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Seamen Salary and Ranks in Philippines

Last updated: March 28, 2024

Key takeaways:

  • Seamen are one of the highest paid workers in the world and their job is sought-after in the Philippines
  • The average salary of an ordinary seaman in the Philippines is PHP 47,168 per month, with an average of PHP 188 per hour or PHP 2,346 per day.
  • Women mostly work in the cruise and ferry sector as seawomen
  • Tanker vessel seamen earn an average monthly salary ranging from USD 3,100 to USD 15,400

How much is a Seaman's Salary in the Philippines

Do you know that a seaman is one of the highest paid workers in the world? No wonder it is one of the most sought-after jobs in the Philippines. Not only is the salary very satisfactory but you get to travel and see places around the world. Salaries on a per month basis are much bigger compared to land-based occupations. A seaman holding the position of a Master Mariner can earn as much as USD 1,000.00 for just one day!

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Seaman Ranks and Salary in the Philippines

Each company is offering different salaries for the seaman’s job. The average salary of seaman in Philippines is Php 188 per hour or Php 2, 346 per day.

  • The average seaman salary per month in Philippines is Php 47,168.
  • The average salary of an ordinary seaman is Php 26,975 monthly or Php 323,699 annually. Their average bonus is Php 7,510.
  • An entry level ordinary seaman salary Philippines is Php 20, 288 monthly or Php 243,459 annually.
  • A senior level ordinary Filipino seaman salary is Php 32,965 monthly or Php 395,579 annually.

Many are also interested to know how much is a seawoman salary. An early career ordinary seawoman with 1 to 4 years of experience earns about Php 150,000 annually, this includes bonus and overtime pay. Women mostly work in the cruise and ferries sector. Unfortunately, they are among the worst paid and least protected of jobs at sea.

The salary estimates were based on salary data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in the Philippines.

Seaman ranks and salary Philippines

Seaman Salary on Various Ships: Tankers and Dry Cargo Ships

Salary on Tanker Vessels

There are many different types of tanker vessels so you cannot pinpoint the exact wages for each kind. Below are the monthly salaries of seafarers in 4 different types of tanker vessels. It covers the wages of Filipinos and other nationalities. All figures are in US dollars (USD).

Rank Product Tanker Chemical VLCC LPG/LNG
Master 11,500-12,500 12,000-14,000 8,488-14,067 12,800-15,400
CH. Mate 8,000-11,500 10,500-11,444 8,000-11,062 10,900-12,000
2nd Mate 4,000-4,800 4,500 4,000-4,800 4,760-5,250
3rd Mate 3,300-3,800 3,500-4,420 3,100-3,800 3,500-4,500
CH. Engineer 11,200-12,000 12,800-13,880 10,500-13,200 12,300-15,141
2nd Engineer 8,000-11,062 10,200-11,400 10,400-10,400 9,900-12,300
3rd Engineer 4,000-4,800 4,200-5,259 4,000-4,800 4,760-5,250
4th Engineer 3,300-3,800 3,500-4,700 3,100-3,800 3,500-4,500
Gas Engineer 7,500-10,000
Electrician 3,200-3,600 4,000-6,500 3,500-6,010 6,000-8,100
PumpMan 2,250-2,500 2,250-2,900 2,250-2,500 2,500
Bosun 1950-2,500 2,000-2,600 1,950-2,500 2,300-2,500
Able (AB Seaman) 1,450-1,950 1,450-2,100 1,450-1,950 1,700-2,100
OS (Ordinary Seaman) 900-1,300 1,050-1,500 900-1,300 1,300-1,800
Fitter/Welder 1,950-2,500 2,100-2,500 1,950-2,500 2,000-2,500
Oiler 1,450-1,950 1,450-2,100 1,450-1,950 1,700-2,100
Wiper 900-1,300 1,050-1,500 900-1,300 1,300-1,800
Cook 1,750-2,300 1,875-2,500 1,750-2,300 1,800-2,500
Messman 1,450-1,950 1,450-2,500 1,450-1,950 1,300-1,950
Cadet 600-1,055 725-1,155 600-1,055 680-1,255

Seaman salary philippines

Wages on Dry Cargo Ships

Below is the salary of seafarers on dry cargo ships. This is applicable to Filipino seamen and other nationalities. All figures are in US dollars (USD).

Rank Bulk Container Car carrier Gen. cargo
Master 8,00-12,100 8,000-11,700 8,100-12,600 9,000-13000
CH. Mate 6,000-9,500 6,900-7,100 5,500-7,750 5,500-8,670
2nd Mate 2,500-3,500 2,700-3,700 3,200-4,500 2,500-4,500
3rd Mate 2,000-3,990 3,100-4,000 3,300-3,500 2,500-3,300
CH.Engineer 8,400-12,000 8,200-11,000 7,500-10,200 7,700-10,200
2nd Engineer 6,700-9,500 6,900-7,100 5,500-7,750 5,500-8,670
3rd Engineer 2,700-4,000 2,700-4,300 3,200-4,500 2,500-4,500
4th Engineer 2,200-3,000 2,000-3,200 2,200-3,200 2,500-3,150
Electrician 4,000-5,600 3,400,5,000 2,000-5,600 2,700-5,040
Bosun 1,600-1,900 1,600-1,900 1,600-2,000 1,600-1,800
AB(Able Seaman) 1,387-1,400 1,300-1,672 1,300-1,672 1,100-1,600
OS (Ordinary Seaman) 900-1,220 910-1,285 900-1,200 1,131-1,400
Fitter/Welder 1,650-1,900 1,636-1,850 1,600-2,000 1,636-2.201
Oiler 1,387-1,400 1.300-1,672 1,300-1,672 1,100-1,600
Wiper 900-1,220 910-1,285 900-1,220 1,141-1,400
Cook 1,600-1,988 1,632-1,900 1,600-2,000 1,400-2,600
Messman/2nd Cook 500-1,400 900-1,446 900-1,446 900-1,446
Cadet 200-750 400-650 400-650 250-700

