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30 Tips to Save Money From Salary in the Philippines

Last updated: April 15, 2024
Written by: Digido Financial Writers Team | Reviewed by: Anna Kireeva

Key takeaways:

  • Saving money requires discipline: do not buy impulsively
  • Your first action is to list down your fixed expenses and stick to that budget
  • Consider looking for ways to supplement your income
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How to save money from salary in the Philippines

How to Save Money in the Philippines

The salary in the Philippines is small, as it is a developing country, and the economy is not even comparable to other developed countries like the United States.

According to the Department of labor and employment National Wages Productivity Commission, the daily minimum wage for non-agriculture jobs in the Philippines averaged  570 PHP/per day. (1)

Today, we will show you some tricks and excellent ideas about how to save money in the Philippines. In the end, you will have the plan to spend less than what you earn. Ultimately, you will also learn tips on earning extra income. 

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How to Budget a Salary in the Philippines: Plan Your Fixed Expenses

The first thing you need to do is list down your fixed expenses so you can budget your money wisely. If you have a budget, you know how much you are spending in some areas, and you can decide which one to cut.

Here is an example list:

  • Rent – ₱6,000
  • Transportation – ₱3,000
  • Food and Groceries – ₱15,000
  • Kids’ Education – ₱7,000

As you can see, you know that you need to spend ₱31,000 a month. These expenses are not negotiable. From here, you know you must earn more than ₱31,000 to survive or maintain your lifestyle.


Simple ways to Cut your Expenses

Here are some important tips about how you can budget your money more effectively.

  1. Stop unnecessary expenses — do not buy impulsively; just because something is on sale does not mean you need it.
  2. Buy in bulk – buy grocery items wholesale if you can; you will save more money than buying a retail
  3. Do not shop when hungry – if you shop when you are hungry, you are more likely to pick up things that you do not really need, especially food
  4. Spend little on fast food and delivery – reduce your expenses on food delivery; cook your own food because it is cheaper
  5. Drink more tap water – tap water is not dangerous nowadays; you can boil it if you want and cool it down instead of buying expensive mineral water
  6. Choose generic medicine – generic and branded medicines have the same formula; buy the generic ones because they are cheaper
  7. Cut down on small treats – if you think a pizza here and there is not expensive, think again. Cut down on these small treats because they will eventually add up as a big expense
  8. Write a shopping list – write down what you need to buy before going to a grocery and stick to it; do not pick up things at random
  9. Make your own presents – if possible, avoid buying expensive stuff as gifts; you can watch YouTube videos on how to make personalized gifts at a lesser cost
  10. Buy local brands – imported brands are expensive because you are also paying for shipping; buy local brands instead
  11. Cut down your cable and landline – you no longer need these things; you can watch what you want on YouTube and use the internet to call people
  12. Do not have a vice – a vice like smoking and drinking cost money; they are also bad for your health, so avoid them
  13. Always get the best deal – always look for a better deal; if there is something you want, take the time to go online and find something similar at a discount
  14. Reduce transport cost – do not ride taxis; use the bus or jeepney to save money. Sometimes it’s healthier to take a walk or ride a bicycle
  15. Look forward the future and set goals – Save money for the future, like buying your first car or a new house. To save money effectively, you must add a purpose to make it happen.

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How to Save Money from Salary Philippines: Save Money on a Minimum Wage

Now, here are the best tips you can use to save money if you are living on a minimum wage.

  • Downgrade stuff – do not rent a condo or an expensive apartment; downgrade to a smaller unit
  • Pay loans on time -do not let the interest accumulate; pay your bills on time
  • Buy energy-efficient appliances – buy LED instead of incandescent bulbs; LEDs may be more expensive, but they are power-savers
  • Buy durable items – do not buy a cheap item like clothing and shoes; buy good ones that will last long
  • Apply for Buy Now Pay Later credit line option – it allows you to purchase large items now and pay for them over time.
  • Do free hobbies – do not spend money on hobbies like building model sets or airplanes; instead, find a hobby that is free, like jogging or exercising
  • Do staycation – vacations are expensive; stay at home on weekends and spend time with your family
  • Stay healthy – try not to get sick; avoid doing things that will make you sick; Drink vitamins regularly
  • Involve the family – talk to your family members and discuss your plans; help them understand that they must also save money
  • Apply for emergency loan  – go to Digido if you need extra money; you will experience fast approval and small interest. But don’t forget to plan for installment repayment costs in your budget

Our last two pieces of advice are for you to join “ipon challenges” online and avoid bank fees. Join Facebook groups about saving money, and you will be able to see challenges that will allow you to save money quickly.

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5 Tips on How to Save Money Online in the Philippines

We are sure that you have some online subscriptions. You may think that these subscriptions are cheap. You may also believe that you are getting a good deal if you buy online. However, there are some things you must do to help you save money from your online activities.

  1. Wait for online sales – do not just buy on a whim; make purchases only if there is a massive sale. Lazada and Shopee do this all the time; all you need to do is wait.
  2. Turn off autofill – autofill makes it easy for you to enter your password or credit card numbers. What you must do is turn it off; this way, you will not be tempted to make a purchase all the time.
  3. Use money management apps – use free financial apps so you can list down your expenses and put them in categories. Every month, you should be able to track your expenses and do something about them.
  4. Open a digital bank account – a digital bank account makes it easy for you to store money but hard to withdraw. It is better than having an ATM card because cards make your money so accessible.
  5. Review your subscriptions – do not subscribe to a lot of things like Netflix, Disney+, or HBOGO Asia. Choose only one.

Find Side Hustles

The next step in how you can save money is to add more to your income. If you are already working full-time a day, there are other ways by which you can earn from a side hustle.

  • Make money online – you can offer services online, like virtual assistance or graphic arts. You can take a course to become a freelance writer and earn a lot of money.
  • Rent out extra – if you have an extra room in your house, rent it out. At best, rent it to two people so you can maximize the room.
  • Sell your unused stuff – if you have stuff you do not use anymore, sell them on eBay.

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You must inspire yourself to save money because money is a valuable asset. Instead of purchasing stuff to make you feel good, it is better to save that money and put it in a bank. You will never know when you need it for an emergency.

You must think of what you are living for. Think of your dreams and ambitions and your goals. That is your target. You must set aside money for that.

Lastly, you must keep a positive mindset about money. Do not despair, and stop comparing yourself to others. No matter what you do, there will always be a richer person than you.


  • How Much should i Save from my Filipino Salary?
    The 20% savings rule simply states that you must set aside 20% of your after-tax income.
  • Will I get Rich by Saving Money?
    It depends. If you save money and invest that money wisely, you may get rich. The other way is to save money and start a business.
  • What is the Trick to Saving Money?
    The trick is to stick to a budget and save more. Avoid frivolous expenses and forget about luxury. Invest your money wisely.
  • What is the 50-20-30 Budget Rule?
    It means that you should spend 50% on your essential needs, 30% on the things you want, and 20% on saving or paying a debt.
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