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In this article you will learn all the most important information about the teacher loan in the Philippines. Who is eligible for a teacher loan, what requirements you need to meet, and how much you can get. Are you wondering if a teacher can get a loan from Digido? Digido will help anyone with a regular salary, including a teacher. All you need to do is apply for a loan in the app or on the website.

Key takeaways:

  • A special loan for teachers is needed to keep Filipino teachers out of the debt trap and increase their productivity.
  • Teachers can get a loan through one of the government programs or go to a bank.
  • Digido does not offer a loan exclusively to teachers. But Digido will help anyone with a steady paycheck, including teachers, get financial assistance.

Teacher’s Loan in the Philippines

Teaching is not just a job; it’s a calling. Teachers play an active role in shaping the character of a child and our future. It makes teaching a highly-respected profession across different segments of the human population throughout the world. 

For most teachers, the feeling of gratitude and achievement matters more than monetary gains. Such an attitude of compromise encourages policymakers to reduce the allocations for the education sector significantly.  In the Philippines, teachers are at the receiving end of such drastic policy implementations. Their salary is not on par with other professionals, and they seldom receive their pay on time. Teaching is a highly demanding profession. A teacher has to spend his time beyond his class hours for preparation and evaluation. It makes pursuing a second job for financial support practically impossible. It means a teacher has to meet all his financial obligations from his salary alone. Typically teachers manage their expenses through efficient fiscal discipline. 

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But when the certainty of salary on the set date is problematic, it makes their life quite miserable. To meet immediate financial requirements, they may resort to expensive loans such as payday loans or even ATM loans.  Such loans destabilize their financial strategies and force them to reel under a severe economic crisis. No state or country can keep a blind eye towards the plight of its teachers. 

Everyone knows that the teachers’ well-being is a vital element in defining the quality of our future generations, and any negligence to it would be suicidal. A Teacher’s Loan is one of such remedies put forward to address the financial issues of teachers. It allows a teacher to get credits from different sources with minimal paperwork and at a slashed interest rate. 

It provides better finance management and helps them be more productive in the upbringing of a new generation. 

What is a Teacher’s Loan in the Philippines?

Even with a stable income, many teachers in the Philippines struggle to make ends meet due to increasing expenses and improper salary structure. Apart from regular payments, like every one of us, a teacher must set aside allocations for expensive, long-term purchases such as a house mortgage, car loans, or child education. (1)

Things become complicated if the teacher is the primary or sole breadwinner of the family. Sometimes, the teacher has to purchase school supplies from his pocket to avoid the loss of school days due to the complicated purchasing system.  Such unforeseen, yet unavoidable, expenses strain the financial health of the teacher. Delayed salary payments are not an uncommon phenomenon for Filipino teachers, and it makes situations much murkier. The study conducted by PIDS (Philippine Institute for Developmental Studies) shows that public school teachers are 50% more likely to borrow than other government employees. The cumulative loan of public school teachers through the legal route alone has reached PHP 320 Billion. (2)

A noticeable number of teachers are unable to receive any retirement benefits due to pending loans. All these data indicate that a regular income alone is insufficient to protect the teachers from financial vulnerabilities. A specific loan for teachers is essential to safeguard the Filipino teachers from debt traps and make them more productive. 


  • What is a teachers loan?
    A teacher loan is a salary advance offered by banks or financial institutions. It allows teachers to cover their monthly expenses if their salary is late.
  • Can I get a teachers loan?
    Yes, if you meet the bank's requirements.
  • Are teacher loans legal?
    Yes, many companies in the Philippines issue teacher loans legally and have a registration number in the government registry.

Can I Get a Teacher’s Loan in Digido?

Digido doesn’t offer a loan exclusively for teachers. But we have loans that allow anybody with a regular salary, including teachers, to get the right financial assistance with minimal formalities. As a legit and state licensed lender, Digido, with its strict adherence to the corporate values of fairness, transparency, and professionalism enables millions to avail loans with minimal efforts. 

Fully automated banking platforms allow the customer to access our services around the clock and ensure timely disbursal of loans without any bias or preferences.

All operations are performed online - you don't have to leave your house
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Reasons to Apply for a Teacher’s Loan

The circumstances that lead a teacher to seek external financial support are many. Here are some of the most common reasons.

Rental Advances

Unlike in many other professions, work from home is not possible for a teacher. If the school is far from the teacher’s residence, they need to shift their stay to a nearby location. Usually, people take apartments or houses on a rental basis. But if you are a new appointee or someone with a low financial reserve to meet the rental advance, you can’t continue with the job. 

