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How To Get a Metrobank Credit Card

Last updated: November 21, 2023
Written by: Alyssa Divina | Reviewed by: Mark Anthony

About Metrobank Philippines

Metrobank is one of the Philippines’ largest universal banks. It offers savings accounts, loans, credit cards, remittance services, investments, bancassurance, business banking and private wealth management.

Metrobank credit card types

Wondering which Metrobank credit card to get? Here is a list to help you choose!

Metrobank World Mastercard

With the Metrobank World Mastercard, you get 50% off when you dine, exclusive access to 1,000 airports and 500 lounges worldwide, traveler rewards, discounts at partner merchants, 0% installments, e-commerce protection, value-added services and much more!

  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Annual fee: ₱6,000
  • Minimum annual income: ₱4 million
  • Cash advance fee: ₱200

Metrobank Peso Platinum Mastercard

Get 50% off when you dine, plus rewards points, 3x points at Rustan’s Department Stores, 0% installment, 24/7 VIP customer service 24-hour concierge service and more with the Metrobank Peso Platinum Mastercard!

  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Annual fee: ₱5,000
  • Minimum annual income: ₱700,000
  • Cash advance fee: ₱200

Metrobank M Free Mastercard

Enjoy the benefits of a credit card without the hassle of annual fees!

You also get 0% installment, rewards and perks courtesy of M Here, and value-added services like Bills2Go, Cash2Go, M Connect and more! Perfect for first-time cardholders!

  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Annual fee: FREE!
  • Minimum annual income: ₱180,000
  • Cash advance fee: ₱200

Metrobank Titanium Mastercard

Enjoy 2x rewards points every time you shop and dine using your Metrobank Titanium Mastercard! You can avail of the 0% installment program, deals from M Here partner merchants and value-added services like Bills2Pay, Cash2Go, M Connect and more!

  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Annual fee: ₱2,500
  • Minimum annual income: ₱350,000
  • Cash advance fee: ₱200
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Metrobank On Virtual Mastercard

Guaranteed peace of mind every time you shop online with the Metrobank On Virtual Mastercard! Activate your card, check your balance, redeem rewards and view your statement of account online!

No need to delay your checkout as you can get your virtual CC details in as fast as 48 hours from approval! Earn 1 point for every ₱20 spent, enjoy 0% installment, e-commerce protection and other value-added services!

  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Annual fee: ₱500
  • Minimum annual income: ₱180,000

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PSBank Credit Mastercard

A simple card for all your needs, the PSBank Credit Mastercard also offers a free annual fee for life! You also get 0% installment, discounts and deals at M Here partner merchants and other value-added services!

  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Annual fee: FREE!
  • Cash advance fee: ₱200

Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa

This card lets you earn 3x rewards points on airlines, accommodation and shopping overseas! You also get airport lounge access at over 950 lounges worldwide, rewards points for purchases as low as ₱17, 0% installment, and deals from M Here partner establishments!

  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Annual fee: ₱5,000
  • Minimum annual income: ₱700,000
  • Cash advance fee: ₱200

Metrobank Cashback Visa

Shop with your Metrobank Cashback Visa on groceries, telecom, bookstores and school fees and get up to 8% cash back! You also get 0.2% rebate on retail purchases and 0% installments up to 24 months.

  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Annual fee: ₱3,500
  • Minimum annual income: ₱350,000
  • Cash advance fee: ₱200

Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa

Be pampered with 2x rewards on online gadgets, telecom and transportation purchases! Earn 1 reward point for every ₱20 spent and enjoy 0% installment for up to 24 months.

  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Annual fee: ₱2,500
  • Minimum annual income: ₱350,000
  • Cash advance fee: ₱200

Metrobank Femme Signature Visa

The most rewarding credit card for women, Metrobank Femme Signature Visa offers 3x rewards on hotel accommodation and health & wellness! Earn 1 reward point for every ₱20 spent and enjoy free travel insurance up to ₱20 million.

  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Annual fee: ₱5,000
  • Minimum annual income: ₱700,000
  • Cash advance fee: ₱200

Yazz Prepaid Card Visa

Start your credit journey with the Yazz Prepaid Card Visa! It is a Metrobank prepaid card that is reloadable, can be used for cashless purchases and get discounts and rewards points from partner merchants!

Your Yazz account can also be used for funds transfer and as a savings account with no maintaining balance! Enjoy ATM access at any BancNet ATMs nationwide!

  • One-time fee of ₱300
  • Loading service fee: ₱20 per transaction
  • ATM withdrawal fee: depending on acquiring bank
  • ATM balance inquiry fee: depending on acquiring bank
  • Forex/conversion fee: as determined by Visa

Metrobank secured credit card

Of course, Metrobank also offers a secured credit card for those who don’t have a CC yet or are having a hard time getting approved.

You can get the Metrobank Save & Swipe card when you open a deposit account with at least ₱12,000. Your credit limit is set at 90% of the hold-out deposit.

