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In this article, you will learn about the salaries paid to Philippine National Police officers, as well as the PNP’s ranking system and employee credit terms. If you have a steady income in the PNP or any other profession, Digido is likely to approve your application. You can get up to 25,000 pesos for up to 30 days!

Key takeaways:

  •  Philippine National Police in the Philippines are government employees.
  • They receive a salary and compensation from the government.
  • Some banks give a PNP salary loan but have a lot of requirements.
  • There is no specific loan program from Digido for members of the PNP.
  • However, you can still apply for a loan provided that you are an employee, regardless of your position in the PNP salary grade table.

PNP Salaries and Ranks

The Philippine National Police (1) is the police force of the country. Today we’d like to talk about the salary of our police officers in different grades or ranks. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to understand what the police do, and what the PNP salary grade is. We will also provide information about different ranks.

What Is the Work of PNP?

The PNP is the police force of the Philippines (2), but it is not the military. By organization, they are under the Department of Interior and Local Government. However, their leader is the elected Mayor of the town or city.

The PNP is new, as it was formed only in 1991. Before that time, there were two police forces – the Philippine Constabulary and the Integrated National Police.

The work of the PNP is to provide peace and order to the community. It is not a single group, but rather different divisions that tackle various kinds of problems.

Here are some examples of different divisions:

– Aviation Security Group – in charge of the safety of airports in the Philippines. PNP aviation security group salary also depends on the length of service and the rank of the employee.

– Special Action Force – a group that serves as an augmentation to local police forces. They are in charge of hostage-taking situations, rescue operations, response to hijacking, terrorism, and national emergencies.

– Criminal Investigation and Detection Group – this is the group that investigates crimes like murders, national sabotage, and organized crimes. They are also assigned to cyber-crimes, carnapping, and the investigation of terrorist factions and the communists in the country.

There are many more divisions in the PNP such as, but not limited to, the Highway Patrol Group, Anti-Cyber Crime Group, Civil Security, Anti-Kidnapping Group, and many more.

The Ranks of PNP

There are many ranks in the PNP (3) so as far as the PNP salary grade is concerned, you will need to consult a chart, which we will discuss later on.

Here are the different ranks:

  • Police General;
  • Police Lieutenant General;
  • Police Major General;
  • Police Brigadier General;
  • Police Colonel;
  • Police Lieutenant Colonel;
  • Police Major;
  • Police Captain;
  • Police Lieutenant;
  • Police Executive Master Sergeant;
  • Police Chief Master Sergeant;
  • Police Senior Master Sergeant;
  • Police Master Sergeant;
  • Police Staff Sergeant;
  • Police Corporal;
  • Patrolman / Patrolwoman.

The PNP regularly conducts recruitment programs. If you want to join the police, you have to go through 6 months of training, and then another 6 months of field training. If you pass the requirements, you will be assigned and be on duty.


  • How much is the salary of Police Officer 1 in the Philippines?
    The Philippine National Police Police Officer I salary is 14,000-20,000 Php.
  • How long is PNP training?
    New recruits will go through basic training for six months and field training for another six months.
  • Who is the father of PNP?
    Captain Henry T. Allen was named as the chief of the force, and was later dubbed as the "Father of the Philippine Constabulary".

What Is the Salary of PNP?

The police salary in the Philippines in 2019 varies and is subject to changes if the President of the country approves it. The salary is small if you compare it to that of people in the private sector.

Note that the police salary Philippines is graded. You will receive an increase in compensation only if you get a promotion. Also, take note that this new salary of the police in the Philippines can change depending on the actions taken by the Congress and the President of the country.

Salary Grade of PNP 2019

Mid-year Bonus of PNP

The PNP finance service is in charge of financial matters in the organization. The mid-year bonus of the PNP is credited to their payroll accounts in their bank accounts. This is given only to qualified personnel, including the non-uniformed ones.

The bonus is equivalent to one-month salary of police in the Philippines. The cut-off is May 15. To get the bonus, you must have served at least 4 months. Also, this service must also be satisfactory. What this means is that you should not have gotten any warnings. Also, you must be of service as of the time of the distribution of the mid-year bonus.

Those who want to know if they have received it will just have to look at the PNP finance service online payslip.

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PNP Salary Loan

Now we have learnt that the police officer salary in the Philippines is small, it is just natural for a police officer to file for a loan.

Here are some reasons why a police officer may apply for a loan:

– Medical emergencies;

– Needs such as rent, utilities, tuition, etc.;

– Vacations;

– Housing and expenses for other projects.

The requirements of banks and government financial institutions are the same for the police officers. However, you also have to prove that you are in active duty as a police officer. Some banks may also require documents proving your good conduct as service personnel.

Here are some examples of what may be required:

– Proof of address;

– Proof of employment as a police officer;

– Payslip for 3 months.

Other basic requirements are birth certificate and identification cards issued by the government.

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Can I Get a PNP Salary Loan in Digido?

Yes, you can. At Digido, there is no specific loan for a police officer. However you can still be qualified for a loan as an employee.

Digido is not particular to the people who file a loan. For as long as you are employed and have the capacity to pay, you should be able to get a loan.

Digido is your best alternative. The application is 100% online, and you do not need to go and visit a physical location to file a loan and submit your documents.

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