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Philippine Coast Guard Salary and Ranks

Last updated: March 28, 2024

Written by: Alyssa Divina | Reviewed by: Anna Kireeva

Key takeaways:

  • Being a member of the Philippine Coast Guard is so worth it, despite all of the requirements needed.
  • They get to enjoy high salaries as a way of expressing the country’s gratitude for their services.
  • In the event that a PCG officer’s salary is not enough, they can apply for quick cash loans from Digido!
  • PCG members can get their extra credit within five minutes, anytime and anywhere!

The Philippine Coast Guard occupies an important role in Philippine society and sovereignty. They patrol our waters, conducting safety operations and protecting our maritime resources. They put their lives on the line just to be able to accomplish their responsibilities, and for that they deserve thousands of salutes and competitive benefits.

This article will explain what the PCG is, its ranks, how much is the Coast Guard salary in the Philippines for 2024, the PCG requirements, and where PCG members can get extra credit straight from their phones.

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What is the Philippine Coast Guard?

Established in 1967, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) is the uniformed armed service that is tasked with enforcing laws in Philippine waters, carrying out maritime security operations, and guarding marine life and resources.

The PCG is responsible for conducting maritime search and rescue, maritime law enforcement, safety, environmental protection and security. While it is attached to the Department of Transportation (DOTr), the PCG will also serve under the Department of National Defense (DND) during wartime.

The current commandant of the PCG is CG Admiral Artemio Abu. Its headquarters are located in Port Area, Manila.

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PCG ranks classification

The coast guard ranks in the Philippines are divided into two categories: commissioned officers and noncommissioned officers/enlisted. You can find the ranks below:

Commissioned officers

  • Admiral
  • Vice admiral
  • Rear admiral
  • Commodore
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant commander
  • Lieutenant senior grade
  • Lieutenant (junior grade)
  • Ensign

Noncommissioned officers

  • First master chief petty officer
  • Master chief petty officer
  • Senior chief petty officer
  • Chief petty officer
  • Petty officer, first class
  • Petty officer, second class
  • Petty officer, third class
  • Seaman first class
  • Seaman second class
  • Seaman third class

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  • Is Philippine Coast Guard a military?
    The Philippine Coast Guard is recognized as the third armed uniformed service of the country attached to the Philippines Department of Transportation, tasked primarily with enforcing laws within Philippine waters, conducting maritime security operations, safeguarding life.
  • Is Coast Guard a good job?
    Coast Guard is One of the finest service in the Philippines, for a person who likes sea life and sailing the service is perfects fit.
  • How long is the Philippine Coast Guard training?
    Six months

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Philippines Coast Guard Salary Grade 2024

Interested in a career with the Philippine Coast Guard? Curious about the Coast Guard’s salaries per month? Magkano ang sahod ng seaman sa PCG?

Check the PCG salary grade tables for 2024 below. These tables show the coast guard salaries per month in the Philippines, according to pay grade.

Commissioned officers

Admiral  Php 125,574
Vice admiral Php 114,235
Rear admiral Php 102,896
Commodore  Php 91,058
Captain  Php 80,583
Commander  Php 71,318
Lieutenant commander Php 62,555
Lieutenant senior grade Php 56,582
Lieutenant junior grade Php 49,528
Ensign  Php 43,829

Noncommissioned officers

First master petty officer Php 38,366
Master petty officer Php 34,761
Senior petty officer Php 34,079
Chief petty officer Php 33,411
Petty officer I Php 32,756
Petty officer II Php 32,114
Petty officer III Php 31,484
Seaman first class Php 30,867
Seaman second class Php 30,261
Seaman third class Php 29,668

Coast guard seaman salaries are Php 30,000 per month in the Philippines, on average. A PCG captain’s salary is Php 80,583 per month.

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PCG hiring requirements 2024

Now that we’ve shown you the Philippine Coast Guard ranks and salaries, you might be interested in joining the PCG and having a career as an officer or a non-officer.

Here are some qualifications for a PCG officer:

  1. Natural-born Filipino citizen of good moral character
  2. 21 to 24 years old
  3. Single
  4. At least 5’0” in height, both for men and women
  5. Graduate of a four-year bachelor’s degree
  6. With professional Civil Service Eligibility
  7. With Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license
  8. Physically and mentally fit
  9. Has passed the PCG Aptitude Battery Test (PCGABT)

Here are the qualifications for becoming a PCG non-officer:

  1. Natural-born Filipino citizen with good moral character
  2. Single
  3. 18 to 26 years old
  4. At least 5’0” in height for both men and women
  5. Has earned at least 72 college units or a senior high school graduate, or with completed TESDA courses
  6. Physically and mentally fit
  7. Has passed the PCGABT

Once you’ve met these qualifications, you need to prepare and submit the requirements. The initial requirements are listed below:

  1. PCGABT application form
  2. Personal information sheet
  3. Birth certificate issued by the PSA
  4. Transcript of records
  5. Diploma and/or TESDA certificate

Once you’ve prepared all of the requirements, you can submit them to the PCG Office of Human Resources Management located in the PCG headquarters in Port Area, Manila. You can also submit the requirements to Coast Guard District offices located in major cities across the country, like Cebu, Cagayan De Oro City, Davao City, and Bacolod.

After submitting the requirements, you can now take the PCGABT and physical fitness test. Applicants have to comply with a dress code which includes a white shirt, maong pants, white socks and rubber shoes.

You also need to take medical, dental and neurological exams that will be conducted by the prescribed medical center of the PCG district. Applicants who have passed all of these exams will undergo a final deliberation which will determine who are qualified to proceed to the Coast Guard Officer’s Course (CGOC) or Coast Guardman’s Course (CGMC) training.

Successful PCG applicants will be notified about the oath-taking ceremony.

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Can I get a PCG salary loan in Digido?

Members of the Philippine Coast Guard work tirelessly to enforce maritime laws and protect our maritime resources round the clock. They get to serve the country as part of the uniformed forces and reap the benefits as employees of the government. Some perks of being a PCG member include free medical and dental services, allowance, insurance, and housing benefits.

However, even after regular hikes and government benefits, we understand that there will come a time when a PCG will need additional money or credit. A coast guard officer salary may not be enough all the time. Members can receive their salaries too late.

Salaries can be too small to buy daily expenses, especially as prices of goods continue to skyrocket. Or it’s the middle of the month and a member’s salary has already dried up.

A loan can help a PCG officer who is planning to buy a house, a car, or start a business. Or if it’s an officer who’s only starting on the job with a salary that is not enough to buy food, pay rent, pay utilities, or send kids to school. Whatever the reason, a salary loan provides PCG members with extra funds in times of need.

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PCG officers can use Digido loans can be used for:

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Being a member of the Philippine Coast Guard is so worth it, despite all of the requirements and examinations needed. They have the privilege of serving the country by patrolling the Philippines’ maritime resources and conducting security operations to protect our borders.

As part of the uniformed services, they get to enjoy high salaries and competitive benefits as a way of expressing the country’s gratitude for their services. Perks of being in the PCG include medical and dental services, insurance, housing benefits, and pension upon retirement.

In the event that a PCG officer’s salary is not enough, they can apply for quick cash loans from Digido! They only need to download the app, sign up, submit application form and supporting documents, and wait for the amount to be disbursed. PCG members can get their extra credit within five minutes, anytime and anywhere!

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Written by: Alyssa Divina

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