  • Interest rate: 1.88% to 2%
  • Annual fee: up to ₱6,000
  • Cash advance fee: ₱200
  • Overlimit fee: ₱750

As you can see, the Metrobank credit cards with no annual fees are Metrobank M Free Mastercard and PSBank Credit Mastercard.


  • Help, I lost my Metrobank credit card! How do I report this?
    You must report your lost credit card immediately through the bank’s customer service hotline.
  • Is there a Metrobank maintaining balance?
    If you have a Metrobank savings account or Metrobank debit card, your maintaining balance can range from 0 to ₱2,000.
  • Is there an age limit for a Metrobank credit card?
    You have to be at least 18 to 70 years old to apply.
  • What is the Metrobank card hotline?
    You can call the customer service hotline at (02) 8870-0700 for Metro Manila and 1-800-1888-5775 for domestic toll-free.
  • How can I check my Metrobank credit card application status?
    Your CC application will be evaluated and processed within 2-3 weeks. To check the status of your application, you can call (02) 8870-0700 or 1-800-1888-5775. You can also send an email at
  • Are there other Metrobank credit card promos available?
    Yes! You can check other promos here
  • Is there a Metrobank balance conversion calculator?
    Yes! Just go here
  • What is the minimum annual gross income requirement for a Metrobank credit card?
    The minimum annual gross income requirement is ₱180,000.

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Requirements for a Metrobank credit card

Once you have decided on your target Metrobank CC, now is the time to prepare the required documents!

You can apply for a Metrobank credit card if:

  • You are at least 18 to 70 years old
  • You are a regular employee for at least 6 months or a principal cardholder with another bank
  • You have a minimum annual gross income of at least ₱180,000

Submit any government ID with your photo such as:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • TIN ID
  • UMID
  • PRC ID
  • PWD ID
  • All other valid IDs issued by the Philippine government

For the proof of income, you need to submit the photocopy of the following.

For regular employees:

  • Copy of the latest ITR duly stamped as received by the BIR or authorized agent bank, or employee copy of BIR 2316 duly signed by the employer
  • Copy of last 3 months payslip from the date of application
  • Original copy of certificate of employment, only for top 1,000 corporations (must include name, position, date of employment and gross annual income)

For self-employed, any of the following:

  • Copy of latest audited financial statement with BIR or bank stamp
  • Copy of latest ITR duly stamped as received by the BIR or authorized agent

For cardholders of other banks:

  • Latest credit card/s billing statement with at least 9 months as principal cardholder

For foreigners:

  • Proof of income or employment
  • Copy of alien certificate of registration/immigrant’s certificate of residence (ACR/ICR) or visa

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Metrobank credit card application

Once you’ve acquired the Metrobank requirements for a credit card, you can apply for a CC by going to the bank branch nearest you or online at

If you choose to apply online, here are the steps:

  1. Check your eligibility through the drop-down menu. Check all that applies to you.
  2. Indicate if you have an existing Metrobank credit card. If yes, you need to provide the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits. If you have an existing card with another bank, provide your credit limit. If not, indicate if you have a Metrobank deposit or investment.
  3. Give your personal details, then agree to the terms and conditions. Click Next.
  4. Take note of your Online Reference Number (ORN). You will need your ORN if you want to check on your credit card application status.
  5. Provide your present address, permanent address, home phone number, home ownership, birthplace, mother’s maiden name, gender, marital status, education, other government ID and number. Click Next.
  6. Provide your income and employment information. Click Next.
  7. Indicate if you are a Metrobank depositor and/or if you have CCs from other banks. Click Next.
  8. Enter the name that you want to appear on the card and where you want your statements to be delivered. Click Next.
  9. Upload your documents.

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Metrobank credit card promos and rewards

There are lots of Metrobank credit card promos for every cardholder, from rewards points to lounge access to free travel insurance! It also offers a Metrobank cash to go service (Cash2Go), M Connect, M Here, MSOA and more.

For example, you get 50% off when you dine using your Metrobank World Mastercard or 3x rewards points on airlines and hotels with the Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa!

Other exciting Metrobank credit card promo and rewards include:

  • Exclusive discounts with Metrobank FriDeals
  • 0% installment up to 24 months at Automatic Centre.
  • ₱1,000 worth of dining e-voucher when you shop at Robinsons Appliances with a minimum 0% installment spend of ₱30,000.
  • Get up to ₱4,500 eGCs when you use your Metrobank Mastercard to dine at participating restaurants in BGC, Pasay and Alabang! Minimum dining spend is ₱1,500.
  • 40% off on FoodPanda pizza restaurants with a minimum spend of ₱1,000

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Metrobank Credit Card Alternatives

Metrobank credit cards are great, but no one can guarantee that you will be approved for one. Thankfully, there are great alternatives to credit cards with much higher approval rates. Digido is one of them!

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Aside from a higher approval rate, Digido also does not require too many documents. All you need to submit is your valid government ID. You can simply apply for a loan and get your loan all within the Digido app!

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