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In this article, you will learn how to survive the most difficult time for every Filipino – Petsa de peligro days. You can save and budget, but if you don’t have enough money, come to Digido for an emergency loan up to 25,000 pesos. Digido approves more than 90% of applications!

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Best Tips for Survive Petsa de Peligro

Last updated: April 18, 2024

Written by: Digido Financial Writers Team | Reviewed by: Anna Kireeva

Key takeaways:

  • “Petsa de peligro” is what the Philippines call the days leading up to the next paycheck.
  • In this article, we give financial tips on how to survive Petsa de peligro.
  • If you are in dire financial straits, Digido can help you.

It is not unusual around the world that we live from one paycheck to another. In our beloved country, the days leading to the next paycheck are called β€œpetsa de peligro.”

It is a Spanish phrase. The petsa de peligro meaning is:

Petsa – date
De – of
Peligro – danger

It is called so because as the day of the next paycheck draws near, our funds are also almost depleted. Today, let us talk more about this phenomenon and how you can find solutions for it.

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What is Petsa de Peligro in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, the typical payday is every 15th and the last day of the month. Once you receive your salary, you have to wait for two more weeks to get your next one. Before the two weeks are over, it is likely that your salary is almost gone.


Because you have to pay your bills, eat every day, pay for other expenses, and so much more. Petsa de peligro happens because the salary in the Philippines is low. So, it is not unusual for the ordinary Filipino to experience this.

Tips how to Survive Petsa de Peligro

Since almost every Filipino goes through this dreaded date, here are some petsa de peligro tips that will help you avoid it.

1. Make a budget

The first thing you have to do is to make a budget. A budget is a plan that tells you how you should spend your money. Know how much money is regularly coming in, then decide how it has to be spent. List down the cost of your expenses, and see where you can cut down.

A budget must also tell you how much is left after all the expenses are paid. Here is an example of a budget for one month:

Rent – β‚±8,000;
Utilities – β‚±4,000;
Food – β‚±10,000;
Tuition – β‚±3,000;
Transportation – β‚±3,000.

As you can see, the total expense for this household is β‚±28,000. If you are earning β‚±40,000, then you still have β‚±12,000 left.

The problem with many people is that since they know that they still have β‚±12,000, they will find all sorts of ways to spend. They will shop online on Amazon or Lazada, or go to the mall and buy things they don’t really need. Now, if your salary is less than your expenses, this is where you need to tighten your belt. You have to find ways to reduce your expenses. The sad fact is that you cannot afford it, so you better find ways to cut down on your lifestyle.

2. Stick to the budget

Once you have created a plan, you have to stick to it. A budget that is not adhered to is nothing more than a list on paper. This is one of the difficult things to do to avoid petsa de peligro. We are often tempted to go over budget. If the budget for food is only β‚±5,000 per month, then stick to that. What it means is that you have to divide that into 15 days, and make sure you do not spend more than that.

3. Track your spending

You have to list down your expenses every day and then categorize them properly. This way, you know how much you spent, and you would find out if you succeeded in sticking to your budget.

If you know how to use Excel, then we strongly recommend that you create an expenses tracker. If you don’t, there are apps out there that you can use to track your expenses. These are mobile apps that are free to use. They automatically generate graphs and charts to help you see where your money has gone.

Why is this important? If you know where your money has gone, you will be able to manage your finances. For example, if you spent too much on electricity this month, you can do something about it.

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4. Make savings a priority

When you make your budget, you have to ensure that you save at least 20% of your income. It has to be done – this is the only way you can avoid petsa de peligro. Sure, 20% may be too high. If it is, then start at 5%, then raise it to 10%. Soon, you will be able to save enough money where you can withdraw if you are financially tight. Just a word here: if you save money, do not look for ways to spend it. Your savings should be there in standby if there is an emergency.

5. Invest for the long term

Apart from saving money, you also have to invest in the long term. What you have to do is to look for investment options that have low-risk. For example, you can invest your money in mutual funds. There are many companies in the Philippines that allow you to save money on a monthly basis.

The funds you save will be used for investment, and you will earn interests. Many of these also have life insurance that comes with the package.

6. Avoid spending

The last tip we have for you is to avoid frivolous spending. No, you do not need to drink expensive coffee every day. You also do not need a new phone case.

If you are earning money, what you want to do is to preserve it, not waste it. The main problem why people go through petsa de peligro is not the money they earn, but the money they spend. Too many times, people spend because they feel good about themselves after spending. Ρ‚Do not be like these people. You have to fight the urge of spending. There is no need to keep up with the Joneses. Keep your money and invest them wisely. The feeling of euphoria after spending is fleeting – it does not last long. There is also no need to impress people. What you have to focus on is your future. All of us will grow old. One day, we will not be able to work anymore. Without savings for retirement, you will be in petsa de peligro for the remaining days of your life.

These tips are effective ways of managing your money. If you do not make a conscious effort to manage your funds, you will be experiencing petsa de peligro all the time.

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  • Is it worth going to a pawn shop in Petsa de Peligro?
    We wouldn't advise it. Because if you don't buy back the collateral in time, you will lose the valuable thing. It is better to take out an unsecured loan.
  • Why is Petsa de peligro so popular in the Philippines?
    This is because financial education is very low in the Philippines. Most people go broke at the end of the month for two reasons. First, they immediately spend all the money they have in their pockets. Second, saving at least a minimal percentage of one's salary is not common.
  • Is it possible to avoid Petsa de peligro?
    Of course! Revisit your budget and use our money-saving tips.

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How to Deal with the Petsa de Peligro?

The best way to deal with petsa de peligro is to avoid it. Make sure that you are financially aware of where you stand. Manage your expenses on a daily basis and try not to buy stuff that you do not really need. Filipinos are resilient people. It is not unusual to see petsa de peligro tips memes in social media. For example, there are photos of empty wallets that have the label β€œThe None,” which is a meme that takes after the horror movie, β€œThe Nun.”

Which takes us to another tip: find ways to smile. Petsa de peligro happens all the time, but you have to look into a bright future. Put a smile on your face and be positive. Even if the band aid price in the Philippines gets high, which is a sign of inflation, there is hope for you.

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Emergency Financial Aid

If you are running short of cash and the payday is still a week away, your only course of action is to borrow money. Sadly, the people you know may also be in the same situation.

While you could borrow from a bank, it is not likely that you get approved. It is also not wise to pawn your items. In this case, we recommend that you get a loan from Digido.

Digido is a company that offers loans.

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Petsa de peligro can be avoided. While it is natural for us, Filipinos, to experience it, there are many ways by which you can fight it. Follow the tips we have shared above, and make sure you follow them.

If your financial situation is tight, you have Digido to help you. It is a great company that aims to help the Filipino masses to get by. Try applying for a loan in Digido if you are short in cash – you may get approved in as short as 30 minutes.

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