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BFP Ranks and Salary 2024

Last updated: March 28, 2024

Written by: Digido Financial Writers Team | Reviewed by: Anna Kireeva

Key takeaways:

  • They receive a salary and compensation from the government.
  • Some banks give a BFP salary loan but have a lot of requirements.
  • There is no specific loan program from Digido for members of the BFP.
  • However, you can still apply for a loan provided that you are an employee, regardless of your position in the BFP salary grade table.

Firefighters in the Philippines (1) are part of a large and national government department called the Bureau of Fire Protection. Like all government employees, they are salaried, and they receive government compensation. Today, let us find out more about their work, and how much they earn according to their ranks.

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What Is BFP in the Philippines?

The acronym BFP stands for Bureau of Fire Protection. It is a government office that is under the Department of Interior and Local Government or what is commonly called as DILG.

Here are the basic functions and obligations of the BFP:

路 Prevention of fire;
路 Extinguish the ongoing fire;
路 Investigate the cause of the fire;
路 File a report to the prosecutor if they can prove that the fire is a suspected criminal offense;
路 Enforce the Fire Code of the Philippines by ensuring that the buildings are compliant;
路 Assist in cases of national emergency and work with the military.

All municipalities and cities have fire departments. The Bureau is new, it was formed only in 1991 when there was a revamp in the government branches and departments.

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What Are the Ranks in BFP?

As the police and military forces of the Philippines, there are many ranks in the BFP. The rank determines the salary grade of a BFP personnel.

The top positions are:

  • Commander-in-Chief;
  • Chief of the BFP;
  • Deputy Chief for Administration;
  • Deputy Chief for Operations;
  • BFP Directorial Staff.

All these above mentioned are leadership positions. There are many other positions in local municipalities and cities.

Here are some examples:

  • Fire Officer 1;
  • Fire Officer;
  • Fireman;
  • Firefighter;
  • Regional Director;
  • Clerk.

Later on, we will take a look at the salary of a BFP personnel in the Philippines.


  • What is the salary grade of Fire Officer 1?
    According to the MUP, the basic pay of Php 29,668.
  • How many months is the training for BFP?
    Usually a 6-month training and then a two-month orientation is required.
  • What is foe in BFP?
    This is a firefighter's exam. The FOE will be held on June 21, 2020. The application deadline is March 31, 2020 through April 30, 2020.

What Are the Requirements for a BFP Personnel?

If you are interested in becoming an employee of the BFP, take a look at the requirements below.

路 You must be at least 21 years of age but not more than 30;
路 Height requirement is at least 5鈥4鈥 for males and 5鈥2鈥 for females;
路 You must not be overweight; ideal weight is less than 5 kilograms from the ideal average body mass index;
路 You must have a baccalaureate degree;
路 You must pass the Civil Service Commission 2nd level exam;
路 You can prove your good moral character;
路 You must pass the neuro-psychiatric evaluation;
路 You must also pass medical exams and drug tests;
路 You must not have a previous bad record from other employers;
路 You must not have been convicted of any crime.

Once you pass and you are offered a job, you will receive your BFP rank and salary. The BFP salary increase depends on your performance and promotion. Of course, BFP employees can expect to receive an annual 13th month pay, as can other civil servants (e.g. employees of the Philippine National Police).

Salary Grade of a BFP Personnel

Now, let us take a look at the known salary of BFP. All of these are in Philippine peso (2).

Clerk 鈥 15,000 to 16,000 per month;
Firefighter 鈥 29,000 to 31,000 per month;
Regional Director 鈥 540,000 to 590,000 per year;
Fireman 鈥 15,000 to 16,000 per month;
Fire Office 鈥 38,000 to 42,000 per month.

The fire officer 1 salary is 14,000 to 31,000 per month. The higher the position, the more the salary will be different from the minimum wage. The salary of high-ranking officials is not known to the public.

BFP Salary Grade 2018-2019

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BFP Salary Grade Table 2024

Fire Officer I PHP29,668 Fire Inspector PHP49,528
Fire Officer II PHP30,867 Fire Senior Inspector PHP56,582
Fire Officer III PHP32,114 Fire Chief Inspector PHP62,555
Senior Fire Officer I PHP33,411 Fire Superintendent PHP71,313
Senior Fire Officer II PHP34,079 Fire Senior Superintendent PHP80,583
Senior Fire Officer III PHP34,761 Fire Chief Superintendent PHP91,058
Senior Fire Officer IV PHP38,366 Fire Director PHP102,896

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BFP Salary Loan

Because the salary of the Bureau of Fire Protection is small, there will be occasions when you need a loan. You can ask for a loan from banks. However, you should be able to provide a lot of documents there. Later on, we will talk about a good alternative to banks.Here are some of the reasons why you may file for a loan:

  • The Bureau of Fire Protection Salary is small, and you may be short on cash;
  • Housing and home renovation loans;
  • Car loans;
  • Emergency loans and sickness loans;
  • Vacation loans.

Whether you are getting a loan from a bank or another institution, there are some basic requirements that you need to prepare.

Here are some examples:

Proof of address 鈥 use your utility bill to prove where you live;
Proof of identity 鈥 use your SSS聽 or any government-issued ID;
Proof of employment 鈥 get a certification from your chief to prove that you are an employee of BFP.

Banks may ask for more documents, such as your payslip; others may not. Make sure you have the original and photocopies of all your documents.

Banks and other institutions will get the photocopy, and they will not return it to you. Once your loan is approved, you may again present a valid ID just to ensure that they are giving the money to the right person.

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Can I Get a BFP Salary Loan in Digido?

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As you can see, Digido offers quick and easy loans. This company is a great ally for government employees who are in need of quick cash, especially if your BFP salary is small. If you apply now, you can get approved in as short as 24 hours.

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