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Filipino Teachers Salary Grade

Last updated: March 28, 2024

Written by: Alyssa Divina | Reviewed by: Digido Financial Writers Team

Key takeaways:

  • Teaching is rewarding and challenging
  • Teachers receive competitive salaries and benefits.
  • Digido personal loans are available to teachers.
  • Just install the app, fill out the form, and get paid in 5 minutes!

Teachers play a very special and important role in the Philippines. They are tasked with shaping young minds, giving them a solid foundation for future education and work. Since a lot more students attend public schools in the Philippines, public school teachers here have a Herculean responsibility of shaping these kids into productive citizens of society.

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Considering all of the hard work that they do, teachers only deserve to be compensated for. This can come in the form of competitive salaries, allowances, and benefits. These tools help them do their jobs better, thus allowing our children to receive good education as well.

How much are teachers’ salaries in the Philippines? How much are their monthly and annual income? What are the other benefits of educating the public?

Teacher salary in the Philippines

The basic salaries of Filipino teachers range from Php 27,439 to Php 38,150 , depending on their position and the salary grade teacher table. In the case of public schools, brand new teachers start as Teacher I on salary grade 11 then slowly work their way up.

The same goes for teachers with specializations. A new Special Education Teacher 1 will start at a salary grade of 14, special science teacher 1 at salary grade 13, head teacher 1 at salary grade 14, and master teacher 1 at salary grade 18.

Beginner principals, being of a higher rank, have a higher pay grade. Assistant principal 1 is at salary grade 18 and principal 1 starts at salary grade 19. Those in administrative positions like district supervisors have a pay grade of 22.

Thanks to the Salary Standardization Law of 2019, public school teachers usually have higher salaries than their counterparts in private schools. It is expected that public school salaries in 2021 to 2024 will be 65-87% higher than the private sector.

Under the Republic Act No. 1146, there will be further salary increases for government employees depending on position and current pay grade in 2023. Of course, there will be a salary increase for teachers this 2024.

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Teacher ranking in the Philippines

The rank of Filipino teachers are based on seniority, experience and expertise. For example, a teacher is different from a special education teacher; the latter specializes in education for students with learning disabilities. A special science teacher is geared towards science and mathematics, while a master teacher performs leadership responsibilities aside from teaching duties.

Teachers can be promoted if they meet the requirements for the position they’re applying for. They have to get excellent performance ratings and submit documents like training certification, personal data sheet, transcript, and updated service record.

The Department of Education uses a point system as criteria for promotion. Moreover, a division review committee is in charge of evaluating teachers for possible advancement.

The tables below show the ranks and 2024 salary grades of public school teachers in the Philippines, sorted based on position. These apply to both elementary and high school teachers.

Teaching positions

Position Salary grade (SG)
Teacher I SG 11
Teacher II SG 12
Teacher III SG 13
Master teacher I SG 18
Master teacher II SG 19
Master teacher III SG 20

Administrative positions

Position Salary grade (SG)
Head teacher I SG 14
Head teacher II SG 15
Head teacher III SG 16
Principal I SG 19
Principal II SG 20
Principal III SG 21
Principal IV SG 22
District supervisor SG 22
Education supervisor I SG 22

Executive position

Position  Salary grade (SG)
Schools division superintendent I SG 26

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Public school teachers’ salaries and ranks for 2024

The tables below present the basic salaries of public school teachers per month, depending on their ranks and salary tranche for 2024. Monthly salaries differ based on position, rank and salary grade. These apply to both elementary and high school teachers.

