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All about BDO Teachers Salary Loan

Last updated: July 2, 2024

Written by: Digido Financial Writers Team | Reviewed by: Anna Kireeva

Key takeaways:

  • The BDO Network Bank is a community bank that aims to promote financial inclusion in the Philippines.
  • BDO DepEd Salary Loan is one of its important services to support the aspirations and needs of teachers and other non-teaching personnel of DepEd.
  • With the cooperation of the Department of Education, the Automatic Payroll Deduction System was included which is a boon to those in the teaching profession.
  • The DepEd aims to prevent and eliminate illegal and unauthorized deductions from the salaries of teachers except under the authority of law authorizing such deductions.

About BDO Philippines

BDO Network Bank operates as a subsidiary of BDO Unibank, Inc., the largest bank in the Philippines. BDO acquired the bank which is formerly known as One Network Bank, Inc or ONB through a share swap transaction covering 99.59 percent of the outstanding capital stock of ONB. The Bank’s network of more than 300 branches and over 280 automated teller machines, most of which are located in countryside Mindanao, is complemented by access to BDO’s nationwide network of more than 1,000 branches and over 3,500 ATMs nationwide. The combination of BDO’s financial strength and ONB’s regional presence will definitely create new opportunities for growth. ONB has around 30 billion in assets which is just about 1.5 percent of BDO’s total assets. Even though ONB is small, the acquisition will enhance long-term gains by focusing on microfinance loans, especially in Mindanao. BDO’s presence will be expanded in the fast-developing markets of Southern Philippines and will give access to consumers in that area.

BDO acquired ONB in July 2015. At the time, ONB has more than 120 branches and over 220 ATMs most of which are located in Mindanao. One Network Bank or ONB is a rural bank in the Philippines based in Davao City. It was established in 2004 through the consolidation of three rural banks in that area. ONB is the largest rural bank in the Philippines in terms of assets with a network of 96 branches throughout the provinces of Mindanao, including one branch in Makati and another one in Iloilo City. With the support of its parent bank, the bank aims to provide more innovative banking solutions to its growing customer base not only in Mindanao but throughout the country.

The central bank has authorized the change of name of One Network Bank, Inc to BDO Network Bank and can now do business under the names and styles of BDO Network Bank, BDO Network Bank, a rural bank, and BDO Network, a rural bank. BDO Network Bank, Inc. is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

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DepEd and BDO Help for Filipino Teachers

The BDO Network Bank offers loan to permanent employees of the Department of Education. The BDO salary loan for teachers can be paid through the Automatic Payroll Deduction System (APDS). BDO is the largest lender in the country, with assets of Php 2.89 trillion and capital of Php 337.73 billion, while BDO Network Bank has assets of Php 27.16 billion and capital of Php 4.78 billion.

Salary loan offers one of the major recourse for most people in times of emergency. Many teachers are evidently seeking cash assistance to make ends meet. The BDO DepEd salary loan is one way of alleviating the financial burdens suffered by teachers in the country.

BDO’s subsidiary, BDO Network Bank offers several types of loans to the public, one of which is the BDO Network bank salary loan. Teachers loan BDO is also offered to non-teaching personnel of the schools which are under the Department of Education. With regards to the payment for the loan, BDO teachers loan can be paid through the Automatic Payroll Deduction System of the regional offices of DepEd. It can also be done through payroll deduction system of empowered or independent schools.

The BDO DepEd Salary Loan is a lifeline for teachers in the Philippines especially when many are always looking for cash assistance due to low salaries. The Department of Education is cognizant of the low salaries in education thus, it seeks to fulfill its responsibility to boost the welfare and working conditions of all personnel of the department. With the partnership of several banks, in this case, the BDO One Network, Inc., teachers will be able to improve their financial condition with teachers loan BDO. Moreover, it only needs a payroll and a few documents to prove their profession, making an application to BDO Network Bank easy and stress-free.

