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7-Eleven Payment Services Guide

Last updated: March 28, 2024

Written by: Digido Financial Writers Team | Reviewed by: Anna Kireeva

Key takeaways:

– The 7-Eleven bill payment service is easy to use.
– The service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
– You can pay your Digido loan with 7-Eleven

When you hear the words “convenience store”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For sure, you would answer 7-Eleven. Here in the Philippines, 7-Eleven is one of the well-known stores that Filipinos of all ages love to hang around. It’s the place where friends meet up, students grab quick lunch and people stop by to purchase some stuff. As a one-stop store of goods, 7-Eleven has proved its mission of providing modern convenience to everyone.

How to Pay a Loan to Digido Using 7-Eleven

When paying a loan to Digido, you can use the CliQQ Kiosk Machine or CliQQ app to generate a barcode. Here are the simple steps to pay your loan through 7-Eleven:

Step 1

Open your Digido app or log into digido.ph. Take note of your Lifetime ID located at your online account dashboard or on your Contract/Promissory Note. Typically, it begins with “RB” or “RC”. This will serve as your reference number when paying at 7-Eleven.


Step 2

Go to the nearest 7-Eleven branch and proceed to the CliQQ Kiosk Machine to generate the barcode slip. Click here to view all 7-Eleven branches.

Step 3

On the CliQQ Machine, tap “Bills Payment” on the screen, then “More Billers”.

Step 4

Tap “Loans”, then find and choose “Dragon Loans“.

Step 5

Enter your Lifetime ID that you can easily find on your online account dashboard or on your Contract/Promisory note, your lifetime ID usually starts with “RB or RC” Example: RB123456. Still need help? Contact us via chat, support@digido.ph or by calling the hotline number.
After reference number, put in your active mobile number. Then, put in the amount of your payment, make sure to put the exact amount to avoid penalties caused by remaining amounts on your account. Since Digido is automated, a remaining .50 can be a cause of a penalty. Contact us if you don’t know the exact amount of your dues.

Step 6

Enter your active mobile number again for confirmation. A summary of your payment will appear, double check every details to avoid any inconveniences.

Step 7

A print-out summary of your payment will appear, double check every details to avoid any inconveniences. Get your payment print-out and proceed to the cashier for the payment..


Step 8

The cashier will now scan your payment print-out, hand over the payment and ask for your receipt. For safety purposes, please keep your receipts with you incase your payment will not be posted, you can send it to our Customer service team to validate your receipt and post your payment on your account.

For questions call us at (02) 8876-84-84

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About 7-Eleven

Did you know that before 7-Eleven reached this level of success, it had been a seller of ice blocks? You read it right – 7-Eleven used to be a seller of ice blocks. This concept of convenience store started in 1927 in Dallas, Texas. John Jefferson Green, an employee of Southland Ice Company, started selling eggs, milk, and bread in the evenings and on Sundays. He thought that selling these products would lessen the need for customers to travel to grocery stores. It was Joe C. Thompson, Sr., one of the founding directors of Southland Ice, who allowed this idea.
Eventually, many customers patronized their retail products. Thompson bought the ice company and turned it into a corporation. In 1928, they opened stores in several Dallas areas, naming them Tote’m Stores. To attract even more customers, they placed a genuine totem pole from Alaska in front of some of their stores.

Tote’m Stores became 7-Eleven in 1946 when the store started operating seven days a week from 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. With its success, it became one of the largest chain stores in the world. The company name eventually changed from “the Southland Corporation” to “7-Eleven Inc.” The very first 7-Eleven in the Philippines launched on February 29, 1984, at the corner of Edsa, Quezon City. And accordingly, there are more than 2,200 7-Eleven stores now in the country.
7-Eleven continues to improve and develop, keeping its promise of modern convenience. They follow the trend and offer services to their customers, not just retail products. Today, you can also pay bills at any 7-Eleven Bayad Center nationwide.

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  • How do I withdraw money from my CLiQQ?
    Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw cash from your CLiQQ wallet.
  • How do I pay my electricity bill at 7 Eleven?
    Yes, you can pay your electricity bills using your CLiQQ app.
  • Where can I pay CLiQQ?
    You can pay your bills using the CLiQQ mobile app. Simply tap "Pay bills" and search for the service you want. Pay your bill in the app or present the generated barcode to any 7-Eleven cashier and pay in cash.

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What Bills Can You Pay at 7-Eleven Philippines?

