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BuCor Ranks and Salary in the Philippines

Last updated: March 28, 2024

Written by: Alyssa Divina | Reviewed by: Anna Kireeva

Key takeaways:

  • BuCor Philippines are government employees.
  • They receive a salary and compensation from the government.
  • There is no specific loan program from Digido for members of the BuCor.
  • However, you can still apply for a loan provided that you are an employee, regardless of your position in the BuCor salary grade table.

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The Bureau of Corrections fulfills a heavy responsibility in Philippine society: to ensure that criminal offenders in the country are being reformed and rehabilitated within the walls of its seven prisons and penal farms scattered across the country.

What is the Bureau of Corrections in the Philippines?

Formed in 1905, the Bureau of Corrections (or BuCor for short) is the government agency in charge of the reformation and rehabilitation of criminal offenders in the Philippines.BuCor is an agency under the Department of Justice (DOJ) and it also reports to the Office of the President.

BuCor’s headquarters is located in New Bilibid Prison Reservation, Muntinlupa City.

The functions of BuCor include protecting prisoners that have been convicted by the courts for three years and one day and above within prisons, prevent prisoners from committing more crimes while in custody of the bureau, provide inmates with their basic needs, ensure that inmates are provided with rehabilitation programs that will benefit their development, and develop livelihood programs that will help inmates earn money and improve their skills.

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The meaning of the logo of the Bureau of Corrections

The logo of the Bureau of Corrections features a person deprived of liberty (PDL), a sun with seven rays, and eleven bay leaves.

This is the meaning of the logo of the Bureau of Corrections as described on its website. The PDL represents a person who has been rehabilitated “through meaningful justice”. The sun with seven rays symbolizes BuCor’s seven operating prisons and penal farms, while the eleven bay leaves refer to the bureau’s achievements since its inception.

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BuCor Ranks and Salary 2024

Interested in a possible career in the Bureau of Corrections? Here is a list of the ranks of commissioned and non-commissioned officers in the bureau. Even if BuCor is under the DOJ, these ranks are similar to the ranks of the uniformed services of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

Check out the ranks in BuCor below!

Bureau of Corrections ranks 2024

Commissioned officers

  • Corrections Director General (Undersecretary)
  • Corrections Deputy Director General for Administration (Assistant Secretary)
  • Corrections Deputy Director General for Security and Operations (Assistant Secretary)
  • Corrections Deputy Director General for Reformation (Assistant Secretary)
  • Corrections Chief Superintendent (Brig. General)
  • Corrections Senior Superintendent (Colonel)
  • Corrections Superintendent (Lieutenant Colonel)
  • Corrections Chief Inspector (Major)
  • Corrections Senior Inspector (Captain)
  • Corrections Inspector (Lieutenant)

Non-commissioned officers

  • Corrections Senior Officer 4
  • Corrections Senior Officer 3
  • Corrections Senior Officer 2
  • Corrections Senior Officer 1
  • Corrections Officer 3
  • Corrections Officer 2
  • Corrections Officer 1


  • Who is the head of the Bureau of Corrections?
    Gerald Bantag has been appointed as director-general of the Bureau of Corrections.
  • Are correctional officers considered law enforcement?
    Yes, corrections officers are law enforcement officers.
  • What is the difference between BuCor and BJMP?
    The BuCor is an attached agency of the Department of Justice where convicted inmates are imprisoned. The BJMP is an agency which handles the district, city, and municipal jails where persons deprived of liberty still facing trial are held.

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BuCor Salary and Allowances 2024

As a government agency, the Bureau of Corrections offers competitive salaries and sufficient benefits for its employees. That means any current or prospective employee will be able to build their career in BuCor without having to worry about their salaries not being enough to cover daily expenses! A career at BuCor will also open you to opportunities such as career advancements in the government and attractive retirement benefits.

For example, under the Republic Act 10575 or the Bureau of Corrections Act of 2013, a BuCor Corrections Officer 1 salary will be P29,668 per month, equivalent to Salary Grade (SG) 11.

As government employees, BuCor officers also get longevity pay and other extra allowances on top of their monthly base pay. They also get regular salary increments as part of Salary Standardization Law.

Here’s a simple guide on the Bureau of Corrections salary grade. Check out this table of BuCor officer salary below.

BuCor ranks and salary 2024

Corrections Chief Superintendent SG 27 Php 91,058
Corrections Senior Superintendent SG 26 Php 80,583
Corrections Superintendent SG 25 Php 71,313
Corrections Chief Inspector SG 24 Php 62,555
Corrections Senior Inspector SG 23 Php 56,582
Corrections Inspector SG 22 Php 49,528
Corrections Senior Officer 4 SG 19 Php 38,360
Corrections Senior Officer 3 SG 18 Php 34,761
Corrections Senior Officer 2 SG 17 Php 34,079
Corrections Senior Officer 1 SG 16 Php 33,411
Corrections Officer 3 SG 14 Php 32,114
Corrections Officer 2 SG 12 Php 30,867
Corrections Officer 1 SG 11 Php 29,668

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BuCor hiring 2024

Now that you’re aware of how much BuCor employees are getting paid, it’s time to find out whether the Bureau of Corrections in the Philippines is hiring for 2024 and what kind of open positions are available!

BuCor qualification

These are the BuCor requirements for being an officer. Number one, you must be a citizen of the Philippines. Next, you must be a person of good moral character and must have a baccalaureate degree from a recognized institution.

You must also have the appropriate civil service eligibility, must not have been dishonorably discharged from a previous employment, and must not have been convicted of a crime.

As of January 2024, the Bureau of Corrections is hiring for the position of Corrections Officer I. Aside from the requirements already listed above, a candidate for this position must be a college graduate with honors and must have any of the following eligibilities:

1. A second-level civil service eligibility

2. RA 1080 (Bar and board examination)

3. Penology officer

4. PD No. 907 (College graduate with honors)

There is an age requirement. Candidates for the Corrections Officer I position must be between the ages of 21 and 40 years old. Those above 36 years old will have to sign a waiver agreeing that they might not be able to receive the full retirement benefits afforded to uniformed officers in BuCor.

Additionally, there is a height requirement: male applicants must stand 1.57 meters tall or higher and female applicants must stand 1.52 meters tall or higher.

You must also submit a letter of intent for the BuCor application, addressed to the BuCor office of the director general. A BuCor qualifying exam will also be administered.

If you want to know more about BuCor hiring 2024, you can go to their website.

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Can I get a BuCor salary loan in Digido?

Salaries and allowances in BuCor (and the government in general) can be higher than salaries of those employed elsewhere, but we understand that sometimes it may not be enough.

A BuCor officer may avail of a salary loan for the following purposes:

  • Medical emergencies
  • House repairs
  • Gadgets for work or school
  • Living expenses
  • Urgent trips, and more

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Key takeaways

Being a BuCor officer can be a fulfilling career. You get to earn worthwhile experiences working for the government and enjoy monetary perks and other benefits. You get to serve the Philippines through rehabilitating the country’s criminal offenders, in hopes that they will emerge from the justice system as responsible members of society.

The salaries at BuCor can be higher than in other industries, but if you find yourself in need of quick cash, you can apply for online loans from Digido! Download the app, fill out the application form, attach important documents and you’re good to go! Just wait for the loan amount to be disbursed to your account.

At Digido, we guarantee BuCor officers that they will have a fast, easy and hassle-free loan experience. Apply for a loan now!

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