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BDO Network Loan Table for Teachers 2024

Maximum Loanable Amount, PHP Loan Amortization, PHP Net Proceeds, PHP
750,000.00 23,329.66 705,000.00
700,000.00 21,774.35 658,000.00
650,000.00 20.219.04 611,000.00
600,000.00 18.663.73 564,000.00
550,000.00 17.108.42 517,000.00
500,000.00 15,553.11 470,00.00
450,000.00 13.997.80 423,00.00
400,000.00 12.442.49 376,000.00
350,000.00 10.887.18 329,000.00
300,000.00 9.331.87 282,000.00
280,000.00 8.70974 263,000.00
260,000.00 8.087.62 244,000.00
250,000.00 7,776.55 236,875.00
240,000.00 7,465.49 227,400.00
230,000.00 7,154.43 217,925.00
220,000.00 6,843.37 208,450.00
210,000.00 6,532.31 198,975.00
200,000.00 6,221.24 189,500.00
190,000.00 5,910.18 180,025.00
180,000.00 5,599.12 170,550.00
170,000.00 5,288.06 161,075.00
160,000.00 4,976.99 151,600.00
150,000.00 4,665.93 142,125.00
140,000.00 4,354.87 132,650.00
130,000.00 4,043.81 123,175.00
120,000.00 3,732.75 113,700.00
110,000.00 3,421.68 104,225.00
100,000.00 3,110.62 94,750.00
90,000.00 2,799.56 85,275.00
80,000.00 2,488.50 75,800.00
70,000.00 2,177.44 66,325.00
60,000.00 1,866.37 56,850.00
50,000.00 1,555.31 47,375.00
40,000.00 1,244.25 37,900.00
30,000.00 933.19 28,425.00
20,000.00 622.12 18,950.00
10,000.00 311.06 9,475.00

BDO DepEd Salary Loan requirements

The BDO loan requirements for teachers who are new applicants include three months’ latest original payslip, one 2×2 ID picture, a photocopy of 2 valid IDs (DepEd ID, PRC ID, or any other 2 valid IDs), and a photocopy of the Appointment Letter with the original copy for verification.

The requirements for Loan Renewal or Re-Loan are three months’ latest original payslip and a photocopy of 2 valid IDs (DepEd ID, PRC ID, or any 2 valid IDs).

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BDO Teachers loan terms and amounts

BDO Network Bank offers loans to qualified teachers a minimum amount of
Php 10,000.00 to a maximum amount of Php 750,000.00 with a minimum loan term of 1 year and a maximum loan term of 3 years. It charges a monthly interest rate of 0.625% with a nominal interest rate of 3.99% per annum.

BDO Network Bank has no penalty or hidden charges and does not require a co-maker. Other advantages include 24/7 cash withdrawal of loan proceeds through PeraAgad ATM master card, free ATM Master Card for new loans, convenient payment through APDS, loan is covered with Life Insurance and can be processed within the school.

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The BDO Teachers Salary Loan Table 2024 5 Years

Teachers can avail of the BDO 5 years term salary loan offering a principal amount of Php 100,000.00 with a number of installments of 60 months at Php 2,108.02 monthly installments. The contractual interest rate is 9.660% per annum and 0.805% per month with a nominal interest rate of 5.296%. The Effective Interest Rate (EIR) is 13.082% per annum and 1.030% per month.

You can look at the BDO loan table for teachers. In the tables, you will find the loan amount, net proceeds, interest rates, and loan terms including the monthly payments.