There are more than 250 billers affiliated in the 7-Eleven bills payment in the Philippines. For the ease of payment, 7-Eleven arranged the billers available into different categories. Some of them include:

  • Aid (Asian Center Mission, CBN Asia, Dragon Charity, Give a Love, Operation Blessing etc)
  • Cable TV (Asian Vision Cable, Central Luzon Cable, Easy TV, SKY Cable, Cignal, CableLink, Forest Lake, Connext Marketing etc)
  • E-Commerce (Lazada, Carousell, Netflix Dragonpay, Dragonpay, Shopee etc)
  • Internet (Now Corporation, Bicore, Woofy, Integranet Network Services, Converge)
  • Loans and Credits ( Unionbank, Home Credit, Global SME Loans, Maybank, CIMB Bank, Digido etc)
  • Credit Cards (BPI Credit Card, Metrobank, Robinsons Bank Credit Card, Security Bank, Asia United Bank etc)
  • Insurance (Medicard, Cocolife, AXA, Insular Life, Connext Marketing etc)
  • Tuition (AMA, ICCT Colleges, Dragon Schools, PhilSmile etc)
  • E-Pins (Level Up, Garena, Game Club, Steam, Allserve)
  • Games or Pins (Gold Eagle Gaming, GameTime, Dragon Games)
  • Transpo or Toll (Easytrip, Grab, Auto Sweep RFID, Dibble, Barkota Online)
  • Airlines (Philippine Airlines,Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Royal Air, Tiger Air)
  • Electric Utilities (First Bay Power Corp, PRESCO,PENELCO,Davao Light, Lima Enerzone)
  • Government Agencies ( BIR, SSS, DTI, NBI, Pag-Ibig Fund, Marina, MYEG PH, PEZA, PRC, POEA)
  • Other Collection Agencies ( Firstmetrosec, San Miguel Foods, Agoda, Megasaver, Magnolia)
  • Telecommunications (SMART, PLDT, SUN, Globe, Bayan Telecommunications)
  • Water Utilities (Calasiao Water, First Peak, Maynilad, PrimeWater, LCWD)

You can pay your bills, make transactions, or purchase other services with the use of their CliQQ Kiosk Machine. Additionally, you can purchase prepaid mobile load, e-Money to add funds to your eWallet, and send money through Pera Padala.

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CliQQ by 7-Eleven bills payment

If you have already visited any 7-Eleven store, you probably know about the CliQQ Kiosk Machine. And as mentioned above, customers can make transactions through the CliQQ Machine. It has the complete 7-Eleven bills payment list, and you can also purchase other services through it.
But essentially, CliQQ is 7-Eleven’s loyalty reward program. Using the CliQQ card linked to the mobile app, you can earn points and redeem them in exchange for rewards. And since 7-Eleven aims to provide modern convenience, CliQQ also follows the trend of people’s needs. CliQQ now offers a lot of services to the customers, not just bills payment and various loyalty rewards.
Today, there is also CliQQgrocery where customers can shop online through the CliQQgrocery website. This service is available 24/7, with a wide variety of products picked up from the 7-Eleven store near you. There is no delivery fee, and you can earn 20% bonus CliQQ points for every order. However, this service is only within the Metro Manila area.
Additionally, CliQQ also has eWallet. The CliQQ Wallet of 7-Eleven makes it easier for the customer to generate barcodes. Instead of going to the CliQQ Kiosk Machine, you can generate the barcode straight from your phone. Then, you can present this barcode to the 7-Eleven cashier for payment.

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7-Eleven Bills Payment Charges

Typically, there is a convenience fee added when using the barcode generated in the CliQQ Kiosk Machine at 7-Eleven stores. The amount varies based on the billing details. It usually ranges around Php 10. But if you generate a barcode using CliQQ app, there will be no added service fee on the total payment.

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Pros and Cons of 7-Eleven Bills Payment

Of course, all products and services, whatever industry they belong to, have their advantages and disadvantages. And 7-Eleven bills payment service is no exemption. Here are the pros and cons of the store’s bills payment.


· 7-Eleven bills payment service is easy to use and very accessible.
· There are a lot of bill payment categories to choose from.
· The service is open 24/7.
· The payment transfer is real-time.


· You cannot use the CliQQ Kiosk Machine offline, the same is with the CliQQ app. When using the CliQQ app, you must turn on the Wi-Fi or your mobile data.
· There are times that your barcode will fail to generate when using the machine or mobile app. You need to repeat the process when it happens.
· The CliQQ app is only for generating a barcode. In the Philippines, you cannot pay directly using the CliQQ app. You still need to go to the 7-Eleven store to pay the bill in cash.

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