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All About TIN ID in the Philippines

Last updated: October 1, 2023
Written by: Digido Financial Writers Team | Reviewed by: Mark Anthony

Key takeaways:

  • A TIN ID is a prerequisite of BIR before you can settle taxes.
    You cannot print official receipts without a TIN ID.
  • If you are planning to work, practise a profession, or put up a business,
    you must get a TIN ID.
  • When you have a TIN ID, your next goal is to fund your business.

The BIR Tax Identification Number of TIN is your identification as far as taxes are concerned. It is proof that you are registered as a taxpayer.

You can apply for TIN even if you are a student or an applicant. All you must do is go to the BIR office and submit the documents. Today, we will show you how to apply for a TIN ID step by step, regardless of your status.

What is the TIN ID Card?

A tax identification card or TIN ID is proof that you are a taxpayer. At least, it is evidence that you have done your duty to the country.

As an employee, you are supposed to pay taxes, provided that you belong to the bracket of employees who are earning enough money to get taxed. The revenue of the government comes from taxes.

Businesses, on the other hand, must pay taxes, except those that applied for MSME status. MSME means micro, small, and medium enterprises. These are companies that have a small asset size.

Those who get approved for this status will pay only a minimal amount of tax. However, they must still have a BIR ID or taxpayer ID.

You can use your TIN ID to transact with other institutions, as it is a valid identification card. For example, some financial institutions ask for TIN as part of their accepted requirement before issuing a loan to you.

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How can I get a TIN card?

If you already have a TIN or tax identification number, the only step you have to do to get a TIN ID card is to go to the BIR office where you were issued your TIN, and then make an application for a card.

Here is how to get a TIN ID if you already have TIN number: make sure you have your tax identification number with you, which the BIR issued to you or your employer when you asked TIN. Once you have filled up the form, you will be told when to come back for the ID. The issue with the TIN ID is that it is only a piece of cardboard. You have to attach your own 1×1 photo, and then sign the card. Pretty much, there is no obligation to contact for a TIN certificate, as this is already part of the whole process. If you do not have a TIN yet, then the first step is to apply for one. To do this, you should to go to the Regional District Office where you live or where your employer is registered.

It’s impossible to get a TIN ID online. There are many scammers out there who will sell you fake TIN IDs. Do not fall for these traps. If you ever see an offer for a TIN ID card application online, you have to validate it from the website of BIR itself.

Applying for TIN for New Employees

If you are a new employee, your employer will process your TIN card application for you. The things you need are the same as applying for TIN if you are a student or unemployed.

The difference is that you will not have to queue up anymore in the BIR office. It is likely that the employer has an officer who does this.

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Is a TIN card a valid ID?

Yes, the TIN ID is a valid ID, and banks will sometimes ask you for this. However, some institutions do not want to accept it.


Because it can be easily faked. There are websites that tell you how to get a TIN ID card online, but these websites are fake. The only legitimate way you can get an ID from the BIR is by going there in person.

Also, we have mentioned earlier that the card is just cardboard. The ID for BIR is not like the ID of the Social Security System or the driver’s license. With SSS and the Land Transportation Office, they are the ones who will take your picture, and they are also the ones that will print the ID. Your photo is embedded on the ID.

For the validity of your card, just note that some companies may accept it, while others may not. It is their prerogative to decide if they want to accept it or not.

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  • How long does it take to get a TIN ID?
    You will usually receive it within an hour.
  • What happens if you forget your TIN number?
    You should call the BIR on (02) 981-8888. You will need to give the BIR staff some personal information before they will give you your lost TIN.
  • Is it free to get a TIN?
    Yes, it is free to get a TIN. It is also free to get a TIN ID card. If people are selling this to you, do not buy it. You should also not purchase offers of TIN ID card samples, as there is no such thing.
  • How to get a TIN ID card with existing TIN number?
    If you already have the TIN, you should go to the BIR office to get a card. It is important to note here that you must go to the office where you got your TIN number. To get the card, you must be able to present the requirements for a TIN ID card: bring a valid ID plus the documents of your TIN application that were stamped by the BIR.
  • How many days does it take to get a TIN ID?
    The answer to this varies. There are weeks or months as it depends on the workload of the RDO in your area.
  • Can I have two TIN numbers?
    No, you cannot have two TIN numbers. Each individual can only have one.
  • How to get TIN ID online?
    There is no way on how to get a TIN ID online. What you can do is to download the BIR forms online, and then fill them out. The only way to get a TIN ID in the Philippines is by going to the BIR office and submitting your documents there.

How to get a TIN ID for the unemployed

You do not have to be employed to get a Tax Identification Number. The law mandates that the Bureau of Internal Revenue provide it. The law is under Executive Order No. 38, where unemployed citizens can get a Tax ID.

