved members of the family may not be capable of organizing the cremation process. That is why planning ahead of time is very important.

One of the best gifts you can leave your loved ones is for them to be financially stable while still in mourning.

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  • How much is the cheapest cremation in the Philippines?
    The cheapest cremation costs around PHP 12,800. The net amount is after senior citizen deductions from La Loma Memorial Cremation and Funeral Homes. You may be charged a lesser amount when the body is cremated shortly after passing and there will be no embalming and viewing or visitation. But if there is whole body donation, the process will be of no cost.
  • How long does cremation in the Philippines take?
    Organizing a simple cremation and repatriation usually takes 2-3 business days.
  • Can I carry a human ashes on an airplane?
    You can travel with the remains in checked luggage, or in carry-on luggage, to protect the contents from the risks associated with checked luggage.
  • How long can I keep the ashes of the deceased at home?
    Storage of ashes at home is not limited in time, as you can bury ashes in the cemetery or make a memorial decoration.
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