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All about Barangay ID

Last updated: April 12, 2024
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Key takeaways:

  • The Barangay ID is an identification card that you can use as a valid
    government-issued ID.
  • The Barangay ID is a proof of residence, showing that you live in that place, but cannot be a substitute for other government IDs
  • You cannot get a Barangay ID through any online means, you will need to appear in person.
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You should have a Barangay ID as it is one of the easiest types of IDs you can get from the government. As an identification card, you can use it as a valid ID to make transactions.

Today, we will answer all questions you have about getting a Barangay ID, what it is, and how it differs from other documents that you can get from a Barangay Hall.

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What is a Barangay in the Philippines?

A barangay refers to the smallest administrative region in the Philippines. It is a geographical and political entity, the leader of which is a Barangay Captain. Different barangays make up a town or a city, and different cities make up a province. 

In other countries, the equivalent of a barangay is the suburb or borough. However, there are no political leaders in boroughs.

Each barangay has a captain, the leader who facilitates government administrative efforts and policies. The barangay captain is elected, not appointed.

Under the Barangay Captain are councilors. The main purpose of these leaders is to ensure law and order in the barangay. Since the Barangay is a small entity, it is easier for the mayor and the local government to impose rules and execute projects.

The barangay is important for political and geographical reasons. It makes management of a town or city easier for the mayor. The Barangay Captain reports administratively for the mayor, so the mayor can call for a meeting of all the barangay captains in his municipality or town.

Barangay ID cardBarangay ID Card in the Philippines

A Barangay ID is an officially recognized government-issued identification card.

It is proof that you live where you say you do.

Or rather, that you live in that barangay.

Depending on the leader or captain, they may give you a visit to prove that you really live there.


Importance of Having a Barangay ID

You need a Barangay ID as proof of residency. The Barangay ID has the following information:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Blood type
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  •  Age 

The Barangay ID is officially recognized as a valid ID. You can use it to apply for financial loans and even for domestic flights.

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Take note that the Barangay ID cannot be a substitute for other government IDs. For example, you cannot use it as a substitute for SSS ID when you transact with the Social Security System. You also cannot use it as an alternative to the Tax ID or TIN if you are paying your taxes.

Can you use the Barangay ID for GCash? Yes, you can. However, Globe, the company behind GCash, requires that your Barangay ID must have:

  • Issue date
  • Expiry date

If these two are not present, the company will reject your card. The reason being is that people move around. Your residence in your Barangay ID, therefore, is merely a temporary representation of where you live.

If your Barangay ID has no expiration and issue date, you must contact Globe’s customer service to find out what other documents you can use as proof of identity and residence. 

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Is the Barangay ID the same as a Barangay Clearance?

No, they are not the same. The Barangay ID is a proof of residence, showing that you live in that place. The Barangay Clearance, on the other hand, is proof that you have no pending civil or criminal case.

The Barangay Clearance is not a substitute for NBI Clearance. The NBI Clearance is a guarantee that you did not commit and crime or that there is no pending criminal case against you at a national level.

Barangays can only issue a clearance of good moral character for the way they know you. So, you may have lived in a barangay for six months with no criminal activities, but you have criminal activity somewhere else. The Barangay Captain who issued your clearance has no way of knowing that you have a pending case, or that you are a wanted fugitive.

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Guide: How To Get Barangay ID

There are several steps you must take to get a Barangay ID, which we will discuss in this section. 

Barangay ID Requirements 2024

Prepare the following things before you get a Barangay ID. 

  • Proof that you are a Filipino citizen; birth certificate
  • Proof of residency via census; you can use a document like a billing statement
  • 1×1 or 2×2 picture; shot for ID purpose (formal picture)
  • Certificate of employment from the last employer (if you work in this barangay)

You must have been a resident of the barangay for at least six months. This requirement, however, is not always followed. 

Procedures On How to Get a Barangay ID

Here are the steps in how to get a Barangay ID:

  1. Go to your Barangay Hall
  2. Look for the Barangay Captain or any assigned councilor for the day
  3. Fill out the application form (1)
  4. Submit your documents
  5. Pay the fee if there is any 
  6. Wait for further instructions how to claim the ID

How to get Barangay ID Online

You cannot get a Barangay ID through any online means. Barangays are small geographical places that have no budget for an online system like that. There is no system for barangay id online registration. The national government also has no centralized system in place that barangays can use for ID issuance. 

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What is Barangay Certificate?

A Barangay Certificate is a document that the Barangay Captain issues for different purposes. You can use it for many reasons, and they issue the certificate for that particular reason. It is not a barangay certification ID. It is different. 

Here are some examples:

  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of good moral character

A Barangay Certificate does not always have an expiration date. It is a valid certificate only for its intended purpose. However, it is not a valid ID.

Reasons To Get Barangay Certificate

Here are some possible reasons why you need a Barangay Certificate:

  • You are looking for a job and an employer needs it
  • You are applying for a license to own a gun
  • You are applying for a loan
  • You need a proof of residency

There is no exhaustive list of why you need a Barangay Certificate. Sometimes, an employer may not even ask for this. Every private company or government entity may ask you for a Barangay Certificate to ensure that you are of good moral character. 

Requirements In Getting Barangay Certificate Of Residency

The only document you need to get a Barangay Certificate is a cedula. A cedula is also called Community Tax Certificate.

To get a cedula, you must proceed to your municipal hall and pay the fee. The fee varies. Read how to get Cedula in our article. Once you have a cedula, you will provide the government information on how much you earn.

From here, they will calculate how much you must pay. After payment, they will issue a receipt and a cedula. Keep that cedula and take it your Barangay Hall.

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How to Apply for a Barangay Certificate

To apply for a Barangay Certificate, follow these steps:

  • Go to you Barangay Hall
  • Tell the officer that you need a Barangay Certificate
  • Tell them WHY you need it
  • Fill out the form (2)
  • Pay the fee if any; most of these are free

Wait a few minutes, while they print your certificate. Some Barangays still use a typewriter, so be patient.

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What others documents available in your barangay?

Overall, there are four types of documents you can get from your Barangay. See table below.

Barangay Document Description
🟣 ID An identification card proving you are who you are, and you live in the barangay
🟣 Certificate A document showing that the captain approves your application for many sorts of things
🟣 Clearance A document proving that you have good moral character
🟣 Indigency A document proving that you are an indigent


The Barangay ID is an identification card that you can use as a valid government-issued ID. On the other hand, there are two other important documents you can get from a Barangay, which are clearance and certificate.The clearance is a document indication that you are a law-abiding citizen. The certificate is an approval that the Barangay Captain is OKAY with what you want, like owning a gun license or having a business.

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  • 🟣 What is the difference Between a Barangay Certificate and a Barangay Clearance?
    A clearance means you have no civil or criminal offense—that you are a good citizen. A certificate is proof of residence and that your Barangay is approving what you want, like applying for a business permit, license to own a gun, etc.
  • 🟣 What is the difference Between a Barangay Certificate and an ID Barangay?
    The ID is an identification card and a proof of residence. The certificate is intended for a different purpose is to approve what you are trying to do.
  • 🟣 Is it difficult to get a Barangay ID?
    No, it is not difficult to get a Barangay ID. Few people get it, so there is no line. However, it is possible that the Barangay Captain is not around.
  • 🟣 How much is the fee for Barangay ID card?
    Usually it is free, but depending on barangay - to PHP 100.00
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