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Here are the Requirements for TIN number for unemployed:

  • BIR form 1904
  • Valid IDs, including the original and a photocopy of your birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate if you are married
  • Passport if you are a foreigner
  • ID picture;
  • Cedula (Community Tax Certificate)

You can use many IDs that came from the government. Some IDs that were not issued by the government are also valid. Below is a list:

  • Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID) card or PAG-IBIG card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • SSS card
  • Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration (OWWA) E-Card
  • Seafarer’s Record Book
  • Airman License (issued August 2016 onwards)
  • Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) ID
  • Postal ID that was issued in November of 2016 onwards
  • Gun license or PNP Permit to Carry Firearms Outside Residence

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Steps for TIN application for unemployed

The process for how to get a TIN number for the unemployed is easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Get the BIR form 1904 and fill it out
  • Make a copy of your ID and birth certificate
  • Go to the nearest BIR office
  • Submit the form and the requirements

You must submit the form to your BIR regional office. It is the BIR office where you live, not just any BIR office. You also need to go to your local BIR office.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue does not have a centralized system. People working in one RDO do not have access to your documents if you processed them in another RDO.

Once you have done this, the BIR officer will tell you the next step. If they have the bandwidth, you can get your ID on the same day. If not, the officer will tell you what date and time to come back to claim your ID.

Can you get a TIN number for the unemployed online? No, BIR has no online method to apply for TIN. As such, you really have to go to the BIR office. The BIR launched an online registration, but this is put on hold.

How to get TIN ID if lost or damaged

If you lost your TIN ID or it got damaged, you can get a replacement ID. The process is similar to getting a new TIN ID card, but you may need some other documentation.

Here are the requirements to replace a lost or damaged TIN ID:

  • BIR form 1905
  • Payment for the new ID
  • An affidavit of loss signed by a notary public
  • ID picture

There is a document you need to sign if you need a new ID, which is the BIR Form 0605. The cost is 100 pesos. To pay for it, you must go to the bank partner of BIR. Once you get the payment slip, you must go back to the BIR office and present it.

Take note that you must indicate your BIR TIN number in your affidavit. If you do not know how to sign an affidavit, you must consult a lawyer or notary public.

The BIR officer may ask you for extra identification. If you are married, part of the requirement is to submit your marriage certificate.

From here, you must wait for further instructions from the BIR personnel. They will tell you when you need to come back for your new TIN ID.

To give you more details, see below:

  • Go to your regional BIR office, or RDO, which means Regional District office
  • It must be the same office where you took your original TIN card
  • Tell the guard about your issue
  • You will be directed to a window
  • Go to that window and tell the BIR personnel what you need
  • He will give you a form to fill out
  • The BIR personnel will tell you what documents to provide
  • Fill out the form; make sure you do not miss a line
  • Make sure you choose “Lost/Damaged card” in the checkbox provided
  • Give the form back to the officer
  • Pay for the form; you may pay it in BIR office itself or at an accredited bank
  • Once you have the payment receipt, go back to the BIR personnel you spoke to
  • The officer will process it

Now, wait for further instructions on when to get your BIR ID.

If you are ready to get it but you are not available, someone can do it for you. After the application, you can send someone to pick up your card. However, you must write an authorization letter. This letter must say that you are authorizing a particular person to transact with BIR on your behalf.

This person must have an ID, and that ID must match what is on the letter. This letter of authorization is also called a special power of attorney, which you must notarize.

Documentary Requirements to get TIN ID Card

To save time upon application of your TIN card, you must prepare the documents you need. Below are the things you need to present.

  • BIR form or Tax Form if you are employed or self-employed – this is the BIR Form 1901 and BIR TIN ID form 1902
  • TIN ID requirements – these are IDs that came from the government, such as your birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, etc
  • DTI Certificate with your business name

You must pay 500 pesos for the registration fee and then 30 pesos for the Proof of Payment Annual Registration Fee.

Sometimes, the BIR will ask you for another TIN document, like a special power of attorney if you are representing a person.

If you are operating a franchise business, you must also submit a franchise document to prove that you are legally operating it.

Take note that you only have ten days to submit these forms and get an ID the day you start employment. If you are late, you can also apply before your tax due date.

Can you hire fixers to get a TIN card? No, you should never hire fixers. These people are corrupt. You should also avoid working with people on the internet saying that they will get you an ID.
In addition, do not be scammed by people who sell TIN Cards. These cards are free. All you must do is go to BIR and apply for one. The only time you pay for a card is when you lose it.

Where to get money to start a business?

Now when you have a TIN ID, your next goal is to fund your business. You can borrow from a bank, use your savings, or partner with friends and families.

The thing with borrowing from a bank is that it is expensive. A better choice that you can look into is to get money from Digido.

Digido is an online loan facility where you can get money in as short as 24 hours. You can request a loan, get funds, and start your business as soon as possible.

Here are the requirements for getting money:

  • You must be a Filipino citizen
  • You must be between 21 and 70 years old
  • You must have a valid and working mobile number

Also you have to present:

  • 1 valid government ID
  • Payslip or other proofs of income

The amount you can get will be based on your capacity to pay. This will be decided upon by the Digido team.


A BIR ID is important because it is one of the proofs that you are a registered tax-paying member of society. All employees who have a taxable income must pay their taxes. If you are employed, you are lucky because it is your employer who will deduct the taxes and process your TIN ID application.

If you are self-employed, you must process it on your own. You can also ask for the help of an accountant if you want, and then pay for the accountant’s services.

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