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In this article you will learn all about remittance centres in the Philippines. We will tell you how to send money abroad and within the country. If you urgently need money to pass on to family members, you can get a loan from Digido for up to 25,000 pesos!

Key takeaways:

  • Remittances are very much in demand in the Philippines.
  • Many people send money abroad and within the country.
  • If you urgently need money to transfer money to family members, you can get a loan from Digido.

Remittance Centers in the Philippines

Financial transactions are an integral part of our daily life. Traditionally, people used cash for all their economic activities. Later, other forms of financial instruments such as cheques, bank drafts, money orders, or digital payment options evolved. But still, cash transactions enjoy an undisputed monopoly in many economies, including the Philippines.

The OFWs are a significant contributor to the Philippines economy. The primary purpose of anyone to take employment in another country is to support his or her family. The long clearance time makes financial instruments such as cheques or bank drafts non-viable when a financial emergency strikes. Fund transfer through online mode is a practical solution for immediate money requirements. But such transfer necessitates the receiver to have a bank account.

The Philippines is a country with a low banking penetration level. The majority of the population does not have a bank account. As per the World Bank reports in 2018, the Philippines received an inward remittance of $32.6 billion in 2017 and is the third-largest remittance-receiving country in the world.

It means a faster, affordable, and uncomplicated money transfer system is essential for the population and where “Money Remittance Center” scores over all other financial institutions.

Money Transfer and Remittance in the Philippines

Even though people interchangeably use the words “money transfer” and “remittance,” there is a subtle difference.

Money transfer is the cashless mode for shifting funds from one place to another using cheques, money orders, or electronic fund transfers such as wire transfers.

Usually, this happens within the bank between accounts or across banks that operate the same currency. In other words, money transfer is for domestic fund transfer.

On the other hand, remittance is a type of fund transfer that involves an intermediary for currency conversion and delivery.

For instance, an OFW working in the US can’t send money in PHP from there. They need to send it in USD, and it needs conversion to PHP so that the recipient can use it. So remittance is a term for cash transactions involving different countries or currencies. The significant advantage of remittance is that you don’t require a bank account to send or receive money.

An overwhelming population of OFWs and Filipinos’ aversion to formal banking creates a perfect ecosystem for remittance centers to flourish. One can quickly locate remittance centers in each street, market, mall, or shop across the country. Several remittance companies are working in the Philippines, and their working model is as follows.

The sender remits the money, including the transfer fee, by visiting their branches or using the website or mobile app. He or she has to enter the recipient details as well. The sender can use the reference number to track the process.Once the money reaches the destination, typically within a few hours, the recipient can collect the funds by showing any valid ID.


  • Is Palawan a remittance center?
    Palawan is one of the largest pawnshops in the Philippines and also provides money transfer services and has many branches in all cities.
  • Where can I remit Cebuana Lhuillier?
    You can make a money transfer at any Cebuana Lhuillier branch.
  • What are the types of remittance?
    Remittances are divided into two types - transfers abroad, where OFWs send money to the home country, and domestic transfers.

Meaning of Remittance Centers for Filipinos

There is a vast disparity in banking facility availability in the Philippines. Someone from the village has to travel to the bank in a remote city and wait in the long queue to collect the money.

Apart from the inconvenience, it creates additional losses in the form of traveling expenses and job loss. Conventionally, Filipinos depend heavily on nearby non-banking financial institutions for all their economic activities, from taking loans to bill payments. The majority of such institutions offer money remittance services as well. These money remittance centers have a significant presence in every nook and corner of the country with excellent features such as instantaneous fund transfer, real-time tracking, and quality customer support.

The Philippines’ remittance growth is around 8% and is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. In such a situation, the money remittance center business has got excellent opportunities to grow further.

How to Choose a Company to Send Money

Choosing the right remittance service provider is crucial in ensuring the timely and secure delivery of your remittance. Some of the significant factors to be considered are the following:

1. Reliability and reputation
Always do proper research to ensure that the firm is licensed and has a good reputation. Illegal or spurious companies may offer you low rates. But they can land you in complicated situations later.

2. Exchange Rates
Even a tiny variation in the exchange rate can make a massive difference in the receiving end. So you must check and compare the exchange rate with different companies before using their services.