The data for both tables are taken from:
Seaman’s Salary Per Monthly on International Ships – (1)

The sources of these figures are from various online communities, conversations and collective bargaining agreements found in web and company websites. The wages may change anytime.

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Seaman Salary at Different Companies in Manila, Philippines

Below are total pay estimates for seaman monthly salary at some companies located in Manila. The (AB) term after the companies means that the salary is for an able seaman.

List of companies in the Philippines Monthly salary per month
Marlow Navigation Php 20,000
TORM USD 1,070
Government of Canada (AB) Php 25,000
Kestrel Maritime (AB) Php 50,000
Prime Software Technologies (AB) Php 25,000
Southeast Asia Shipping (AB) Php 25,000
United Philippine Lines Php 60,000
Yes Marketing Php 20,000


Salary of ordinary seaman

Who Sets the Minimum Wage for Seamen?

The Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 provides that the basic pay or wages of an able seafarer for a calendar month of service should be no less than the amount periodically set by the Joint Maritime Commission (JMC) which is a bipartite standing body that provides advice to the Governing Body on maritime questions including standard setting for the shipping industry, or by another body authorized by the Governing Body of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Salary Increase of Seamen

The most recent statistics on salary increases in the maritime industry, specifically for seafarers, indicate a significant rise in wages. A new four-year labor contract, covering over 250,000 seafarers and encompassing more than 10,000 ships worldwide, has been established. Under this agreement, seafarers will experience a 6% wage increase over the next two years.

This increment is distributed as a 4% wage and compensation increase starting from January 1, 2024, followed by an additional 2% increase from January 1, 2025. The specifics for the pay deal and cost items for 2026-27 will be negotiated in 2025. This agreement represents a substantial advancement in terms of compensation and workplace improvements for seafarers globally. For more detailed information on these updates, you can refer to the sources like Maritime Executive​​ (2), Maritime Magazine​​ (3), and Marine Link​​ (4).

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Seaman’s Benefits in The Philippines

Aside from the high salary being offered to seamen in the Philippines, here are some benefits you can enjoy along with your job.

The Philippine government has given a guarantee that it will not take any tax from any remittance and salary from seamen. What you earn will be one hundred percent yours.

Opportunities to travel
Be a seaman and see the world. A seaman’s job affords you to travel to different countries, and for free. For every port your ship will dock, you will be given the chance to disembark for rest and recreation. This benefit is called shore leave. This short leave is good for morale and to re energize especially when you are on board for a long while. This also gives you the chance to meet people, immersed in different cultures and experience interesting places.

Generous leave or holiday periods
As seafarers are away from home for extended periods, they can also enjoy extended stay when they come home.

Transferable sea-gained skills
There are many career opportunities for shore-based management jobs which require people with seafarer’s experience.

Favorable long-term prospects
There is a predicted massive shortage, so the demand for more qualified ship’s officers to meet the skills required by international shipping companies will increase.

How To Get a Job as A Seaman

Tips: How To Get a Job as A Seaman

Here are suggested steps on how to become a Filipino seaman. You will start as an ordinary seaman and work up your way to an able seaman and make more money.

First, take the basic safety training (BST) course. This training includes training on fire prevention and firefighting, social and personal safety responsibility, first aid, and sea survival techniques. A certificate will be given after passing the training course.

It is recognized worldwide and allows you to work on ships. Some important documents to prepare include the seaman’s book and the Philippine passport. File your application through shipping agencies. Many agencies are recruiting and hiring seamen, so make sure to choose an agency that is licensed by POEA or the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. Even after employment, it is advisable to continue your training in order to grow in your job.


  • How much is the average seaman salary per month in the Philippines?
    The average seaman salary per month in the Philippines is around PHP 45,000 to PHP 50,000 (approximately $900 to $1,000).
  • What is the average salary of an ordinary seaman in the Philippines?
    The average salary of an ordinary seaman in the Philippines is around PHP 25,000 to PHP 30,000 (approximately $500 to $600) per month.
  • How much does a senior-level ordinary Filipino seaman earn annually?
    A senior-level ordinary Filipino seaman can earn around PHP 60,000 to PHP 70,000 (approximately $1,200 to $1,400) per month.
  • In what sector do most women work as seawomen, and how much do they earn compared to men?
    Most women work as seawomen in the cruise ship sector, and they earn similar salaries as men with the same experience and rank.


The Philippines is one of the countries that offer the best seamen. About one-fourth of seamen across the world are from the Philippines. Keep yourself informed and get details about the requirements of becoming a seaman. You also need to know about a seaman’s salary and benefits.

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