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Overview of Salaries for Call Center Agents in the Philippines

Last updated: September 29, 2023
Written by: Digido Financial Writers Team | Reviewed by: Alyssa Divina

Key takeaways:

  • The average salary of a call center employee in the Philippines is ₱30,600 per month
  • Salaries for specific call center positions vary based on role, experience, and the company.
  • Telephone operators earn an average salary of ₱11,900, while client relations managers earn ₱57,800 per month
  • Hourly wages for call center agents in the Philippines range from approximately ₱69 to ₱180
  • Around 65% of reported call center salaries in the Philippines range from ₱17,000 to ₱29,400 per month.

For many businesses around the world, the Philippines remains the top outsourcing destination of choice for customer service. When choosing to work with a call center, the Philippines is often the first country many foreign investors have in mind.

By 2028, analysts expect the Philippine business process outsourcing industry to increase its full-time call center employees to 2.3 million, generating 600,000 additional call center jobs.

In addition to the wealth of full-time call center agents, the Philippines has many freelancers. According to Forbes, the Philippines is the 6th fastest-growing market for freelance workers, experiencing a 35% income growth during the pandemic.

The thriving call center industry provides numerous employment opportunities, with attractive compensation packages that offer financial stability and growth potential. In this article, we will delve into the average salaries for call center agents, examine the factors influencing their earnings.

Average Salary in Call Centers in the Philippines 2023

As of 2023, call center agents in the Philippines may vary based on several factors, including their experience level, job location, and company policies.

According to the latest data from Salary Explorer (1), the lowest average person working in Customer Service and Call Center in Philippine is ₱11,900, and the highest salary call center Philippines is ₱66,400. However, the average salary of a call center agent in the Philippines is up to ₱30,600 per month.

call center salary philippines 2023 per month

Average Salary of Сall Сenter Agent in the Philippines

According to the latest data from Salary Explorer – by lowest position of call center representative, the salary for a Call Center Agent or representative in Manila ranges from ₱12,000 to ₱25,000. According to these data, the average salary of a call center agent in Manila is 18,000.

This salary includes a base salary, and does not include allowances or other benefits. It is important to note that most may receive sales commissions or performance-based bonuses. The average additional cash compensation for a call center agent in Manila ranges from ₱1,200 to ₱109,200.

Commissions, on the other hand, are a form of incentive-based compensation directly tied to sales or business transactions. They are usually a percentage or fixed amount of the sales value that employees receive for generating revenue or securing deals. Commissions are more common in sales or commission-based roles and serve as a motivation to drive sales and revenue growth.

This table shows monthly salary of Call Center Agent in Philippines, Metro Manila at various  companies:

Company Average Base Salary (PHP)
🟣 iQor 16,688
🟣 Teleperformance 18,000
🟣 Concentrix 20,000
🟣 TaskUs 16,000
🟣 Alorica 18,649
🟣 Everise 18,000
🟣 VXI Global Solutions 23,500
🟣 Quantrics Enterprises 22,000
🟣 DONE by NONE 17,000
🟣 Alorica 17,500
🟣 Foundever 17,000
🟣 Genpact 16,500
🟣 Teleperformance 15,000
🟣 Sutherland 16,550
🟣 Convergys 17,000
🟣 Nones 25,000
🟣 ePerformax Contact Centers & BPO 17,500
🟣 Tata Consultancy Services 20,000
🟣 ResultsCX 15,000
🟣 TELUS 20,546

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Average Hourly wages for Сall Center Agents

Hourly pay refers to the remuneration received for each hour worked. One of the main differences between salaried and hourly workers is the right to overtime. A typical hourly rate for a call center agent is around ₱180. The least hourly wage reported for individuals employed is approximately ₱69.

This figure reflects the lowest data recorded in the wage survey and is not the legal minimum hourly wage. To translate an annual salary to an hourly wage, the commonly applied formula is used (based on the standard of 5 workdays per week and 8 hours per workday for most occupations).

Hourly Wage = Annual Salary / ( 52 x 5 x 8 )

What is Call Center Median Salary

Median salary represents the central value of salaries. This means that half of the professionals in this role earn less than this amount, while the other half earn more.

Call center salary Philippines per month has a start ranging from ₱11,900 and a maximum of ₱66,400. It is based on a salary survey that included professionals from across the country – a large number of participants.

The median income of call center agent in the Philippines is ₱28,900. The median salary represents the average value of the salary distribution.

Median salary is closely related to two other values called 25th and 75th percentiles. This number represents 25% of Call Center in the Philippines earning less than ₱22,500, while 75% earn more. In contrast, 75% earn ₱35,500 or less, while 25% earn more.