Installment Period Gross Loan Principal Interest Other Charges NET PROCEEDS Cash Flows
0 100,000.00 6,000.00 94,000.00
1 1,303.02 805.00 (2,108.02)
2 1,313.51 794.51 (2,108.02)
3 1,324.08 783.94 (2,108.02)
4 1,334.74 773.28 (2,108.02)
5 1,345.49 762.53 (2,108.02)
6 1,356.32 751.70 (2,108.02)
7 1,367.24 740.78 (2,108.02)
8 1,378.24 729.78 (2,108.02)
9 1,389.34 717.68 (2,108.02)
10 1,400.52 707.50 (2,108.02)
11 1,411.80 696.22 (2,108.02)
12 1,423.16 684.86 (2,108.02)
13 1,434.62 673.40 (2,108.02)
14 1,446.17 664.85 (2,108.02)
15 1,457.81 650.21 (2,108.02)
16 1,469.54 638.48 (2,108.02)
17 1,481.37 626.65 (2,108.02)
18 1,493.30 614.72 (2,108.02)
19 1,505.32 602.70 (2,108.02)
20 1,517.44 590.58 (2,108.02)
21 1,529.65 578.37 (2,108.02)
22 1,541.97 566.05 (2,108.02)
23 1,554.38 553.64 (2,108.02)
24 1,566.89 541.13 (2,108.02)
25 1,579.50 528.52 (2,108.02)
26 1,592.22 515.80 (2,108.02)
27 1,605.04 502.98 (2,108.02)
28 1,617.96 490.06 (2,108.02)
29 1,630.98 477.04 (2,108.02)
30 1,644.11 463.91 (2,108.02)
31 1,657.35 450.67 (2,108.02)
32 1,670.69 437.33 (2,108.02)
33 1,684.14 423.88 (2,108.02)
34 1,697.69 410.33 (2,108.02)
35 1,711.36 396.66 (2,108.02)
36 1,725.14 382.88 (2,108.02)
37 1,793.02 369.00 (2,108.02)
38 1,753.02 355.00 (2,108.02)
39 1,767.14 340.88 (2,108.02)
40 1,781.36 326.66 (2,108.02)
41 1,795.70 312.32 (2,108.02)
42 1,810.16 297.86 (2,108.02)
43 1,824.73 283.29 (2,108.02)
44 1,839.42 268.60 (2,108.02)
45 1,854.22 253.80 (2,108.02)
46 1,869.15 238.87 (2,108.02)
47 1,884.20 223.82 (2,108.02)
48 1,899.37 208.65 (2,108.02)
49 1,914.66 193.36 (2,108.02)
50 1,930.07 177.95 (2,108.02)
51 1,945.61 162.41 (2,108.02)
52 1,961.37 146.75 (2,108.02)
53 1,977.06 130.96 (2,108.02)
54 1,992.97 115.05 (2,108.02)
55 2,009.01 99.01 (2,108.02)
56 2,025.19 82.83 (2,108.02)
57 2,014.19 66.53 (2,108.02)
58 2,057.92 50.10 (2,108.02)
59 2,074.49 33.53 (2,108.02)
60 2,091.19 16.83 (2,108.02)
Total 100,000.00 26,480.68 6,000.00

How to get a Teachers loan in BDO

One of the most popular loan offers is the BDO DepEd salary loan for teachers and other permanent school employees. To apply for teachers loan BDO, you can visit your nearest BDO Network Bank branch and submit the necessary requirements. ❗ You can loan up to Php750,000 and enjoy low-interest rates through the Automatic Payroll Deduction System, for a maximum loan term of 5 years. You will also enjoy several benefits which are not offered by other commercial banks in the country.

To get a teachers loan at BDO Network Bank, you can visit your nearest bank branch or visit their official website and make inquiries. You may also reach out to the bank through an electronic mailing address (email) or call their helpline. You can refer to their contact information.

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BDO Teachers Loans Benefits

● No co-maker
● Nominal interest rate
● High net proceeds
● Loan is covered by life insurance
● No penalty
● No hidden charges
● 24/7 cash withdrawal of loan proceeds through PeraAgad ATM Master Card
● Free ATM Master Card for new loans
● Convenient payment through Automatic Payroll Deduction System
● Loan can be processed within the school

The BDO Network Bank is a community bank that aims to promote financial inclusion by offering products and services that are custom-made to the needs of communities, especially to the unserved and underserved areas in the Philippines. BDO Network Bank reaches out to customers even in rural areas where banks and other financial institutions are not available. BDO governance practices are consistent with that of its parent bank namely, accountability, transparency, integrity, fairness, and performance.

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