Your existing loans, such as educational or car ones, can impede your possibilities to get a loan from the traditional banks. Getting a loan from loan sharks or illegal private lenders is more comfortable but is a risky deal. Teacher’s loans put a stop to such dilemmas by offering loans with minimal interest and paperwork. The borrower can repay the loans as regular monthly installments without any undue strain for their financial freedom. 

To Purchase a Vehicle

Public transport can be unreliable at times. Over-dependence of such an irregular system can lead to loss of school days and loss of pay. The most viable solution for this issue is a private vehicle for the regular commute. The teacher’s loan helps the borrower meet the upfront investments quickly with a relaxed payment window. 

To Buy Gadgets for Online Classes

When pandemics or calamities hit, the class modality needs change to a digital platform. Such a transition necessitates the teacher to make investments in quality hardware such as laptops, digital cameras, high-speed internet connectivity, and backup power supply. 

Training and Certifications 

Teaching is a continuously evolving profession. A teacher has to get acquainted with the latest developments in the domain through continuing education processes. Attending training sessions or pursuing an additional qualification can be expensive. 

To Fund a Classroom Project 

Suppose a student needs monetary support for their academic activities. Usually, the teacher would be the first responder to arrange funds, often from his pocket itself.  Apart from all these professional woes, like any human being, a teacher can have financial emergencies such as an unpaid credit card, an emergency hospital bill, or a car repair. 

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Requirements for a Teacher’s Loan

A teacher in the Philippines can get a loan through the following options: 

  • DepEd Livelihood Loan
  • UnionBank City Savings Teachers loan
  • Philippine Public Schools Teachers Association (PPSTA) – PPSTA Eduk Loan Program
  • Banks
  • Private Lenders

The eligibility criteria vary with each vendor and the amount. But the basic requirements for teachers loan are:   

  • The applicant should be a Filipino citizen 
  • The age for the applicant should be between 18-62 Years
  • At least one year of regular employment with DepEd
  • Should be able to submit recent payslips. 

The eligible candidates can proceed with their application, usually supported with the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Original payslips
  • Certificates proving your service record
  • Certificate from principal
  • Appointment record
  • At least two valid PRC ID cards
  • Community tax record

The loan approval can happen within the same day or may take some days based on the lender’s processing time. 

Teacher’s Loan Providers in Manila

By nature, a teacher’s loan is a general-purpose loan. It can help one make investments for an additional income or re-engineer their existing financial strategies for a better outcome. Manila teacher’s loan offers online loan application facility. It enables one to apply for the loan around the clock and avoid traveling to the regional offices in his province. 

The Manila Teachers’ Mutual Aid System, Inc. (MTMASI), and the Manila Teachers’ Savings and Loan Association, Inc. (MTSLAI) are the two primary agencies that work towards the improvement of teachers’ lives. These agencies help teachers pursue higher education through targeted loans and support them to be competitive for better job opportunities in the future. In addition, teachers can take advantage of instant loans for PPSTA members. They can benefit from a maximum amount of 100,000 pesos. The PPSTA online loan application is available on the official website.

There are other special-purpose loans such as: 

 Car leasing. The loan enables you to repay the loan as monthly installments with minimal interest. You can use the car, but if you fail to make the monthly payment, the bank will confiscate it.  

Mortgage. Owning a home  is everybody’s dream. With this loan, you can purchase a house or an apartment under collateral security. If you default the monthly payment, the lender will sell the property. 

Personal Loans. A teacher can avail of personal loans to meet his financial exigencies through teacher’s loan. The interest rates are often lower than market ones and will have a longer repayment window. 

The primary avenues of teacher’s loan in Manila are:

  1. Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) Livelihood Loan Facility 

The loan works in collaboration with DepEd teacher’s salary loan. All teaching and non-teaching staff associated with DepED can avail of a loan up to PHP 50,000 or equivalent of eight months of salary at an annual interest rate of 10.5%. The loan amount can be increased further for members with good standing without any increase in interest rates. 

     2. Philippine Public School Teachers Association (PPSTA) (3)

Members of PPSTA can take a loan up to 100% of their funds for a monthly interest of 1%. 

     3. UnionBank

City Savings Loan allows a teacher to get a loan up to PHP 85,000 with a repayment period of 12,18 or 24 months. Pre-closure of the loan doesn’t invite any penalties. There are no hidden charges as well. For most of the applications, the loan approval happens within the same day, often within a few hours. 

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