3. Transaction Fees
Fund transfer across borders involves different networks or facilitators. Always ensure that the transaction fees include all these expenses, and there are no other hidden charges.

4. Speed of Transaction
How fast the money reaches the recipient is a vital parameter in choosing a remittance company. If the company offers real-time tracking features or updates timely, that will be a great advantage.

5. Customer Support
Naturally, people get stressed when they send money, especially for emergency purposes. So always ensure that the company offers good customer support that gives you proper assistance whenever needed.

5 Best Companies for Overseas Money Transfers

The convenience of easy access, affordability, and the speed of electronic payments make private remittance centers a popular choice for OFWs for the overseas money transfer process.

The leading overseas remittance companies in the Philippines are:

1. Western Union Philippines

Western Union Ph is a global leader in remittance service with a history of over 160 years and over 500,000 agent locations in 200+ countries. Western Union international rates are competitive and suit many customers
Company offers an impressive Western Union transfer fee and has an online tracking system.
The loyalty scheme “My WU membership program” provides reward points for each transaction, and you can use these points to get discounts for your following transfer fee.

2. WorldRemit

WorldRemit is an online remittance facility that operates 24/7 and has a presence in over 140 countries.

The WorldRemit tool on the website enables one to estimate the transfer and exchange rate easily. It offers different options for sourcing the money and pickup options such as cash pickup, bank deposit, mobile money, and airtime top-up.

3. MoneyGram

MoneyGram has both conventional brick and mortar offices and a very innovative online platform for their operations.

One can estimate their transaction fees by using either the online tool or the MoneyGram Facebook page.

It offers real-time tracking of your remittance and multiple pickup options such as direct bank account transfer, home delivery, and cash pickup options.

4. Payoneer

Payoneer is one of the most widely used digital cross-border platforms among freelancers and professionals for international payments. It supports 150 currencies and is available in 35 languages with 24/7 customer support.

The most significant advantage of Payoneer is that there is no limit for the transfer amount.

5. PayPal

PayPal has a customer base of nearly 300 million and has a strong presence across 200 countries. It accepts payments in 100 currencies and allows withdrawal in 56 currencies.

Getting a PayPal account is very simple, and the mobile app provides an excellent mobile transaction experience. It makes PayPal the most popular digital fund transfer platform across the globe.

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5 Best Money Transfer Services within the Philippines

Remittance centers do provide local remittance as well. Some of the famous players in this domain are:

1. Cebuana Lhuillier Pera Padala

With a network of 2,500 branches and 4,000 Pera Padala agents, Cebuanna Lhullier Pera Pandala is one of the most established remittance service providers in the Philippines.
The Cebuana Lhuillier rates are highly competitive. Some of cebuana lhuillier 24 hours branches are available 7 days a week, ensuring uninterrupted cash availability for the recipients around the clock.
It offers direct bank account transfer, USD exchange, and USD money payout as well. The online appointment system allows the customer to schedule the service and avoid long queues.

2. GCash Remit

GСash offers various channels such as the mobile app, Facebook messenger, or partner outlets to send money. The transfer between GCash users is free, and there is no minimum balance requirement either.

The ability to use GCash cards as an ATM or debit card helps recipients withdraw money in a hassle-free way.

3. Palawan Express Pera Padala

With over 2,900 Palawan express branches and many agents, Palawan Express is the most easily accessible remittance center in the Philippines.
Palawan Express rates are as low as PHP 2.

However, with intelligent utilization of the loyalty scheme Suki Card, customers can further reduce Palawan Pera Padala rates.

Quality customer support and regular updates through text messages are some of the most attractive features of Palawan Express Pera Padala.

4. uses a mobile blockchain-powered platform that enables people to perform financial transactions in a secure and faster way, even without a bank account. One can use their (PHP) wallet or BTC (bitcoin) wallet for sending money. does not have any mandatory minimum cash-in amount or monthly fees.

5. Smart Padala

Easy accessibility through the widespread network of over 29,000 outlets is the most striking feature of Smart Padala. They offer effortless transactions with minimal formalities, and the recipients can collect the money by taking a short walk.

The sender can remit the money either through the traditional mode of visiting the Smart Panda agent or using a Smart Money Account. Smart Padala rates are the best in the industry with an instantaneous transfer facility.

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Urgent Cash Assistance in the Philippines

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