This chart shows Call Center Agent Salary Distribution in Philippines in this 2023:

call center salary philippines 2023


Salary Range for Call Center Agents in Philippines 2023

Salary expectations are often divided into different ranges. This approach provides a more accurate representation of the salary distribution for the Call Center job title in the Philippines than simply averaging:

  • Approximately 65% of the reported salary ranges between ₱17,000 and ₱29,400.
  • About 20% of the salary is under ₱17,000,
  • 10% are between ₱29,400 and ₱35,100.
  • Only 5% of individuals have a salary over ₱35,100

salary of call center agent

Now that we know the average salaries in Customer Service and Call Center we will look at how wages change due to different factors.

Salaries for Specific Jobs in the Call Center

Salaries for specific call center jobs in the Philippines can vary depending on the job role, experience, and the particular company. However, here is an overview of average salaries for a few popular call center positions in the Philippines.

Next table shows Salaries of Call Center employees at the Different Position, figures based on

Job Title Average Salary (PHP)
🟣 Telephone Operator 11,900
🟣 Call Center Representative 16,300
🟣 Client Service Representative 16,700
🟣 Call Center Scheduler 18,300
🟣 Vendor Administration Specialist 21,700
🟣 Workforce Manager 34,200
🟣 Client Service Analyst 35,100
🟣 Call Center Supervisor 23,300
🟣 Call Center Team Leader 28,400
🟣 Call Center Scheduling Manager 28,500
🟣 Client Relations Manager 57,800

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Salary of Call Center Agent by Years of Experience

Call center agent salary in Philippines can vary based on a few factors, with years of experience having a sizable effect on actual salary. As professionals gain more experience, their earning potential tends to increase. Below is a salary comparison based on different experience levels:

Experience Call Center salary per month
🟣 0 – 2 Years +32%
🟣 2 – 5 Years +36%
🟣 5 – 10 Years +21%
🟣 10 – 15 Years +14%
🟣 15 – 20 Years +9%

Let’s take a look at salary growth table based on experience for call center representative in the Philippines 2023

Experience Call Center salary per month
🟣 0 – 2 Years ₱8,500
🟣 2 – 5 Years ₱11,400 
🟣 5 – 10 Years ₱16,800
🟣 10 – 15 Years ₱20,500
🟣 15 – 20 Years ₱22,300
🟣 20+ Years ₱24,100

 While with less than two years of experience, call center representative salary per month earns an average of ₱8,500, it is important to note that this is the starting point for individuals entering the call center industry. Moving forward, when someone has more that two years of experience, their average monthly salary increases by 36%  and more.

Increase in Salary of Call Center Agents Depending on Education

Education level is also an important factor to consider in the salary of a call center worker in the Philippines. The higher the education level, the better the job opportunities and the higher the potential compensation in the industry. This data call center salary philippines 2023 per month collected from

Education Level Average Earnings Increase
🟣 High School 0%
🟣 Certificate/Diploma 17%
🟣 Bachelor’s Degree 24%
🟣 Master’s Degree 29%
🟣 PhD 23%

The Call Center Agent position will typically represent an entry-level role in the industry. A degree is a big plus that enhances job prospects and can potentially lead to higher-paying positions.

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Call Center Agent Salary Comparison By City

Call center salary Philippines 2023 usually includes basic salary, allowance, and other benefits. The table shown below illustrates the average Call Center salary in the Philippines for different cities in the Philippines

The table shows Average Monthly Salaries for Customer Service and Call Center in the Philippines 2023 by city:

City Average Salary (PHP)
🟣 Antipolo 33,500
🟣 Cagayan de Oro 32,400
🟣 Cebu 34,700
🟣 Dasmarinas 29,300
🟣 Davao 36,000
🟣 Kalookan 35,300
🟣 Las Pinas 30,600
🟣 Makati 30,000
🟣 Manila 36,500
🟣 Paranaque 31,900
🟣 Pasig 32,900
🟣 Quezon City 37,100
🟣 Taguig 34,200
🟣 Valenzuela 31,100

Among the cities listed, Quezon City has the highest average salary of ₱37,100, followed closely by Manila at ₱36,500 and Davao at ₱36,000. On the other hand, Dasmarinas has the lowest average salary of ₱29,300. These figures provide an overview of the average salary range in these specific cities.

