Quick loan without a bank account in Digido!

In this article you will learn where in the Philippines you can get a quick cash loan without a bank account. Are you a Filipino citizen, have a stable income, a mobile phone and at least 1 ID, but no bank account? No problem! Apply for a loan from Digido and pick up your money at one of the branches.

Key takeaways:

  • You can get a cash loan in the Philippines even without a bank account.
  • Apply for a loan from Digido and pick up your money at one of the branches.
  • Digido approves over 94% of loan applications.

Get credit without a bank account in the Philippines

When you urgently need money before a salary, you can always apply to a financial organization. So, the system of online lending Digido is gaining popularity in the Philippines – the service quickly gives out loans, without discharge from work, evidence of solvency and with the possibility to get cash without a bank account.

Loan Approval Guarantee – 95%

Automated system checks the applications and the passport data of a client within 10-15 minutes and promptly issues a loan. If you do not have a bank account, it is not a problem! The robot can transfer funds to a card of any bank or you can get money in cash. Digido issues loans to anyone who has reached the age of majority and is a citizen of the Philippines. To get cash loans without bank account, it is enough to confirm the accrual of funds for the specified details and cash out a loan in any available point of the country.

Fast cash loans without bank account

To get a loan, you need to:

1. Be an adult citizen of the Philippines; 

2. have a valid mobile phone and registration on the company’s web-site. 

A distinctive feature of the system is that it accrues funds even to those who could not hope for financial assistance. This category includes:

  1. former banking clients with a spoiled credit history; 
  2. citizens with a judicial past; 
  3. members of multi-children families; 
  4. students who do not have a permanent place of work; 
  5. pensioners. 

The principle of work is the following:

  1. A loan is drawn up on the web-site. 
  2. After receiving an approval in the appropriate section you can find the points of issuing money offline. 
  3. Go to the selected address to cash out the funds. 

People with disabilities of any group and people suffering from serious illnesses can also receive online personal loan without credit card in the Philippines. The main thing in cooperation with Digido is to repay the debt on time. 


  • How to get a loan without a bank account?
    Нou can do that in Digido. Choose another way to get the loan, such as at one of Digido branches.
  • Are Online Loans Legit?
    Yes, many companies in the Philippines issue loans legally and have a registration number in the government registry.
  • How Do Online Cash Loans In The Philippines Work?
    More often than not, you can apply for a quick loan online at the company's website. You will need 1 valid ID. The amount will go to your account or you can get it at the company's offices.

11 advantages of the online credit system Digido

Everyone who needs money urgently wants to get an unsecured loan quickly and without unnecessary difficulties. Digido wins against the background of other financial organizations in the following:

1. we work without days off, even on holidays; 

2. we accept applications 24 hours a day 7 days a week; 

3. quick and easy loan processing on the site;

4. we have an app in which to get a loan is even easier; 

5. you choose independently the sum and term of a loan;

6. we have more than 100 offices where you can get money; 

7. more than 90% of applications are approved; 

8. the remuneration is only for the days of the using money;

9. all mutual settlements and registrations take place online; we can also issue money in the office; 

10. age from 21 to 70 years; 

11. minimum loan amount is 1000 PHP, maximum – 25 000 PHP. 

Internet loans without bank account do not require collateral, because Digido offers Filipinos a small amount before a salary. In such cases a mortgage of the property is meaningless.

Another feature of Digido is that the interest rate does not increase during the payout period. The percentage, specified on the web-site, is fixed. No additional commissions or hidden payments are charged to customers.

All operations are performed online - you don't have to leave your house
In only 4 minutes you can receive up to 5000 pesos in your bank account
We don't require guarantors representation, documentation, or guarantee deposits.
The service is fully automated

How to borrow from the online system

It’s very simple to draw up a loan on the Digido website:

  1. select the desired amount and the payment maturity date; 
  2. click “Get a loan” and fill in a short online application (you need to enter only passport data, information from other documents is not required); 
  3. send the application for consideration; 
  4. wait for the reply to the e-mail (along with it you will get the contract, the points of which you should read); 
  5. confirm the contract. 

Digido issues loans even to those whose credit rating leaves much to be desired. The rating goes down due to overdue payments in the past, spoiled credit histories and any conflicts with banking organizations.

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Personal loan without credit card in the Philippines

If you do not have a credit card, this will not prevent you from taking out a quick loan. Digido provides many options for getting urgent money. Your credit history also is not important if you want to get a loan in Digido. Credit money online with quick approval is a good alternative to bank loans.

The benefits of borrowing money in cash:

  1. no need to open a bank account; 
  2. no need to get a credit card; 
  3. favorable interest rates; 
  4. no credit history check. 

You do not need to provide a lot of documents and confirm the solvency.

I want to borrow ₱ 10000
Min: ₱ 1000
Max: ₱ 20000
Payment Terms 10 days
7 days
21 days
My Monthly Gross Income ₱ 20000
You return*: 10 000
All your data is under secure protection!
We recommend taking a loan!

* Interest payments are approximate. The final loan amount and interest rate must be confirmed in your loan agreement after loan approval.

Requirements for the borrowers

The online service Digido has simple requirements, observance of which does not cause problems.

If you have not repaid past loans in time, it does not matter. The service offers cash loans even for people with a bad credit history. The main thing is not to miss the payment of debt in the future.

Repayment of credit funds

You can choose the most suitable and convenient option for you to repayment the loan:

  1. repay the debt from the card of any bank; 
  2. pay the amount in one of the ATMs (by card or in cash); 
  3. pay off the debt directly in the office of the financial organization.


If you need a urgent salary loan, contact Digido immediately. Do not waste your time on meaningless visits to banks, waiting and collecting documents. The system will provide financial assistance if there is a couple of weeks before the salary, but the money is needed right now. Also, people who have lost their jobs or undergoing internships can count on help.

The refund procedure is simple: you need to enter to your personal account, click on the appropriate section, enter your payment details and wait for the notification that the funds have been credited.

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    Highly recommend. This app is legit and helpful.
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    I give 5 star in this app. Nice app, very fast approval and they are very professional and the agent is very good. I recommend this app to my friend and family.
  • Erwin
    The service is very fast once you renew your loan as long as you are a good payor and on time always to pay your loan.Small interest for shorter days to pay your loan. Recommended to everyone.
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    Fast approval and cash disbursement. They have considerations. They are very professional and without any harrassment in reminding payment unlike other loaning app. Recommendable site!👍
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Written by: Sean Martin D. Plantado

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Sean Martin Plantado is the head of Customer Care Dept. and Online Sales Dept. of Digido Finance Corp. creating articles, blogs, and other learning mediums that helps Filipinos struggling on their financial literacy. Sean also loves Cycling, Photography, Cinematography, Online gaming, Fine Arts, and dreams of becoming a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Reviewed by: Rafael Hular

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Rafael “Raffy” L. Hular is, the Finance and Accounting Manager. of Digido Finance Corp., monitoring and controlling the flow of cash that comes in and out of the company to meet the company’s business needs, preparing the financial reports and analysis of income and expenses, and monitoring tax compliance.  Raffy loves reading Japanese comics called manga and watching Japanese animated cartoon series. He dreams of establishing his own Accounting and Auditing Firm and teaching in a University.