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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines 2024

Last updated: April 12, 2024
Written by: Anna Kireeva | Reviewed by: Digido Financial Writers Team

Key takeaways:

  • The highest-paying industries in the Philippines include information technology, banking and finance, maritime, aviation and healthcare
  • The highest paying jobs in the Philippines are information technology managers, financial managers, medical professionals, engineers
  • One of the highest paid professions in the Philippines is a doctor/surgeon with an average salary of PHP 166,000.
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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs

The Philippines is one of the most rapidly-growing economies in the world. Still, the country continues to struggle with high poverty levels and a huge wealth disparity(1). Many people in the Philippines struggle with low income. The majority are living from paycheck to paycheck, so finding a high-paying career is something many are striving for.

This article will take a closer look at some of the high paying jobs in the Philippines. What you need to know about them and how you can get them. Get ready to explore your possibilities and get ready for your big career move – highest paid job in the Philippines!

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What Job has the Highest Salary in the Philippines?

The Philippines has several lucrative careers that can help you reach financial freedom and become rich. The country offers a wide range of employment opportunities. According to salaryexplorer.com(2) with the right qualifications and experience, there are many high salary jobs in the Philippines that can be yours. 

Meanwhile, 2024 is expected to bring even more lucrative high-paying job opportunities for professionals and graduates with courses related to.

So, what job will make you rich in the Philippines

According to job market research, the most highest paid job in the Philippines is currently a doctor/surgeon, with an average salary of 165,300 PHP monthly.

Surgeons must complete a professional degree and four to seven years of additional specialized training with an accredited surgical residency program. They must also pass an extensive licensing examination before they are allowed to practice as a surgeon in the Philippines.

What job will make you rich in the Philippines

The 10 Top Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines 2024

Industry Job (Profession) Average Salary (Monthly) PHP
Healthcare Surgeons (Specialists) 165,300.00
Aviation Aircraft Pilot / Aircraft Engineer 128,348.00
Legal Lawyer 88,800.00
Technology Software Engineer 84,506.00
Academe College/University Professors 76,803.00
Maritime Seafarer 62,400.00
Banking and Finance Bank Manager/Credit Analyst 50,708.00
Architectural and Engineering Geologist 50,449.00
Technology Computer Engineer 47,337.00
Mining Miner 43,334.00

Surgeons (Specialists)

Doctor/surgeon is often regarded as one of the most prestigious professions with arguably one of the highest salaries among all medical careers. In addition, doctors specializing in certain fields such as cardiology or neurosurgery earn higher salaries than other doctors, with an average salary of 165,300 PHP per month.

Pilots / Aircraft Engineers

The aviation industry on its own is already one of the most significant earners in the Philippines, and with that comes many very high-paying job opportunities. 

Aircraft professionals such as pilots and aircraft engineers are in demand in the Philippines, as air travel is an increasingly growing industry. A professional aircraft pilot is one of the highest-paid jobs in the country, with an average salary of 128,348 PHP. 

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Lawyers are legal professionals who are trained and licensed to advise individuals, businesses, and organizations on legal matters and represent them in court proceedings. Lawyers can make an average monthly salary of 88,800.00 PHP.

Software Engineers

Software Engineers hold one of the most in-demand, versatile, and highest-paid careers in the Philippines. This is because there’s a high demand for professionals who can proficiently build and maintain computer software applications. Due to its versatility, a Software Engineer may earn an average salary of 70,506.00 PHP.

College/University Professors

Another way to earn big money in the Philippines is to become a professor ia a college or universityr. It requires a minimum of a master’s degree plus years of teaching experience to be considered for such posts, but it is well worth it as experienced professors can earn monthly salaries of up to 76,803.00 PHP on average.

high salary jobs in philippines


Seafarers work at sea on various types of boats and for a number of industries, ranging from fishing and exploration to oil and cargo companies. The common responsibilities in this position include mooring and anchoring duties, keeping the ship in working order, fixing machinery, ensuring cleanliness, and being responsible for all rope lines on board. On average, Mid-Seafarers could make 62,400.00 PHP per month.

Did you know that being a seaman is among the most highly compensated professions globally? It’s no surprise that it’s a highly coveted job in the Philippines. Compared to land-based careers, monthly salaries for seafarers are significantly higher. For instance, a Master Mariner can earn up to USD 1,000.00 per day.

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Bank Managers / Credit Analysts

Bank managers and credit analysts should also have an accustomed knowledge of banking regulations and compliance requirements to minimize any risks concerning fraud or money laundering. With the right training and qualifications, you could go into a career with an average monthly salary pay of 50,708.00 PHP.