The Following table is the Salaries of Сall Сenter Representative by City:

City Hour Day Week Month Year
🟣 Alabang ₱98.33 ₱1,354 ₱5,872 ₱22,752 ₱321,354
🟣 Taguig ₱94.35 ₱1,299 ₱5,634 ₱21,830 ₱308,332
🟣 Pasig ₱92.82 ₱1,278 ₱5,543 ₱21,478 ₱303,348
🟣 Manila ₱92.67 ₱1,276 ₱5,535 ₱21,443 ₱302,864
🟣 Quezon City ₱91.71 ₱1,263 ₱5,477 ₱21,221 ₱299,718
🟣 Pasay ₱91.07 ₱1,254 ₱5,439 ₱21,072 ₱297,619
🟣 Muntinlupa ₱89.84 ₱1,237 ₱5,365 ₱20,787 ₱293,595
🟣 Mandaluyong ₱88.92 ₱1,224 ₱5,310 ₱20,574 ₱290,585
🟣 Makati ₱87.78 ₱1,209 ₱5,242 ₱20,310 ₱286,858

As evident from the data provided, the highest salary for a call center representative in the Philippines can be observed in Alabang, reaching ₱321,354. This figure surpasses the salaries in other cities such as Taguig with ₱308,332, Pasig with ₱303,348, Manila with ₱302,864, and Quezon City with ₱299,710.

Bonuses and Allowances for Call Center Employees

Bonuses are additional payments given to employees as a form of reward or recognition for their performance, achievements, or contributions. They are typically not directly tied to specific sales or transactions. Bonuses can be based on individual performance, company performance, goal attainment, or given as holiday/end-of-year appreciation.

  • Individual Performance-Based Bonuses: The most common type of bonus, awarded to employees based on their exceptional performance.
  • Company Performance Bonuses: Given by companies to celebrate excess earnings and profits collectively with their staff. The bonus amount may vary depending on the employee’s role within the organization.
  • Goal-Based Bonuses: Granted when an important goal or milestone is achieved.
  • Holiday / End of Year Bonuses: Given without a specific reason, these bonuses serve as a token of appreciation.

Annual Salary increase for Call Center Employees

In the Philippines, people working in call centers sometimes get more money each year. This extra money is called a “wage raise.” The extra money can vary from person to person but is usually around 5% to 10% of their salary.

The amount you get depends on how well you do your job and how long you do it. You can get a bigger raise if you work hard and do a good job. Some companies even offer bonuses or bonuses if you do a good job during the year.

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How a Call Center Agent can Increase their Salary

There are several strategies that a call center agent in the Philippines can employ to increase their salary. Here are some key approaches:

👉 Pursue Higher Education: Consider pursuing further education, such as earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Higher education qualifications can open doors to managerial roles or specialized positions that offer higher salaries.

👉 Seek Additional Training and Certifications: Explore specialized training programs or certifications relevant to your industry or role. These credentials can enhance your knowledge and expertise, making you more marketable.Invest in improving and expanding your skill set. Enhance your communication skills, problem-solving abilities, customer service expertise, and technical proficiency.

👉 Seek Career Advancement Opportunities: Proactively look for opportunities within your organization to advance your career. Express your interest in taking on additional responsibilities, leadership roles, or projects that demonstrate your capabilities and commitment.

👉 Consider Industry Shifts: Keep an eye on industry trends and changes. Certain sectors or services within the call center industry may offer higher salaries due to increased demand or specialized skills required. Consider transitioning to these areas if feasible.

👉 Negotiate for Salary Increases: When appropriate, confidently negotiate your salary during performance reviews or when taking on new roles. Back your request with evidence of your achievements, contributions, and market research on salary benchmarks for similar positions.

👉 Explore Opportunities in Higher-Paying Companies: Research and apply to call center companies known for offering higher salaries or better benefits packages. Keep yourself updated on job market trends and seize opportunities that align with your career goals and desired compensation.

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Why People are Attracted to Work in a Call Center

Working in a call center is increasingly becoming an appealing career choice in the Philippines. Here’s why:

  • Competitive Salary: Call center jobs offer attractive compensation packages, providing financial stability and growth potential.
  • Abundant Job Opportunities: The thriving call center industry provides a multitude of employment opportunities for individuals seeking to enter this field.
  • Flexibility in Working Hours: With round-the-clock operations, call centers offer various shifts to accommodate employees’ preferences, allowing for a better work-life balance.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: Call center positions often come with clear paths for career progression, enabling employees to move up to supervisory or higher management roles.
  • International exposure: Many call centers in the Philippines serve international customers, a great opportunity for you to enhance their communication skills on a global scale. Most Filipinos are bilingual and speak English as their second language. As such, international businesses can communicate and work with a Philippine contact center easily.
  • Incentives and benefits: Call centers often offer attractive incentives and benefits to motivate and reward their employees. These can include performance bonuses, health insurance, retirement plans, travel allowances, and other perks.

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Bottom line

Philippines has been globally recognized as the “Call Center Capital of the World.” Since 1992, when the first contact center was established in the country, the Philippines has consistently provided high-quality services at cost-effective rates

Understanding the average call center monthly salary philippines 2023 can provide valuable insight for job seekers and professionals working in the industry.

Education, experience, and job role all play a significant role in salary variation.Staying informed about the current salary landscape and continuously improving their skills can help call center agents increase their earning potential.


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