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Who can get a Digido loan?

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Last updated: March 20, 2023
Written by: Joshua Morales | Reviewed by: Mark Anthony

Key takeaways:

  • Fast loans are very popular in Manila.
  • There are many companies where you can get a loan, but online loans are especially in demand right now.
  • We recommend Digido to get a quick loan in Manila.
  • You can get up to 25,000 pesos without going to the office.

A loan is a common part of life. We do not really know when we will face emergencies, and it is a good thing that there are financial institutions in Manila and the rest of the Philippines that can lend a helping hand in times of need. Today, we will take a look at the loan situation in Manila and the rest of the country. By the end of this loan tutorial, you should have a clear perspective about loans and be ready with your documents.

Quick cash loan in Manila

A quick cash loan in Manila is a kind of loan where you do not have to go through a long process. These loans typically do not require a collateral, and you can get approved or denied in as short as 24 hours. While many Philippine banks offer personal loans, we still cannot categorize them as quick cash loans. Many banks offer personal loans, but these loans take at least a week to get approved. Besides, they ask too many questions, and the way you answer these questions will affect how they decide about your loan application.

So, what is the alternative? The alternatives are the following:

Lending corporations. It’s a good solution for people who need urgent money. But the interest here can be higher than at the bank.

Peer to peer lending companies online. The disadvantage of this type of credit is that there are many illegal companies that are not regulated by the government. You can get the money successfully, or you can get problems.

Pawnshops. It’s a good way out for people who have bail things out. But if you don’t return the loan, you’re going to lose those things.

We will take a look at some of these alternatives, and we hope that you get enlightened which one of them is the best.

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Digido Fast Loans in Manila

Digido is a Philippine company that is duly registered in the Philippines. It is an online loan company, and it provides loans in as short as 24 hours. But why use it?

Benefits of Digido Loans

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Digido loan terms

  1. Now, let us take a look at the terms of the loan if you apply at Digido. We will also try to compare these loans against other financial institutions.
  2. Loan terms. If you are the first borrower, you can borrow for 7 days. You will get approved in as short as 24 hours. Digido need to verify your identity — the company will do a background check. If you are a repeat borrower, you can choose any loan term from 7 to 30 days.
  3. Loan amount. If you are a first-time borrower, you can take a loan from ₱1,000 to ₱10,000. Digido currently offers an interest-free loan to its first borrowers. If you are a second time borrower, you can loan a maximum of ₱25,000. Depending on your performance, the company may consider you for a higher loan amount.
  4. Borrower requirements. You must be a Filipino citizen between the ages of 21 and 70, and have a steady income. If you plan to loan, you need to prepare the following documents:
  5. Government ID. This can be your SSS ID, driver’s license, or passport. This must be an ID issued by the government that bears your photo.

Supporting documents. You must also present supporting documents such as a certificate of employment, income tax return, or other documents that will prove your identity and capacity to pay.

These documents are only required if it is your first loan. If you have already paid back your first loan and you want to loan the second time around, you no longer need to present these documents. Just go on the website and apply for a new loan.

Take note that the company requires a bank account. This is how they will process your loan disbursement. For banks, it can take up to two business days before you receive the money. There are other methods where you can get your money such as through Cebuana or G-Cash. Cebuana is a nationwide pawnshop that also offers many other types of transactions. G-Cash, on the other hand, is a payment processor that is owned by one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Philippines, Globe Telecom.

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Why do people get personal loans online?

Types of lending company in Manila

Now, let us take a look at the different types of lending companies in Manila where you can get a loan.

Get a loan without collateralBanks – there are so many banks in Manila. The two biggest ones are BDO and BPI. Banks offer many kinds of loans, such as personal loan, housing loan, car loan, and so much more. The problem with banks is that they do not process loans as quickly as Digido. Also, they have a low approval rate.

Pawnshops – they give you a loan, but you pawn gold, equipment or other valuable thing. However, this ensures that if you default on your loan, the pawnshop can seize your asset and then sell it to recoup the money you did not pay. This is a tad dangerous, especially if you are filing a loan for emergency purposes. You see, you are looking for a loan because you do not have money. If you offer your property as a collateral, you may lose that property. It is always best to get a loan where you can pay the interests and yet the lending company in Metro Manila is not going to seize your property.

Private lenders – these are not exactly companies but people. These people could be your friends, relatives, or rich individuals who offer loans but not registered in the government as a loan company. These are sometimes called loan sharks. Such loans are not regulated by the government, which means they can break agreements and cheat you.

Fast Lending Companies – fast lending companies are like Digido. Their main business is to offer quick loans to people who need money. When lending in Manila or other places in the Philippines, they no longer ask for collateral.

So far, the best place to get a loan is fast lending companies like Digido. They do not ask for so many questions, and they are quick to respond. When they lend money online in Manila, they provide quick results. They take 1 day to approve someone who applied for a loan.

The other reasons why people apply for loans are car loans and home loans. These loans, however, are not offered by fast lending companies. You can only avail of these loans from banks. Some car dealers offer in-house financing — you no longer need a bank for a loan. If you are buying a house from a developer, you can also get a loan from them instead of the bank. However, you will be paying a higher interest rate.

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How to get approval for online loan in Manila?

How do you get approved if you file for a loan in Manila? Let us share you some good tips to get you started.

  1. Carefully select a lender. Before applying for a loan, you need to choose a money lender online. The way you choose should be based on the loan term and the interest rate. Naturally, you have to pick a lender that allows you to pay for a longer period of time with lesser interest. You also should to pick a lender that processes your loan quickly.
  2. Do not have debts to other banks. Although credit score is not a big thing in the Philippines like it is in the US, it still exists. You will find it difficult to get approved for a loan in the Philippines if you owe money to other institutions, especially banks. Banks here have a group, and they share information with each other. If you have an existing loan from one bank, the other banks may not approve you.
  3. Keep your documents in order. Your documents prove who you are. You need to have at least two government issued IDs. If you do not have one yet, you better go to SSS and get one. You should also get a passport and a driver’s license. You must also prepare documents that prove your billing and income. Here are some examples:
  • Billing statement from utility companies or credit card companies
  • Income tax return
  • Payslip
  • Certificate of employment from your company

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All loan companies will ask you for these things. You better prepare them now, not at the time you will apply for a loan.

Take as much as you can give away. You cannot loan millions of pesos of you are not earning the same. If you want to be approved for a loan, you have to borrow money that you can afford to pay. Although there is no golden rule about the percentage, the safe amount is no more than 30% of your net income. Loan approval is tough for banks, especially if you are applying for a big amount of money. The key to getting approved is ensuring that you have a good credit standing. If you have a credit card, you must pay it on time all the time.

You should also avoid applying for a loan if you still owe a bank money. Many loan companies, even those that are not banks, have an association where they can access your credit history. This is one of the things they will look at before approving you for a loan.

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  • Where can I get a loan of PHP 5000 in Manila?
    You can choose any of the official lending companies, the most important thing is to make sure that it is under the control of the state. We recommend Digido Lending Company.
  • Which type of loan in Manila is cheapest?
    Generally, secured loans are more advantageous than unsecured loans. However, quick loans without collateral and guarantors are much more affordable for Filipinos.
  • Can I get a loan in Manila with a low credit rating?
    Yes, you have that chance. Some lending companies may approve your loan for a small amount.


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Joshua Morales is the head of Customer Care Dept. and Online Sales Dept. of Digido Finance Corp. creating articles, blogs, and other learning mediums that helps Filipinos struggling on their financial literacy. Joshua also loves Cycling, Photography, Cinematography, Online gaming, Fine Arts, and dreams of becoming a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
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