Geologists are responsible for conducting detailed site investigations and analyzing geological data to determine the suitability of a site for construction or development. Geologists bring a unique perspective and skillset to the architecture and engineering industry, helping to ensure that development projects are built safely and sustainably in harmony with the natural environment. On average, Geologists earn 50,449.00 PHP monthly.

Computer Engineers

Computer Engineers play a critical role in the technology industry, working to design, develop, and maintain the hardware and software systems that power our modern world. Computer Engineers could potentially earn an average monthly salary of 47,337.00 PHP.


Miners are professionals who specialize in the exploration, extraction, processing, and management of minerals and metals. They ensure that minerals and metals are extracted efficiently, safely, and sustainably. An average miner can earn up to 43,334.00 PHP monthly.

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How to Find a High-Paying in Philippines

Education and Skills Required for High-Paying Jobs

Finding a job that has the highest salary in the Philippines requires considerable effort, whether it’s the time and effort required to develop your skills or the investment of money for education.

For most high-paying jobs, a high school diploma or its equivalent is required. But for higher-level executive positions, advanced degrees and certifications often provide an edge in the hiring process.  In addition, employers are increasingly looking beyond educational qualifications when evaluating applicants, they want those with real experience.

Here are some steps that you can take to find a high-paying job in the Philippines:

Research: Do some research on industries that are in demand in the Philippines, such as Information Technology, Finance, Engineering, and Medicine. Look for the qualifications, skills, and experience needed for these positions, and assess your own qualifications to determine if you are a good fit for these jobs.

Network: Reach out to your professional network and let them know that you are looking for a high-paying job. Attend industry events, seminars, and conferences to connect with professionals in your desired field.

Update your Resume: Ensure that your resume highlights your skills and achievements relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Apply for Internships: Consider applying for internships or trainee positions in industries that are in demand in the Philippines. Internships or trainee positions can be a great way to gain experience and make industry connections that could lead to high-paying job opportunities.

Attend Job Fairs: Attend job fairs in your area where top employers come to hire the best talent.

Consult with Recruitment Agencies: Consider consulting with recruitment agencies that specialize in your desired field. Recruitment agencies can help you connect with potential employers and may have access to exclusive job openings.

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Effective Communication Strategies for Job Searching

Communication is key when it comes to job searching for jobs that have high salary in the Philippines. Being able to effectively communicate your experience and skills both verbally and in writing can be the difference between getting hired for a high-paying job and not.

One way to demonstrate your communication skills is by building an online portfolio or “About me” page. This will give prospective employers a clear idea of your background, experiences, and skills that make you a qualified candidate for the job. 

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Explore Popular Job Search Sites

If you’re asking what is the highest paying job in the Philippines, there are several job search websites and apps that can help you find them.

The top job search websites in the Philippines are Jobstreet, Kalibrr, Indeed, Boss Job, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Workabroad. ph and Upwork & Freelancer.

Use job boards and other online resources to find openings that match your qualifications and experience.

You should also make sure you’re subscribing to relevant industry newsletters so you can find out about new opportunities as soon as they become available.

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High paying jobs in the Philippines are often in fields that require technical knowledge, specialized skills, and lots of experience. They also require you to be proactive and willing to take risks. 

It’s important to consider the job’s educational and experience requirements. While some jobs in the Philippines require little to no experience, they’re few and far between, and they don’t necessarily pay well. Most of the highest paying jobs in the Philippines require advanced degrees or specialized training and, in some cases, years of experience.

But the payoff can be worth it. For those eager to maximize their earning potential and jump into a new career field, exploring some of the country’s top high-paying jobs is a good place to start. With the right education and experience, you can take your career to the next level and open up new opportunities for yourself.

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  • What are the highest salary jobs in the Philippines?
    The top 10 highest paying jobs in the Philippines are surgeons, pilots/aircraft engineers, lawyers, software engineers, college/university professors, seafarers, bank managers and credit analysts, computer engineers, geologists, and miners. Those employed in these sectors make much higher salaries compared to the average Filipino employee.
  • What are easy job with high salary in Philippines?
    There is no easy job that guarantees a high salary, as earning a high salary usually requires a combination of education, skills, experience, and hard work.
  • Which cities in the Philippines have the most high-paying job opportunities?
    Manila, Quezon City, Makati, and Taguig
  • What is the average salary range for the highest-paying jobs in the Philippines?
    The average salary range for the highest-paying jobs in the Philippines varies depending on the industry and position but can range from around PHP 50,000 to over PHP 200,000 per month.
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