Teaching positions

Position Monthly salary in 2024
Teacher I Php 27,000
Teacher II Php 29,165
Teacher III Php 31,320
Master teacher I Php 46,752
Master teacher II Php 51,357
Master teacher III Php 57,347
Master teacher IV Php 63,997

Administrative positions

Position Monthly salary in 2024
Head teacher I Php 33,843
Head teacher II Php 36,619
Head teacher III Php 39,672
Principal I Php 51,357
Principal II Php 57,347
Principal III Php 63,997
Principal IV Php 71,511
District supervisor Php 71,511
Education supervisor I Php 71,511

Executive position

Position  Monthly salary of 2024
Schools division superintendent I Php 116,040


  • 🟣 How much is the salary increase for teachers 2024?
    The minimum salary grade level of public school teachers from Salary Grade 11 currently at PHP27,000 to Salary Grade 19 or PHP51,357. The salary grade levels of those occupying higher positions shall then be adjusted accordingly.
  • 🟣 What is the salary grade of Master Teacher 1?
    The salary for Master Teacher I is PhP45,203 in 2022, and PHP46,725 in 2024.
  • 🟣 Are teachers well paid in Philippines?
    Salaries of college teachers are quite high, but government school teachers' salaries need an increase.

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State universities and colleges’ professor salaries and ranks

Unlike public school teachers, professors from state universities and colleges (SUCs) in the Philippines are overseen by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) or by the universities themselves if they are autonomous.

Given that they teach in tertiary institutions, professors usually have higher salaries than teachers and start at higher pay grades. They also receive benefits like allowances and research grants. If a professor wants to be tenured or promoted, they would have to publish research materials or wait for a position to free up.

There is a standardized rank and salary grade levels for those teaching in SUCs, but some SUCs have their own criteria when assigning positions. The tables below show the ranks and salary grades of college instructors and professors.


Position Salary grade (SG) Monthly salary in 2024
🟣 Instructor I SG 12 Php 29,165
🟣 Instructor II SG 13 Php 31,320
🟣 Instructor III SG 14 Php 33,843

Assistant professors

Position Salary grade (SG) Monthly salary in 2024
Assistant professor I SG 15 Php 36,619
Assistant professor II SG 16 Php 39,672
Assistant professor III SG 17 Php 43,030
Assistant professor IV SG 18 Php 46,752

Associate professors

Position  Salary grade (SG) Monthly salary in 2024
Associate professor I SG 19 Php 51,357
Associate professor II SG 20 Php 57,347
Associate professor III SG 21 Php 63,997
Associate professor IV SG 22 Php 71,511
Associate professor V SG 23 Php 80,003


Position  Salary grade (SG) Monthly salary in 2024
Professor I SG 24 Php 90,078
Professor II SG 25 Php 102,690
Professor III SG 26 Php 116,040
Professor IV SG 27 Php 131,124
Professor V SG 28 Php 148,171
Professor VI SG 29 Php 167,432
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Teacher advantages and benefits

Some advantages of being a public school teacher include high salaries and regular pay hikes based on the SSL tranches. They also have job and tenure security. They can also avail of benefits from the government such as cash bonuses, free groceries, affordable housing and healthcare.

They can also avail of social benefits from the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS). Teachers can apply for loans for any purpose with favorable terms and flexible loans. They are granted life and health insurance, separation benefits, employee’s compensation, and pension packages once they reach their retirement age.

Another benefit for teachers is extra cash allowance which they can use to buy teaching materials such as chalks, pens, pencils and record books. This is in addition to the materials that are already available to them every start of the school year. They also receive high-quality electronic gadgets from the government and the private sector, especially as online classes are still the norm.

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Unfortunately, Digido does not have a salary loan specifically for teachers. But they can still apply for Digido personal loans! They just have to install the Digido app on their smartphone and they can receive that extra credit within five minutes! No need for long processes and even longer lines in the bank!

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Being a public school teacher can be both rewarding and challenging. You deal with kids of all shapes and sizes yet you get the opportunity to educate them into productive members of society.

As gratitude for their hard work, teachers are compensated with competitive salaries and generous benefits. They also become influential in children’s lives, giving them good memories to look back on as they enjoy their retirement.

Digido personal loans are available to teachers. All they need to do is install the app, fill out the application form, upload supporting documents, and they can get extra money in 5 minutes!

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